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The Nobel Prize in Literature 1983 was awarded to William Golding "for his novels which, with the perspicuity of realistic narrative art and the diversity and universality of myth, illuminate the human condition in the world of today".

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Darkness Visible

It is written in several different styles.
/Daniel, United States

Free Fall

His novels relate his compulsion to purge himself of the damaging views he had of what men can be. This is a book replete with poetic prose, and wisdom on what is means to be human. Inspiring, provoking reflection, and truly life-enhancing. A modern Shakespeare.
/Anne Corr, United Kingdom
I read the book when I was in high-school and returned to it years later. Beautifully written, it is the quest of a man to a seemingly simple answer. Usually, when you make a decision, it is like being at a crossroad - you can go right or left and go until you reach the next cross-road/decision. However, there is one decision in life, one crossroad, after which your path is set, you do not wonder whether you should take right or left when you reach your next crossing point, for your path was already determined by this previous decision/crossroad. Our character tries to sort out his life and discover which was the decision that shaped his future.
/Agatha, Romania

Lord of the Flies

It is interesting.
/Jay, United States
The theme of the book and the descent into almost barbarism was an interesting read in high school and then teaching it later in life was fun to see how students related to the divisions there are between different groups of students.
/Michelle J Pepper, United States
This book not merely provides a blood-curdling twist on the romantic deserted-island theme, but is moreover a keen observation in evolutionary psychology. I read it when I was still a young psychology student and it left a lasting impression. I still get goose bumps thinking about some parts ...
/Rudi D'Hooge, Belgium
William Golding (or Sir William Golding, which he is entitled to be called) was a man of plural talents and experiences. He studied science, switched over to literature and philosophy and served in the Royal Navy wherein he played a role in sinking the German warship 'The Bismarck'. I like and recommend his 'Lord of the Flies' which deals with the adventures of British school boys stranded on an island in the Pacific. He won the 1983 Nobel Prize in literature for Great Britain and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth Second in 1988.
/Dilbag Firdausi, India
It was nice.
/Jose Fuentes, United States
Of its main idea and an involving plot.
/Maria, United Kingdom
It makes us wonder about the childhood.
/Sofia Machado, Portugal
It depicts the struggle between the lust for power and the will to live in peace, both present in mankind.
/Balogh Andrea, Romania
It had deep meanings and truth buried in the pages that only an observant reader can discover.
/Michael Inioluwa Oladele, Nigeria
'Lord of the Flies' by William Golding portrays the nadir of human existence when civil order breaks down. By the end of the book,chaos is restored to normalcy when help arrives for the stranded boys. A similar transformation from chaos to order occurs in Captains Courageous. A 15 year old boy is rescued by fishermen off the coastal waters of Newfoundland. Captains Courageous is one of Kipling's best works written in the belles lettres style.
/Joseph Salvatore Maresca, United States
It's like a guiding book through which I know how to raise my kids. Well! I know this might seem a bit weird but I knew that innocence must be developed or else we would face danger.
/Iman Jomaa, Egypt
It has a very different sense with books for kids now so I really liked the book.
/MW, Japan
I liked it because of the symbolism of the book. In difference with other books this book doesn't only tell you what is written but even more. I'll like some recommendation of other books.
/Jason, Other
Due to its broad theme.
/Ashraf uddin Chitrali, Pakistan
Because it satirises the concept that children are innocent, rather children are as much capable of violence as adults. Children imitate the adults in violence and war.
/Anupam Mukherjee, India
I read it during my military service. It was a time of tough training and the environment was hostile. It had a poignant effect on me. I now teach English to young adults and sometimes I am convinced that people need wise leadership. Adults too, not just children ...
/Payman, Iran
Realistic view of how an individual/society behaves for survival, very universal theme.
/Jayprakash Chipalkatti, United States
Really a very moving novel that tells that practicing good manners will not make a person civilized rather only makes more appealing to the civilized society. Civilization is practicing of honesty, genuineness, sincerity and authenticity and living in harmony with all human beings.
/Sunil Ck, India
For its maturity and the most realistic understanding of human nature. I have lived in the mind with this book since i read it first at my age 19 yrs. Its so great and so influencing!!
/Choudhari D.S., India
I think l relate my experiences of the Swedish Archipelago with its many glorious islands to this novel. It is the location on which a story like this could take place. It frees the writer up even though the story does return to human nature instead of a better world. I may miss the point but Kymmendö l have visited and can see the solitude August Strindberg sought. The little house, the views and yet Hemsöborna, which he wrote there, is a critical piece of writing.
/Stephen Archer, United Kingdom
