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Book Tips - Gabriel García Márquez

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1982 was awarded to Gabriel García Márquez "for his novels and short stories, in which the fantastic and the realistic are combined in a richly composed world of imagination, reflecting a continent's life and conflicts".

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Big Mama's Funeral (Los funerales de la Mama Grande)

There is this gradual, grandiose rise of unanticipated ironies, doubts and then certainty running in deliberate intervals through the skein of the narration. Besides, Marquez is able to show action and vivacity in a long short narrative without the neccesity of dialogue. The satirical effect is the lesson that big mama' funeral turns not into tears of loss but of gain.
/Nnaemeka Unigwe, Nigeria
Because it is an excellent history with several stories that are of the best thing.
/Monica, Colombia

Chronicle of a Death Foretold (Cronica de una muerte anunciada)

It is a short book, but describes how unnecessary violence can escalate when a community doesn't step in to stop it.
/Brendan Widness, United States
It is a different way of telling a story. Márquez tells the end first and how all it began later.
/Juan Manuel, Argentina
Garcia Marquez's unique narration makes a fantastic potion of amalgamated magic realism and (contrary to what is expected of magic realism) naturalism which takes the reader to an odd universe of Truth told from the vantage point of the master of journalistic humorist.
/Cabanatuan Boy, Philippines
Never before narration was so great!
/Darou, Netherlands
I thought it was a refreshing story, complete with forward-thinking writing and superior insight.
/Priscilla, United States
The novel is very rich in imagination. The story came alive for me. The fact that the story does not move chronologically also draws me in. I felt as if I was a detective. The numerous characters involved, and the conflict were well executed. I read this novel two years ago, and it still is one of my favorites.
/Patchara Piampongsant, Belgium
This book is written prose that weaves a beautifully haunting tale over several points of view. In my opinion, it is the perfect book.
/Kewannah, United States
I personally believe that it is an extraordinary piece of work with such a journalistic way of telling the story that you will be amazed. Also the surreal details that the author uses to develop the story and the magical realism used to describe some of the setting in which the narrative takes place. It is really worth your time.
/Christian Chandi, United States

Leaf Storm and Other Stories (La hojarasca)

This was the first book by Marquez that I ever read, and I loved it. The title story is my absolute favorite - the dreamlike register, the surreal passing of time and the voice of the narrator all serve to enchant the reader. Whenever I need reminding of why I like short fiction, I reach for this book.
/Kimberly Golden Malmgren, Sweden

Love in the Time of Cholera (El amor en los tiempos de cólera)

It's gorgeous, sensual, and optimistic - not just regarding individual resiliency, but in the resiliency of love as a spiritual and nourishing force. I love this book, and this book loves back.
/Andre, United States
it is a charming lovestory yet at the same time an amazing description of life back then in Colombia's caribbean coast
/Lisa, Finland
It's the most amazing book that anyone can read, it shows how the magic realism can be applied in a romantic nobel in a perfect form, because every strange event that happens there like the dead of dr. Juvenal Urbino, something impressive happens like the reencounter of Florentino Ariza and Fermina Daza
/Marco, Peru
It was the most beautiful love story I have read in my life! Fantastic! I recommend it for everyone who be able to buy a mirror because it refleted one day your love!
/Divino Goes, Maria, Brazil
It's a masterpiece about human feelings, family relationships and love.
/Teresa Coelho, Portugal
This is a book about not giving up, it is about perseverance. In this case about knowing what you want in love, it does not matter how much time it will take to accomplish it. García Márquez is a master of magical realism. He describes the scenes with such detail you can paint a clear picture of the setting, the scents, the styles, the times, and the faces of his narration. I am sure that if all his readers had to make a physical model of the characters and settings, we would come up with very similar prototypes. Not only do we learn about the times of the cholera, but we learn of a time when love was much more than a romantic feeling.
/Gwendoline Hernández, United States
It's a wonderful interpretation of the reality, not only of the love; of the life. At the same time, the book give us a pretty poetical definition of Latin America.
/Cristian González, Mexico
I love this Roman I have not find thes book in Algeria.
/Akni Zakaria, Algeria
Because it is a book capable of make you understand the beauty of human soul.
/Karen Olivo, Spain
Amazing detail, imagery and writing. This book has nothing to envy A Hundred Years of Solitude. It is a masterpiece of Latin American literature.
/Carlos Becerra, United States
Because it is a wonderful story and shows us that love can survive for years. A book written with the beauty and subtlety that are common in works of genius Gabriel García Márquez.
/Ricardo Mendonça Cardoso, Brazil
It's a wonderful odd love story which is not just a love story but story of times and wait, the likes of which is never written till date. Gabbo at his best, writes in his lyrical language, which is a feast for eyes, head and heart.
/Vikash Goyal, India
It is a wonderful story of love and time at wait.
/Claudio, Italy
Never have I read such a magical, moving love story! Marquez uses language that is so rich - it makes it difficult not to lose yourself in the land of Fermina and Florentino, feeling their frustration with one another as much as their passion. Part of the book's appeal is that it draws you in despite being unconventional and unbelievable. This makes it perfect for dipping into when you feel like an escape.
/Leah Grolman, Australia
Everything ... the way it is written ... the plot ... love always love ... maybe is the sense of life ... to love and being loved ... what else can you ask?
/Maria Mac Lean, Argentina
Patience, loving patience ... I thing this is the best way I can describe this novel about how love may mean a lifetime of dedication. A fantastic flashback (like only García Marquéz can do), a brilliant fluctuation of time and a solitary Carribean island where the passion of one man wins in the middle of the vulgar war and disease.
/Alessandro Panini, Italy
Because it is a very hard but at the same time very good story, it is long but when I had finished it I wanted to read it again.
/Deniz Tapkan, Turkey
The language in this book is like a sweet French or British novel at the turn of the century. A love story to cross all time, borders, differences and spaces. Love is all you need to read this book.
/Ruben Santos Claveria, United States
It's a moving saga of romantic love which, most surprisingly, breaks the formulaic notion of 'eternal romantic love' itself! This critique of the 'given' is what I liked in this book.
/Sourav Kargupta, Germany
This novel is the representation on how love endures through difficult times. Love does not know the meaning of time and age.
/Maricarmen Colon, United States
Márquez is one of the most talented writers alive. His prose is beautiful, his characters are deep and passionate, and his life lessons are timeless.
/Jeremy, United States
Because it is the most endearingly human book I have ever read. The prose has the wonderful feather-light quality of 'One Hundred Years' and is threaded together by motifs of imagery that both describe and symbolise the love in the book, and this is why the reader themselves experiences the wonderful fleeting love of the whole novel. Márquez knows - and loves - life, and 'Love in the Time of Cholera' is quietly devastating in its humanity.
/Andrew Mason, United Kingdom

