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Book Tips - Odysseus Elytis

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1979 was awarded to Odysseus Elytis "for his poetry, which, against the background of Greek tradition, depicts with sensuous strength and intellectual clear-sightedness modern man's struggle for freedom and creativeness".

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Diary of an Unseen April (To imerologio enos atheatou Aprilou)

A fantastic book speaking about the secret feelings of each one.
/Iannis Christopoulos, Greece
It is a fantastic book of Elytis. It is a book that makes you feel that you are in a fairy tale but also in reallity. It is a sort of book like a diary which Elytis had wrote in a month (in April), but it is a book like a calendar for all the seasons of the soul.
/Giannis Christopoulos, Greece

Six and One Remorses for the Sky (Exi ke mia tipsis yia ton ourano)

It shows a different culture such as the greek, his love for liberty and life is clear in every one of his poems and it makes us feel the same way, he looks at the past and the present, not only of his own land but the whole world.
/Daniel Michel, Mexico

The Axion Esti (To axion esti)

It is, in my opinion, the greatest poem of the twentieth century. Written with artistic workmanship, it is traversed by the beauty of the Greek spirit, of human anxiety shiny fate of freedom and peace in the world.
/Ilias Foukis, Greece
It describes perfectly and deeply the beauty of my country.
/x, Greece
I have studied modern Greek because of the Greek music and Greek literature. The poems of Elytis - oh, it's difficult to say. It's cliche to say that his poesy is beautiful,but it is really. His poems help me to understand Greek history of the last century. And the way he writes about it is very strong and beautiful.
/Orvokki Tanttu, Finland
Because of the remarkable insights, general, psychological, and otherwise, he automatically offers with his poems!
/Dimitrios C Georgiou,, United States
Its language is so beautiful and descriptive that it is as though each word is written in a different colour.
/Chris Papadopoulos, Australia
Because this poem reflects the spirit of the Greek civilization through the ages.
/Ntinos Efthymiou, Greece
In it you can see, find, feel, smell, taste Greece and the Greeks ... this book comforts you and it makes you stronger as a human beeing ... through it you discover new worlds of wisdom ... it teaches you ...
/Elena, Germany
I have no words to describe the beauty of this poem! Reading it makes you feel on your skin the heat of the Greek sun, it blinds you with the Greek light, it bounds you with the very essence of what Greece really is; eros and eos (love and light).
/Yiorgos Arafailidis, Italy

The Monogram (To Monoghramma)

It's a wonderful love poem!
/Alexandra, Greece
It is philosophic.
/Chris, Greece
Lyric masterpiece! It is hard to believe that anyone could ever write more beautiful, perfect and pure love poem than this!
/Željko, Croatia
A masterpiece! The all time greatest love poem. I was fortunate enough to meet the poet once when I was young and he immediately became my favourite person in literature!
/Alexandra Kontouli, Greece
For his deep feeling of love and devotion, strongly connected with the Greek land.
/Joanne Papazoglou, Greece
It's one of the most beautiful love confessions I've ever read!
/Irini Lioli, Greece
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