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Book Tips - Elias Canetti

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1981 was awarded to Elias Canetti "for writings marked by a broad outlook, a wealth of ideas and artistic power".

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Auto-da-Fé (Die Blendung)

It is great.
/Gratiela, Romania
A parable of the unforgiving disease of communications, the only novel written by Canetti evokes a claustrophobic existence in which the characters for fear they deprive themselves of every desire, not only. With a maddening modernity, the narrative does not allow anything to charity, not comfort from the thought of dying, no planing of 'distress. The desperate lack of 'love is the metaphor of a civilization, the Central European, that he would never regained its splendor. A gallery of characters defined by their own paranoia. Much of Roth, Canetti expresses not only the finishing Austria but the end of a dream culturally and linguistically.
/Daniela, Italy
I'm just like Kien. I could even die for books.
/Michał, Poland
This is THE undiscovered classic novel of 20th-century literature. All of Canetti's works - his plays, his memoirs, and even the short pieces in 'Die Ohrenzeuge' - are crafted to such a level as no others of his peers could match. He was a true literary genius with a fine sense of craftsmanship that allows him to present a brilliant story, interwoven with precise psychological insight, and objective criticism of the characters (who are always just as beautifully fleshed out as his descriptions of them are) as well as subjective looks into their (often warped) mindsets. In 100 years, people will talk of 'Die Blendung' the way they speak of 'Ulysses' and 'À la recherche du temps perdu' today; and, in 1000, they will talk of Canetti in the same way as they do Homer, Shakespeare and Cervantes.
/Marc-David Jacobs, United States
It was unlike anything I have ever read before. From the first page his writing style is very different from most books I read and the way he made the book interesting was not by high impact action scenes but by quiet whispers that make you want to draw closer to hear what he is really trying to say/tell you. (There was a hidden meaning behind each action ...)
/Lisa Wray, Canada

Crowds and Power (Masse und Macht)

Impossible to forget it! It is the most important study about the symbol and rituals of Power. The beginning of the text worths the whole work.
/Manlio Lo Presti, Italy

The Memoirs of Elias Canetti

It is one of the best guides to the political and cultural histories of Europe.
/Ronald Austin, Guyana

The Tongue Set Free: Remembrance of a European Childhood (Die gerettete Zunge: Geschichte einer Jugend)

A book that helps you to keep alive memories you are afraid to loose.
/Francesco, Italy

The Torch in My Ear (Die Fackel im Ohr: Lebensgeschichte 1921-1931)

His fucking wisdom and discipline.
/Ricardo, Brazil
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