Love, and Other Demons (Del amor y otros demonios)

Beautifully written, in a way that you can almost smell the coffee, the rain, smell her hair. Gabo has an extraordinary way of putting smells, sounds and color into words. His novels always have the power to suck me right into those unknown Colombian colorful towns.
/Martha Zapata, United States
It is spell binding, excellently executed in style and form. Based on a true story about a real person. GMG writes well about the Latin American Soul.
/Rachel Aspögård, Sweden
It depicts the most accurate definition of love, not only by words but by feelings.
/Nelson, Chile

Memories of My Melancholy Whores (Memoria de mis putas tristes)

Describes life of a men addicted to women, who break any moral rules to continue his addiction. Nowadays, psychologist and therapist had called this illness sex addict symdrome. However, the author take us into the magic realism, where the heart-mind and soul connect eachother with great latin influence ...
/Dr. Manuel Ramos, United States
No matter what some people say about it (that is an apology of infantil prostitution), this book is, at the same time, a beautiful portrait of the oldness and love, and a hard and crude reminder of a sad and terrible social reality, not only in Latin America, but in many other parts in the world.
/Sebastian Martinez, Colombia

Monologue of Isabel Watching It Rain in Macondo (Isabel viendo llover en Macondo)

It makes you forget about the real world and makes you dive in another world that could or not be real. Besides the story is catching. I was one of the first books I read by myself -and finished-, when I was 8.
/Laura, Argentina

No One Writes to the Colonel, and Other Stories (El coronel no tiene quien le escriba)

As a fellow Colombian I loved his books ... He really shows what he's thinking so others can enjoy! I am really proud to be from Colombia, but you don't have to be from Colombia to love his books. I love writing and my goal is to win the Nobel Prize, and for others to enjoy my art.
/Juan Pablo, Colombia
It's a very descriptive novel on a lost hope that a man has in his government, but still he trusts in them as if they will make everything good again, when really the government is doing very little or nothing at all to help the poor people's needs.
/Chim, Mexico

One Hundred Years of Solitude (Cien años de soledad)

