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Book Tips - Heinrich Böll

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1972 was awarded to Heinrich Böll "for his writing which through its combination of a broad perspective on his time and a sensitive skill in characterization has contributed to a renewal of German literature".

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Billiards at Half-past Nine (Billard um halb Zehn)

Robert is striving to reconcile with his past, the past of his country, of his family, of his friends. He is an architect who destroyed buildings and churches during the war and who now tries to rebuild himself through a past that is haunting him and cannot be addressed that easily. Unless maybe with a hotel boy while playing billiards, not as a game to be won, but as a way of killing time, remembering how physics work with the balls on the green table, and how dynamite destroyed the city at his command only two decades before.
/Raluca Batanoiu, Germany

The Clown (Ansichten eines Clowns)

Awesome book about life.
/Elene, Georgia
The two sides of a person: a sad clown.
/Kleine Ile, Italy
So moving the attachment the main character of this book has for his lover. And so honest, free, apparently naive all the reasons he opposes to those whose dominant idea and belief made her go away from him, not being able to stand the weight of a fault that nowadays is actually so normal. I loved how through a moving love story the author could express important ideas about an aspect that has heavily conditioned humans' life for ages: religion or, more properly said, what men made of religion.
/Michela, Italy

The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum (Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum)

It tells us so much about Moral and Media.
/Arcadio Coslov, Switzerland

The Safety Net (Fürsorgliche Belagerung)

Böll was surely among the first voices to demand that we look the world of meta-data collection squarely in its retina-scanning eye. The Safety Net invites us to ponder the trade-offs each society is willing or not willing to make in compromising personal liberty for an increased awareness of terrorist threats. And as he does in each of his novels and short stories, Böll stands at the end alongside the poor, the marginalized, the wrongly suspected - even as he engenders in us a sympathy for those who must listen in on tapped phones and read through intercepted communiqués. Powerful when first published in 1982, The Safety Net remains today a novel capable of changing completely one's world-view.
/Ruairi O'Murchu, Ireland

The Unguarded House (Haus ohne Hüter)

What can I say? I love Böll ... he has a nice human soul ... I respect him ...
/Elika Gvazava, Georgia
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