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Book Tips - Patrick White

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1973 was awarded to Patrick White "for an epic and psychological narrative art which has introduced a new continent into literature".

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Riders in the Chariot

A great, difficult, challenging novel which redefines how one reads. The visionary Patrick White asks much of his readers, but gives much more in return.
/John Vance Snow, Canada
If you read it carefully it will change your mind. You will become a better person. Honestly!
/Åsa Andersson, Sweden
Perhaps White's most underrated novel - a towering edifice of monumental proportions, marvellously bold and ambitious, supreme characterization, thematically rich, exquisite imagery and symbolism. Truly one of the great books of the 20th century.
/Gary O., Uganda

The Aunt's Story

An impressive book about human instinct, and destruction of personality.
/Željko, Croatia

The Twyborn Affair

Beautifully written, poetic, moving, spiritual, words as pictures.
/Jill Anderson, Australia


A psychological adventure - the setting and plot captured me as a reader: early Australia and a bunch of adventurers going out to map unknown territory. It starts off innocuously enough - but what really gripped me was that once the party gets lost and the hallucinations set in: the strange connection between Voss (lost in the outback) and his romantic interest (in Sydney), whereby she can almost see how the lost party is disintegrating. Patrick White has an incredible art of describing the finest nuances of human psychology - in a language that is truly literary. If there is just one book I would ever want to be stranded with, it is ‘Voss’.
/Devika, India
An understated tale about man's need for conquest, both of his physical environment and his inner compulsions. A wonderfully conflicted protagonist, driven by a colonial idealism, sheds reason at significant cost. Another exceptionally fulfilling literary read from White.
/Peter Hunter, United States
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