Real/fantastic histories.
/Roberto Arce Vega, Costa Rica
It's magical. He writes about seemingly boring stuff and makes it interesting with a unique touch of realism ...
/Bhaskar Kumawat, India
You may think this book is pure fantasy, but once you read it, you will now a lot of colombian reality.
/Juan Fernando, Colombia
Because I still cannot describe it!!! Every time i read, I find new aspects, it gives different emotions depending of the time of my life. It is a book which I cannot get enough for the rest of my life!
/Lissa Nakamura, Japan
García Márquez was able to exhume the deepest states of human existence, to show them to the world and bury them with the dry, yellow dust of the Caribbean.
/Andres Del Castillo, Switzerland
I see a historical and magical world in this book.
/Liu Liqi, China
A representative of the Latin American 'Magical Realism' One Hundred Years of Solitude by the 1982 Nobel Laureate Gabriel Garcia Marquez is a serious book which requires profound seriousness on the part of the reader too. It takes several months and many repetitions to grasp this book; however, due to the master craftsman ship of the author, things once understood stay-put. The book itself is profound and meaningful - in that this novel stands out as a leader among the books that shaped the World Literature over the last three decades.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
It tells about the mystic side of human being.
/Abdul, Indonesia
I heard a lot about it.
/Yacine, Morocco
It is the true earth literature.
/Jeda Ogaga, Nigeria
It tells a beautiful story of a family and town intertwined with life death and love. With all these detailes accentuated by Marquez's due of magical realism.
/Juan Gabriel I., Philippines
Of the flowery in language.
/Femi Oluokun, Nigeria
It's style of narrative.
/J B Hooda, India
Because it's magic.
/Maria, Venezuela
Captivating Novel: Hundreds years of Silence, Thousands years of Innocence, Millions years of Violence & Billions years of Recurrence make Endless years of Being Human: Glorious Author.
/Palash Mahmud, Bangladesh
It just fascinates me from the very first to the very last word. All these little stories of fantasy are described in a colorful and lively language. You dive into the pictures and everything becomes real. You just believe the existence of the impossible. I read it first at the age if 17 - so fare at least for 7 times.
/Daniela, Austria
It's a perfect book. One word added or removed would have made it less great.
/Chinmay Bhoir, India
Of the writing style, magic realism. In a sense of view it shows the genesis of the world with a mixed of human character.
/Thoma Qeleshi, Albania
I read this book for the first time as a teenager and fell in love with it. Two decades later, it is still my all time favorite book. I have read it many times in both Spanish and English; there is always something new, something I didn't see the previous time. It reconnects me every time to my culture, to my family in Panama, to that teenager who read it many years ago.
/Kayra J, United States
It is a brilliant tale which tells us how your world can collapse in an instant and describes in poetic manner the memories and feelings which make us human.
/Rohan Gopakumar, India
The writing has a poetic flow while it takes me to experience a whole new magical world. It's abstract and beautiful.
/Nitin Komara, India
The history is incredible, each of the characters are spectacular.
/Arturo Diaz Perez, Mexico
The author creates a world where I love to loose myself, because description are vibrant and narration suggestive. The best book I've ever read.
/Francesco Bilotta, Italy
This novel is excellent multiplied by 100. It is so expansive and comprehensive, that I would call it an in-depth, fascinating study of human behavior. Our obsessions, wars, superstitions, the pointlessness of life and the will to just live it. Of course, like human existence itself, it is at times hilarious but never just "pretty" ... and it does not end well. If you are reading it in Spanish, it is good to have a dictionary, because the diction is very sophisticated.
/Jovan D. Abrego, United States
I like it because it makes a real world which we can enjoy between our called "reality". García Marquez is more than a Nobel prize.
/Franco, Argentina
It's so amazing.
/Bekir Emre Askin, Turkey
It's the best book I read ... it combines magic with realism and gives a deep insight about the life in Latin America.
/Azhar, India
Because of its magical realism.
/Manibabu. K, India
One Hundred Years of Solitude has come to be considered one of, if not the, most influential Latin American texts of all time, the novel and Gabriel García Márquez have both received occasional criticisms.
/Do Trung Hau, Vietnam
Represent different moment in the life!
/Beatriz Macias, Colombia
Beautiful, poetic writing, masterful storytelling and the best ending of any book I have read.
/Dianna, United States
The history is as important as the way it is told, the narrative is evocative, nostalgic and brilliant. Years after you read it - never too many in my case since I revisiting it a lot - you suddenly remember a phrase and related it to your everyday life. Every time I smell something burned I think "huele a chamusquina" and can't see a fair without wondering if does are the kind of gypsies that have the bars that attract metals of if there are read minders between them. It is a book for a lifetime.
/Lucy Virgen, Mexico
Reading Garcia Marquez's Solitude is yet another memorable highlight in my two-decade-long relationship with books! The magical realism in the book is simply blowing my mind, thanks to the Maestro, Solitude has shown us the amazing power of the ancient craft called storytelling!
/Ke Jing Goh, Malaysia
I love to spend some days, each two or three year, with the Buendía family.
/Gustavo Aquino, Argentina
It is so great, marvelous and wonderful like Don Quixote, it reaches in worlds and facts plenty of good humour.
/Marta Gallo, Colombia
How do I even begin to describe this masterpiece? It's for individuals to discover it for themselves ...
/Saon Bhattacharya, India
Set in a small town near the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the novel defines the limitlessess of the imagination to conquer hardship, suffering, and similar to the Bible offers stories on how to understand, enjoy and endure family legacy. It started the new literary genre of magico-realism and gave a new literary voice to story-telling.
/Catherine Rodgers Giussani, Italy
It's a magic novel, who takes you through a century with whirling realism and fantasy!
/JLSG, France
The best novel in Spanish of the 20th century.
/Ricardo, United States
I have read this book many times and each time I read it, I discover new things, new magic in this story rather absurd, but incredible. Is a book that could be read many times and is always fun.
/Arturo Diaz, Mexico
Beautiful romance that brings sophisticated characters.
/Marleth Silva, Brazil
mMgical poetic prose.
/Mathew Joseph, United Arab Emirates
I like because of its epic grandeur with which García Márquez condensed so many aspects of human life into a single book.
/S M Maniruzzaman, Bangladesh
It is maybe the most beautiful and strange book I have ever read. Thank you Gabriel because you make me interested in something.
/Chiara, Italy
The novel slowly infiltrates into an entirely forgotten realm of imagination in our minds and gives us the mesmerizing truth that every reality is an extension of a practical imagination with the same kind of key,like a door which can be opened in either ways ... the greatness of this book is in meticulously conjoining these two realms ... giving us a very beautiful world of experiences and dreams.
/Grinjo Joseph, India
So cutely written one can't put the book with out finishing at a straight. The hero and his grandma a are really of admiring.
/Sameer Kiro, India
Once you start reading the book, you won't stop until you finish!!! It's a mystery from the first Buendia until the last one, it is such a great history!!!
/Sara Soria, Bolivia
I loved the way the book began. I'm not sure if this is the right way to describe it - but it is like cocaine to an addict- you just want to keep going, asking for more. Loved the way the story spins and the elements of surprise. Most importantly, this is a book that I could read a few months later and derive another meaning from it. It gives you a new idea every time you read it - that's its beauty. You never get tired reading it over and over again. The way the story begins is remarkable. Loved it!
