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Book Tips - Isaac Bashevis Singer

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1978 was awarded to Isaac Bashevis Singer "for his impassioned narrative art which, with roots in a Polish-Jewish cultural tradition, brings universal human conditions to life".

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Enemies: A Love Story (Sonim: di Geschichte fun a Liebe)

Of his brilliant way of writing &commentary about Polish Jewish Heritage during Second World War about Jacob the survivor of Holocaust Massacre that made by Germans and he face three kinds of love that fell him at Dilemma between them.
/X, Egypt
Great novel because of many questions upon complicated characters in it that seeking for stability and security during the massacre of Holocaust
/Moataz Mohsen, Egypt

Shadows on the Hudson

The story reveals by an analyse of the relationships and behavior of the protagonists what it means to be a Jew after the Shoah and World War II.
/Kurt A. Vandenbroucke, Portugal
I adored this novel for its great metaphysical depth which in a sense invoke the splendid novels of Dostoievsky for the subtlety of the prose, and the exquisite narrative talent of the author.
/Spyros Yannaras, Greece


I read and reread the whole work of Isaac B. Singer, I loved every sentence of it. I chose 'Shosha' as the favourite book only because it was the first I read, the one which opened the door to this magical, unique, peerless work, the one which started a neverending love story between those books and me. I have several "favourite" writers, Virginia Woolf, John Steinbeck, Albert Camus and others, but Singer is not in this category. I created a special one for him and him only, since all his philosophical, religious, ethical questions perfectly match my own. And his humour. Life is such a tragedy, we couldn't stand it without irony and humour. I feel myself expressed through his words, and in such a beautiful style!
/Margherita Rapin, France
It turned my beliefs in life upside-down, topsy turvy. The world was never the same after 'Shosha'. Unique yet universal.
/K. Cendana, Philippines
1) Story of the lost generation - shtetl generation with its traditions and culture 2) Holocoast period
/Al, Russia

The Cat Who Thought She Was a Dog & the Dog Who Thought He Was a Cat

I like it cause I think it's interesting and how they never knew what the mirror was used for and so interested in their appearances!
/Alyssa Tramell, United States

The Collected Stories of Isaac Bashevis Singer

I greatly admire his powerful descriptions its characters, the description of Warsaw before the war.
/Magui Villalba, Mexico

The Family Moskat

Perfect description of jewish traditions and historical events through the family matters of Moskat.
/Liliana Gaeta, Italy
Oustanding Saga!
/Gattalberto, Italy

The Magician of Lublin (Der kuntsnmakher fun Lublin)

I'm not able to tell how much I love this novel like all novels written by Singer because of my poor English. I live a few kilometers from Lublin and not far from other places in Poland which you can find in his books. Singer is the best writer I ever read, the best story teller. Because of the war places and people form his books don't excist any more but the typical hero form his novel man who is looking for his happines in love, philosophy, passions, knowledge never die. I want to tell also that tere is some mistake in Singer biography on the side he was born in Leoncin not in Radzymin where he moved with his family when he was three years old.
/Ewa Zielińska, Poland

The Slave

He get to the core of the characters and into the psyche of the masses.
/Vesna, United States
Great love story.
/Daniel, Venezuela
Detailed physiology analyses.
/Alla Rykov, United States
It's a passionate and profound telling of a story tainted with conflict, discrimination, love, and so many other natural human defects that spice up life- and with it, this beautifully written Bashevis Singer novel
/Antonia Urrutia, Chile
Because it is about love beyond religion and conventionality.
/Angelica Apesteguia, Spain

When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw

I used to read this story to my daughter when she was a baby and miraculously the rythm calm her. Later when she was 7 read the book by herself and she told me the story in her own perspective! Later she graduated to Yent and other IBS books. Since we live in a catholic country, these was a great way to know the Polish and Jewish cultures and avoid prejudice since a very early age.
/Lucy Virgen, Mexico

Zlateh the Goat and Other Stories

Allegorical stories told to children have always been personal favorites. I like that the story is meant for children but translates to any age and that it is told from a cultural perspective different than my own is absolutely fascinating.
/Jan, United States
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