/Meenakshi, India
I am a Brazilian man, and here in Brazil we unfortunately had lost most of our connection with the other countries and cultures of Latin America. And when I read one hundred years of solitude I felt reconnected with my brothers of land. The histories in the book are the history of my grandmother, my father, and myself. The Latin-American saga. We usually forget how wonderful is the existence on earth, and this book allowed me to try the world with clear eyes and free emotions.
/João Pedro Campos, Brazil
No one on earth can depict solitude as Marquez does.
/Paola Estefania, Argentina
The author's ability to mix fantasy with reality smoothly and naturally greatly impressed me.
/Jonathan Spector, Israel
I judge a books on two main criteria content and style of writing, this novel is worth comparing with any other great book on these parameter, story is so realistic, evolving and full of message and written so lyrically.
/Soulat Khan, Pakistan
I live in Pakistan, when I read this book I feel I'm standing around where all characters moving and wait for the ending. It's only because the G.G. Marquez way of writing, I'm feel very proud if G.G. Marquez send me a sign picture with my name thanks!
/Akhter Molani, Pakistan
The book is an odyssey of Buvendia family in the city of Maconda, the land of mysteries ,where flowers and loneliness showers like rain ... a masterpiece in magical realism.
/Vishnu, India
It's an amazing magic word, writed with beauty histories, characters and history.
/Fernando Benavides, Mexico
It is a complete novel, doesn't separate reality from magic and can be enjoyed by both the erudite and the inexperienced reader alike.
/Edgar Guevara, Canada
It's about the beginning of a new village with all the things happening for human life ! love, hate, ageing, the changes we think we handle but it's not so? and fine work of art never to forget in my life time. Everything in nutshell of human history, and future.
/Gunaratne, Sri Lanka
Magical and enthralling, what a wonderful gift to the world!
/Dominique Weatherhead, Barbados
Great story telling. The magical style and love of life.
/Kuljeet Singh, India
Magic realism, it is like having an unforgettable dream in the pages of a book. Beautifully flowing language. A mesmerizing read.
/Keshab Hira, India
One of my favourite books ever, one discovers Latin America and falls in love with it.
/Sanda Craven, Switzerland
Masterfully recreates our land and people (Latin America).
/Arcadio Herrera, Mexico
I'm Brazilian and my grandmother is from Guatemala. I learned to love this countries. In the prose of Garcia Marques I can feel the history, the way of life and thing of all Latin America. He is the development of the style of Guimaraes Rosa and Miguel A. Asturias, two of my favorites writers.
/Marcelo Farina, Brazil
It's fabulous!
/Dolapchieva, Bulgaria
Because it is perfect book, which changed my life. I'm really happy:)
/Yakooboo, Cameroon
The best description of a place, Macondo, and a family saga that I have read. A great book!
/Francisco Valladares Parrilla, Spain
/Alfa, Indonesia
It is very exciting and it allows the reader to go beyond the chair which one is seated, so one could go to find and explore the adventures of his magical yet go real words in a book that is best described as a time machine.
/Yanica, United States
This book magically narrates the predicaments of life regardless of race, nationality or economic. It's a universal story that applies to the whole world.
/David Lopez-Munoz, United States
It is fascinating. A unique view of a utopian society, deep in the Colombian jungle. The novel's action like a kaleidoscope, is almost dream-like until the final events reveal the ultimate outcome.
/Valerie Aguilar, United States
Nothing to say ... just to read.
/Abhijith Radhakrishnan, India
This book carries through to the air age, reporting on everything that happened in between with more lucidity, wit, wisdom, and poetry.
/N.V.S. Suman, India
I "discovered" south American writers when I was 17. I was delighted with Gabo's stories, back then, and now. And being able to read them in Spanish makes them worth double. I try to read as much as possible in the original languages, and I've read some 45 of all 107 laureates: Hemingway, Churchill, Steinbeck or Golding, in English; Gide, Camus, Sartre or Le Clezio in French; Carducci, Fo or Pirandello in Italian; Mann, Hesse, Böll or Grass in German; Mistral, Neruda, Paz, Cela, García Márquez, Aleixandre, Vargas Llosa, in Spanish. I've enjoyed most of them, and I could point to Der Zauberberg, Blechtrommel, La peste, Sei personaggi ..., La ciudad y los perros, La colmena. But, for a single, singular book, Cien años de soledad, One Hundred Years of Solitude - solitude, in a novel so overpopulated! - is my choice.
/Adolfo Jiménez, Spain
Just loved it for his taste and selectivity of sequencing of words and expression of thoughts ... and most of all the ruminations that Garcia provided me with ... one of those rare, extremely brilliant books i would like to press on others.
/Varun Menon, India
is Magic ...
/Juan Pablo Cánaves, Argentina
Because it's amazing. When I read it, I thought I was reading the stories that my Grandmother and uncles told me as a kid in that far away and magical Colombia.
/R. Yepez, Germany
García Márquez has created an entire world of magic and mystery which is as real (and as magnificent) as our own imagination. Ironically it is through this fantastic world that he is able to express some of the most universal and tangible of truths about our own lives.
/Elijah Anderson Barrera, United States
Because I love magic realism. It is a complex and great novel!!
/Juana I Ordonez, Denmark
It's so grounded in reality while exploring the bedrooms and kitchens of the heavens.
/Wayne McLead, United States
I like it as everything that is narrated in the book seems so fantastical and at the same time it comes from our daily life and, in general, from the roots of the world history. In one hundred years there happen so many things that it is even unbelievable for centuries. Besides, it interested me with the story's main idea: everyone who is destined for solitude is destined to diminish.
/Giorgi Chkheidze, Georgia
I love this book, I have read it three times. I like the characters and the way the stories are linked. I love the details, the stories and "big" events that happen in small towns.
/Joe, Mexico
It is a wonderful book I ever read! My mind swings with Magical Realism. It is similar to the stream of thoughts go through my own mind ... every second ... sublime! At times I get the smell of the soap used by Rebecca ... the cruel crumpling of bath room roof tiles ... the way she disappeared in the sky, the smell of freshly sun dried clothes ... by this book I know what was once Latin America!
/KK Gopinadh, India
Set in a magical fantastic place (somewhere deep yet developing in South America), with truly brilliant, lusty, kooky character; one crazy legacy of a family. I loved the way the family developed over the hundred years, so many cultures came in, with the travelling of the Arab merchants and the discovery of Sanskrit at the end, and the developments of politics in that area (Captain Aurelian's battles). There are too many details to rave about really; the image of Aureliano making and remelting his delicate golden fishes stays with me however. The most vibrant book I've ever read!
/Zoe Dexter, United Kingdom
It is amazing!!! It is addictive, I've read it twice and sometimes I still keep reading fragments of it. It is one of the best stories I've ever read. Its dimensions are huge; it creates an infinite magical universe so well described that it seems real.
/Alejandro, Spain
The relation between the magic and the real in a book that delivers what seems to be the history of the human kind evolution, condensed in two centuries. The way Garcia Marquez explains small details within each character's life is only comparable to the way he evolves plot and submits his main ideas throughout the unique magnitude of the overall masterpiece, unveiling the final cadenza in a way that allows the reader to fully embrace the book understanding the end is indeed the end. Nothing more could be added without distorting some plot balance. The perfect book.
/Ricardo Mateiro, United States
Superb and completely new style of writing. As a reader of the book I felt I was switching between dream and reality. The first line of the book still mesmerizes me. An unforgettable reading experience.
/P.S. Ghoshdastidar, India
The history of Macondo and the Buendia's family is the history of Latin America full of contradictions but they can grow ...
/Mauricio Guerrero C., Colombia
It's magic!
/Eva Skoog, Sweden
It places a fictionary story within a real typical Colombian town, showing some very autochthonous features of Colombian people.
/Jairo Ternera, Colombia
Because it explains about life, every enticing although fictional but the imagination is so strong to convey the message to the reader.
/Rei Diodos, Philippines
Because it is very readable. With clear-sighted descriptions and a particular favourite of mine depictions in the vein of that wonderful Latin-American movement "magic realism".
/Justin Adams, Australia
It is truth Latin America faces.
/Erika, United States
I've read this book 3 times and I've enjoyed it every time. The sheer decadence of the language, the magic, the humor, and the readability of the novel make it enjoyable. Marquez has a gift for words, and the first sentence of the novel is pure genius.
/Grace, United States
I was twenty years of age when I read it. I still remember feeling like I was the character at the end of the book, nervously flipping pages.
/Danilo, Brazil
The way the story moves and revelation occur, is captivating. It is like poetry, like a river flowing, so many stories under one main plot, all is fantastic. This book is a magic, I enjoyed reading it and then I read more of Marquez.
/Manas, India
Because of the imagination of the author about the things that the people of Macondo had to experiment.
/Joaquin, Mexico
It's very poetic and that's the kind of story that could change a life forever, and it does with me!
/Thierry Avard, Other
The novel was the best I ever read. I really love it. The novel tells a lot about the North America. The author mentions this history not because I think one need to know the historical fact in order to appreciate the novel. But simple to point out that 'One hundred years of solitude', like so many great epics, like war and peace.
/Ken S., United States
I really enjoyed reading this book because the author describes just like our South American countries are, the people, the day by day life, and adds fantastic inventions that we all feel them in reality. This is my favorite book actually.
/Andrea Morales Cobo, Ecuador
Because it tells us the history as a novel of our continent. That novel is not a Colombian novel, is a Latin-American novel and every Latin-American must to read it to know his history and his culture. I read it many times, and I never tire of it, because I always find out something new.
/Steven Marín, Colombia
Human relations and their successes and failures. Ultimately triumph of human spirit.
/K.C. Verma, India
Because it's wonderfully written and the story is not that realistic as in the other books. And I really love the characters because they live their own lives as they weren't invented by the author.
/Ola, Poland
It's just the top of the top for me, it's really worth reading as well as other chefs d'oeuvres of this genius. The structure, the red line of the story, metaphors and this surrealism make it so irresistible!
/Eugénie, France
It describes life, the real life and its lack of sense. We all live in solitude, even surrounded by people. It's real, very real. The book made me see my own life, my useless struggles, my past, my future. Anyway, I would like to congratulate Mr. Garcia Marquez for this masterpiece (personally I see the book as a masterpiece, although I’ve met enough people saying it's worthless).
/Elena lo Pinto, Italy
I basically like this book because it synthesized all the tales of the world inside one town/village: Macondo. It wonderfully depicts humanity in a nutshell, albeit in a rather bizarre setting, with all its common failings, secret hopes and joys, frustrations and triumphs. In this book, I have seen everything I need to see about life and about the universe. :)
/Christine Hazel Gabales, Philippines
Brilliant beyond imagination!
/Marco, India
In the dreams of purity, stricken by an unimaginable reality that hurts at the same time that it brings cosiness. Gabriel takes turns in transforming us between curious beings and lazy listeners. I loved the surprising flow of words, through the rain, always the rain, between the covers. Amazing tales of courage, love, sensuality and sacrifice. Completely mesmerizing. The best book I've ever read.
/Sylvia Prazias, Canada
It is a Colombian book about a family that lives in a little town called "Macondo". The story spans over many generations and over 100 years. So it is a story magic and real.
/Mauricio, Colombia
Because it is the best book in my life and in the world. I think that book is the reason Gabriel Garcia Marquez won the Nobel Prize in literature. I read that book in Spanish because I am Mexican and I admire Gabriel Garcia Marquez because he is the best writer in the world.
/Paulina Deniz, United States
I cannot point out a particular reason that why I like this novel so much, because at the time of reading it had just caught all my senses, nothing else. I cannot even say whether it describes a great comedy or a tragedy, rather I can only say that it has some mysterious powers which is so powerful that it can overtake all your imaginations for years ...
/Umair Vahidy, Pakistan
Because of the striking realism that goes far beyond the magic, land and spirit of a continent, striking into the hearts and minds of the reader far deeper than any other piece of writing. And fairly surely, because every single act is awesome. Your book has turned me from a reader to a writer, which is a reader who crafts its own likes, alike.
/Francisco, Peru
I think it is the story of all human community, not the Macondo only.
/Ali Bakhshi, Iran
I just love it!
/Stefka Gencheva, Bulgaria
Because it is perfect. An imaginary encyclopaedia.
/Itamar, Brazil
The book has all the elements you can ask for: romance, politics, magic, progress, mystery, etc. The narrative is impeccable.
/Johana Lopez Talbot, United States
Everything in this book is good, the story, the way he manages the time, the characters. He is awesome!!!
/Elena Velez, United States
The author shows very interesting in 3 plans the women's line, men's and the line of life. He performs very realistic characters.
/Mariya, Russia
Because it is an interesting book, the structure is excellent, and because it is Colombian.
/William Acosta, Colombia
The perfect mix between the real life, the feelings and desires ... The perfect description of magic realism.
/Jose F. Guzman, Spain
The book is simply amazing. I love it because there is no other book like it. The author explains so many aspects of life in a hue metaphor without the people even noticing and in such a simple way. Also the way the story is told is unique, very objective and without any opinions. Many other books have tried to imitate it but "Cien años de soledad" was the book that created a whole new way of writing and creating mythical, almost magic stories. I recommend it because it is really worth it.
/Maria, Spain
It's an amazing book and I highly recommend it. The best book ever since 'El Quijote de la Mancha'.
/Shizuko, Japan
The magic realism. This book reflects the fantasy of his world.
/Manuel Garcia, Colombia
I like 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' because it portrays how emotions are essential for connecting with the world around one. As the book concludes, even though the Buendia family was relatively famous, their name died out after a hundred years because they could not love.
/Nina, United States
A very powerful and complicated story is narrated in a simple and beautiful way.
/Gabriela, Argentina
For me it was a world in itself. Beautifully sketched out ... the world of Mocando ...
/Hitesh Kamdar, India
It changed my life ... the way I look at things ... the sequence chain of events in our lives ... it really moved me ... it changed my point of view to all life aspects.
/Hannah Shihab, Kuwait
Everything in the narrative is quite rhythmic, and every noun or verb has the corresponding adjective or adverb, which make an elegant literary plasticity. I like the power of the last sentence because races condemned to 100 years of solitude shall not have another opportunity in the world.
/Fausto Avila, United States
Sorry, it's not just a book. It's an institution!
/Abhimanyoo Biswas, India
Dramatic and close to reality.
/Sarah, Canada
Because Marquez is called upon to show us what is the fairy relation between love, poetry and life.
/Krassimira Temelkfva, Bulgaria
That's an amazing book, because it tells everything about the Latin American reality and irreality. And fantastic literature is awesome. G. G. Marquez is a genious.
/Luciano Leite, Brazil
To me, it's the greatest novel to have ever been written. So far, it's the book of my life.
/Luísa, Portugal
When reading García Márquez, the story is not a priority. What draws you into the book is his sensibility towards the less significant aspects of life and human being, and how he actually transmits his unique point of view through the words he uses. If you can, read him in Spanish, because the essence of his writing style can hardly be translated to any other language.
/A.C., Spain
The particular way in which he narrates and tells the story, not only of a family or a town but, perhaps of the whole human civilization.
/Nicolás González Castro, Colombia
This is the most magical story ever!
/Victoria Higuita, Colombia
I have read it a couple of times and each time I finish it I have been under the influence of this book for at least a week. I really don't know what is so magical about this book but it makes me feel as if I am living this story myself ...
/Lal Candemir, Turkey
This book is a wonderful and exceptional example of exactly how thin the border between real and unrealistic is. I have enjoyed reading this book because it has helped me learn a little more about the complexity and ingenuity of this life we live. Thank God Márquez wrote this book. And I hope that there will be a lot of other people out there in this world who will realize how solitude is wrapping its tenderly caring arms around us, but will soon engulf us and change our lives forever. For us to be forever alone ...
/Veronika Nagy, Hungary
It is just the most wonderful story I've ever read, and as a Spanish speaker, I find it extremely rich in terms of vocabulary and metaphors.
/José Luis, Argentina
It's simply wonderful ...
/Paolo, Italy
The master author has very successfully brought and highlighted across genres and combined various aspects portraying events with his specialised style of magical realism and pure fiction! He remains as one of my most favourite authors and his books are amongst my collectors items at home: '100 Years of Solitude', 'Love in the Time of Cholera', 'The General and his Labyrinth', 'The Story of a Shipwrecked Sailor' and 'The Strange Pilgrims' ... It is pure fiction at it's best! It is pure fiction at it's best!
/Ananthanarayanan V., India
I like this book because it is the book of the millennium.
/Premji, India
This book is so poignant, so powerful, so unforgettable and extraordinary, that, for a long time, everything I read after it seemed bland. How does one go about describing Gabriel Garcia Marquez's masterpiece? I, personally, can find no words to describe it. To even try to summarize its contents, or describe the beauty of its words would be folly. I can only say that it is a book worth reading and that it should, in my humble opinion, be required reading for the entire human race. All of the characters are familiar to me now, all of them have their own story, their own voice. Gabriel Garcia Marquez's writing style is brilliant and each chapter is postively brimming with his lyrical magic. It's amusing, heartbreaking, hateful and compassionate at the same time. And even after praising the book like this, I still have the feeling that I haven't praised it enough. Read it, and you'll see for yourselves.
/Emma, Spain
It's very interesting, very different from everything I have read before.
/Dijana, Bosnia & Herzegovina
It is sad and sexy, depressing and horny, it is a paradox of life in literature.
/Lucie Stotter, Czech Republic
Because of the magic in the book. Because the way it made me look at the world after I read it.
/Elisa Ontiveros, Mexico
The narrative and the costumbrism of this book reveals how the human mind can give all the details in beautifull and correct words.
/Alejandro Tafur, Colombia
It mixes dream, reality, witchcraft, magic, folklore.
/Daniela Sarfatti, Italy
I love it because it's so beautifully written you can't stop reading. García Márquez's imagination marvels me and moves me to tears.
/Paola, Argentina
It's metaphorically - and wonderfully written - a book about everything, Macondo is universal, it's a symbol we can all rely to.
/Duboiz, France
As the author said: "Cien años de soledad es un vallenato de 300 páinas". It is a very entertaining book, which takes place in the environment of Colombia.
/Andrés Caro Borrero, Colombia
It's a masterpiece and he deserves to win many more awards. That's why he's the master of magic realism. It follows the saga of a family through the many challenges that do not seem to end in the beautiful country of Colombia. If you have never visited the coastal cities there you should see Aracataca, it's like you've been to Macondo from his Nobel Prize winner book.
/Lupe Pedraza, Canada
It is an amazing work of literature. Gabriel García Márquez has the outstanding art of creating the most beautiful and intricate things out of words. He is unbelievable. By far, one of the best writers of our time.
/Yvonne Rico, United States
Maybe it's the best Spanish language book since Cervantes. The first page is so incredible that it makes almost impossible not keeping on reading.
/Carles, Spain
As the friend who gave it to me wrote in the first page: "Beautiful and epic, there's a fullness and a sadness, a beauty, a folkloric fatedness, a feel of magic and organic energy (like neural lightning and seeds in the ground) that just kills me." I couldn't have put it better.
/Jordan Gookin, United States
A beautiful book. All Latin-Americans must read it. A book that, in its way, reflects the life of our country and continent.
/Julián, Colombia
A beautiful book. All Latin-Americans must read it. A book that, in its way, reflects the life of our country and continent.
/Julián, Colombia
It's a wonderful story, tell much about the Latin American life without being very punctual, giving to the book an universal aspect.
/Bruno de Pinho, Brazil
'A Hundred Years of Solitude' is a complete novel, it has everything you want in a good book. When you think about Macondo you think about a little part of the world which resumes what the universe culd be. It's a really great novel.
/Rodrigo, Bolivia
I love this book for the richness of its characters, for the color with which García Márquez describes the South American culture. The narrative opens a world of infinite possibilities with only the imagination to guide the journey. Beautifully written and filled with comedic value. GREATEST BOOK EVER!!!
/Patricia Diez, Australia
It's a fantastic story traveling through the history of a family. This is a town that is isolated from the development of the society. They don't know many things and they are amazed when new people arrive at the town and show them new rare things.
/Sofía González, Mexico
Marquez, in his gorgeous, sprawling prose, so disarms the reader with the humor and the charm of South America, that they unquestioningly surrender all emotions and vulnerability to Macondo, from the first sentence to the last.
/Andrew Durbin, United States
Because it is full of love to life, just like it is - sometimes a friend, sometimes the worst enemy, but always incredible. And Gabo described it in an incredible way, just perfect:)
/Aneta, Bulgaria
The way the story is written, it makes you think on what will happen next. It keeps you amused and the way he uses his imagination in the story. Between reality and fiction.
/Conny Guzman, United States
Is the best because the tone of the book and the stories.
/Victoria, United States
It's magical and yet very natural. Cool events happen, and the ending is very captivating.
/Derek, Philippines
It is a narrative masterpiece. Keeps you expecting and the unexpected happens. It is not only telling a story, it is telling history; not only from Latin America, but it is telling humanities history.
/Andres Garcia, Colombia
It's a mirror of the Latin American culture!
/Monica, Mexico
It perfoms a magical description of the Caribbean culture, creating a modern South American mythology that represents our true essence.
/Alejandro, Colombia
It is a beautifully written story.
/Cayley, Canada
When you read this book you can feel this kind of magic that makes our life colourful, soundful and loveful.
/Marta, Poland
It's deep and innocent. And somehow mystical.
/Mihaela, Romania
One of the most important literary achievements of the twentieth century. A masterpiece that takes the reader from the most fragile bases of mankind to it's greatest glory. A hymn to the magic of the human soul.
/Pedro Perez, Peru
Because it's a great book, inspired I guess of a civil war that happened in Macondo, tells the history of a big family from the first member of the family until the last one and their amorous entanglements.
/Sara Soria Estrugo, Bolivia
Because is the best book about the magic realism of the Caribbean countries. I think it is the best book in Spanish.
/Juan Carlos Mantilla, Colombia
Its rich and accessible style of writing.
/Chuma, Nigeria
It's magic, it's fantastic ... I'm wordless.
/Adair, Brazil
On of the most touching novels I have ever read. So rich and vivid and such a page turner. The author is a true artist - the world of Macondo and the Buendia characters are so human yet so idealistic at the same time ... you end up falling in love with them and living their dreams, and then, you just cry ...
/Sylwia, United States
Because it is one of the best illustrations of fine Latin American literary work ever written.
/Griselle, United States
It has opened my eyes up to a whole new world, where the fantastic is just as real as reality itself. His book has, no doubt, influenced me as an aspiring fiction writer.
/Samantha Turner, United States
I recommend this book because of its extraodinary power of creating a world where supernatural and reality coexist without boundaries, and where illusions have some power and accuracy like real things.
/Florian, Romania
'One Hundred Years of Solitude' belongs to the tradition of Magic Realism, where the supernatural and the everyday are blended, so as to give the impression of being ordinary. In Gabriel's novel the life of the family, over many generations, is interwoven with the constant upheaval of civil wars, flood and the coming of the banana plantations; however, these incidents of exploitation and repression, are blended like metals, with the supernatural events that occur in one family over many generations. 'One Hundred Years of Solitude' is itself possessed of the creative magic that Gabriel invokes.
/Aaron J. Clarke, Australia
Because the author used another kind of writing, I mean he wrote about real things and magic things.
/Luis Alberto, Colombia
For its broad sweep, mind-blowing mix of history, social structure and everyday life with an amazing intensity of characters.
/Shagun, India
I read it when I was taking up my undergraduate studies in Political Science. I found it among the books piled in the SALE section but I bought it anyway because it was cheap. I never thought that the book would become one of my favorite books. I actually like Love in the Time of Cholera more than One Hundred Years of Solitude, mostly because of the main theme of the former book - love. One Hundred Years of Solitude was a confusing and heartbreaking yet down-to-earth story. It tells of the complexities of human nature, the violence, the fear, the hope. The story is an irony. It tells deeply about the people and the events and yet it simply describes them. How Gabriel Garcia Marquez wrote the book is simply amazing. In fact, I could not get enough of his magical realism style. The simple and ordinary events are made into an extraordinary story. His words are lyrical yet simple. I had a hard time telling whether the book was fiction or not. Yet at the same time, it was fiction indeed. It was magical. Truly magical. I think that while reading the book, I was in Macondo. Surveying the scenes, soaked in the rains, dried in the heat. Truly magnificent!
/Psyche Castillon, Philippines
Deep. Lyric. Visual. Imaginative. Creative. Touching. Loneliness. Love. Passion. Sex. Urge for freedom. Nostalgia. Family.
/Okidan, Azerbaijan
This is the best book ever written! I would sincerely carry it with me to my grave!
/Soumitra, Norway
It is an excellent and not only political book that everybody must read!!!
/Papaioannoy Ariadni, Greece
The book makes an illusion. Everything was told so subtly but impartially that we become amazed. Whenever i dig into my thinking, it seems to me that I know the village Macondo.
/Russel Ahmed, United Kingdom
This amazing story of the decay of the virginity of a civilisation is always a mirror to how the madness of superpowers raped our aborigin existence ... I really was mad while going thru the book.
/Dev Raj Joshi, Nepal
Once I started reading this book I couldn't put it down; being a hispanic I was able to relate to the storytelling that Gabriel emulates. I could hear my grandmother telling me factual incidents that had that "fantastical" twist. Besides that theme, Gabriel also illustrates the idea of history or at least experiences being repeated in time. I love this book.
/Alex Perez, United States
The author spoke with such clarity. He had the perfect words to describe certain feelings, even the most complex, and made them universal. But what made the novel more special for me was that the weirdest things sounded like normal, everyday things, and the process of making them believable seemed effortless.
/Katrina, Philippines
It's so great. It's a book without time and place. When i read it I felt like the whole world was passing around me so fast ... like those movies whose character stands and everything continues normal.
/Helena Sarria, Portugal
'One Hundred Years of Solitude' is a novel that captures the experience of dreaming. The extraordinary happenings, that are only realized to be absurd, after they have taken place. Yet the realization of the absurdity of the events does not diminish their emotional impact. This novel is a dream in and of itself, a surreal environment in which the amazing happens.
/Max Baroi, United States
I recommend it because it is the most beautiful and dramatic and fantastic story i have ever read. Gabriel García Márquez is one of the greatest authors, and obviously the greatest one who is alive.
/Rafael Dilly, Brazil
I recommend it because it is a sweeping epic novel that is accessible to everyone. It is an amazing retelling of the Book of Genesis is thoroughly enjoyable.
/Edwin Castro, Afghanistan
For its deep mix of fantasy and realism, transforms simple life into an exciting adventure.
/ Sebastián Soto Salas, Chile
This Nobel (Gabo) is the best latin-american writer, and this is the best novel in the world, to dream and turn on the imagination. Nice piece of literature.
/Ricardo Vidal, El Salvador
I really recommend it. Gabriel plays with our attention and imagination. At the end, we understand the reason behind the book's title. It's one of the greatest readings and it's also entertaining ... it's just a great novel. You can't stop reading it.
/Gabriela, El Salvador
Simply amazing. I was shaking, with goose bumps cropping up on my arms and neck, as I read the last sentence.
/Jason Rolfe, United States
I read the book two years ago. I can still feel the same vibrations around me that I felt while reading the book. Marquez did a great job in making the characters walk before me. The plot is a dream lived by extra-ordinary but real characters. Every step of the story is LIFE!
/Mamatha, India
This novel evoked a true sadness in me. The characters, the prose, everything about it was wonderful. Highly recommended.
/Jeremy, United States
For lucidity and poetry combined ... a jewel.
/Mauricio Zarate, United States
I read the book two or three years ago, It was something amazing. I couldn't leave the book. It was attracting me. All the "magic" things in this book seem so real, that you find yourself in the book's atmosphere. I am learning German now, and I read the book in German. It's pretty hard, but I want to finish it again. I recommend this book to everyone.
/Andrei Lintu, Romania

Strange Pilgrims (Doce cuentos peregrinos)

Doce Cuentos Peregrinos is the best short-story book EVER! I love it. Those stories are the impressions of a man from the Caribbean about Europe. I feel extremely identified with them.
/Maria Rita Ortega, Colombia
Just before I read 'El avión de la bella durmiente', or after, I wrote 'Mozartiana para mariana', a 109-line poem to a secretary in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, asking her in marriage.
/Paolo, Brazil
I liked it because the stories are all original and made me feel in despair at times. Mainly, "Solo vine a realizar una llamada".
/Magdalena Mario, Argentina
Reading short stories is a simple way to get to know authors, and determine if one would continue to read this author's longer works. 'Strange Pilgrims' is a collection of very strange stories indeed! Strange, yet powerful, because Márquez looks at death and other scary issues so differently, and he has the power to scare one and wake one up from the customary way of life. Márquez's language is simply beautiful, and humorous at the same time, making him the best writer I have come across.
/Teo Chee Tat, Singapore

The Autumn of the Patriarch (El otoño del patriarca)

The dictators of the past and present day and their follies and silliness are vividly portrayed.
/Zahir Shah, Pakistan
In this book, Garcia Marquez is able to articulate vividly the burden of carrying absolute and tremendous power.
/Voltaire Q. Oyzon, Philippines
For its deep, sensitive, magic, darkly humorous, necessary, realistic approach to one of Latin America's worst vices, dictatorship. If you loved 'One Hundred years of Solitude', you really should read this one next.
/Jorge Orellana, Canada
It is a difficult but very beautiful book. Latin America have the sad record of terrible dictatorships, and this novel tells that history in a crude and poetic way.
/Alejandro Caballero Salas, Chile

The Autumn of the Patriarch (El otoño del patriarca)

Any words would be superfluous.
/Bogdan Rat, Romania

The General in His Labyrinth (El general en su labertino)

It's a wonderful epic, with lots of twists and turns.
/Sanchari Das, India
It is a beautiful rendition of the last days of a man who completely and singlehandedly shaped the history of Latin America. Although the nature of the story comes partly from the author's imagination, the character's persona is far from being far fetched.
/Estefania, Colombia
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