I like this book because it shows how we need a leader who knows what he is doing. Unlike Jack. But I think the meaning of this book is to show the readers what it would be like to have no leader. Basically itís pure anarchy and chaos.
/Connor Dahms, United States
I like this book because it shows how we need a leader who knows what he is doing. Unlike jack. But I think the meaning of this book is to show the readers what it would be like to have no leader. Basically it's pure anarchy and chaos.
/Connor Dahms, United States
I really understand it and teach me how life goes.
/Nosipho, South Africa
It was a very interesting adventure book, about the thrill of being on an island where Piggy, Jack and the rest of the boys had to learn to work together against all odds.
/Ramya, United States
I like it because it portrays society in its more pure and brutal form. He forces you to see all of these things people always try to ignore. And, the symbolisms he used, really makes you see all those things we have to improve, those things we have to avoid and those we have to face. It's an emotional book at the same time and very "realistic" in some way. My whole vision of life has changed ever since I read 'Lord of the Flies'.
/Elizabeth Cardona, Colombia
It teaches us a valuable lesson on human nature and civilization. If it wasn't for this book, people may have a totally different aspect on life.
/Esme, United Kingdom
I find Golding's comparison of the children's distopia, and man's civilization as a whole to be depressingly accurate. This novel opened me up to understanding the evil that dwells within us as humans.
/Evan Flynn, Canada
This book really had me thinking about human nature and got me interested in psychology. I wondered why the boys acted like they did and why they started killing each other. I realized that this is what might really happen in real life, especially with a group of young boys.
/Kristi, United States
It makes me realize the evil of human for the first time.
/Ruiyuan Ma, China
It is very good, oh so good.
/Bohaba, Brazil
I like it because it has killing and suffering in it. I read a lot of horror books but after I had to read this for a class I was glad because it is as good as some of the horror books I read.
/Susan, Canada
It's awesome!
/Abby, United States
I first read this marvellous book when i was 16. As an English teacher (now happily retired) I never tired of this as a 'set' text. Teenagers often really loved it and the discussions it provoked with them - concerning human behaviour and 'good' and 'evil' within us all - were often really stimulating. I also love the huge irony of the last page and all its implications!! I shall reread it again soon.
/Jerry Bettington, United Kingdom
Still relevant and powerful today - simply genius.
/John Perry, United Kingdom
I thought the book conveyed a deep meaning of good and evil in the world and can be linked to everyday life. It shows us how little boys would act without any adults and on a deeper level shows me that evils lies within everyone and it only takes a small thing to bring out that evil. It is a good book to read and to study; there are many more meanings that lie in between the lines. This book is good to read for enjoyment and I am sure that everyone who reads it will find some meaning out of it, it may be different from mine but still valued.
/Stacey, United Kingdom
/Magnus, Sweden
Basically man is a brute. In every individual there is savagery which he conceals when he becomes educated. The faith in civilization, or the feeling that we are civilized prevent us from doing so many evil deeds. The children who are left alone on the uninhabited island begin to establish hegemony. This is what human beings did at the earliest stage. Might-is-right principle becomes applicable when left along. Survival of the fittest is also a natural phenomenon. The children form groups of their own and some of them are victimised. Golding is right in his assumption of human nature.
/Unni Krishnan Atiyodi, India
It tells us the lesson of humans. It tells us how children over came their life with fears and other difficult things.
/Sameeksha, India
Golding's 'Lord of the Flies' is a fascinating novel telling about the truth of human's primordial drive: it exists in every human being, even in children, and we are afraid to admit it. As civilized people, we often forget that if forced, this primordial instinct will surface and bring our most savage self in order to survive. Human beings are somewhat so familiar with civilization that it never occurs that there is savagery in everyone. It is only a matter of condition that will decide whether or not we will surrender to it; and I know the most powerful force that can make it happen: the unfamiliar force nature that we have forgotten due to technology.
/Dina Waluyo, Indonesia
'Lord of the Flies', for all the unpleasant revelations it exposes about humanity, is one of those rare books which is necessary for everyone to read and examine themselves afterwards. It has not one wasted word, and has more beneath the surface than any other book I've read.
/Connie Vaughan, United Kingdom
Because it's like the TV series survivor but its all kids on the island!!!
/Raheela, United States
I love the connection the text holds to human society and break of unity even amongst supposed equals.
/John Semlitsch, United States
It's an excellent story of how all systems finally decay.
/Avani Deshpande, United States
For the mere fact that it is the nature of man told in a different way, his cruelties, his greed and the effects of his cruelties and greed.
/Zahra Aamer, Pakistan
It's a very powerful and grim tale.
/Ezgi Ustundag, United States
It has a lot about how we would possibly act if we were stranded on an island but that's not the only reason.
/Robyn Johnson, United States
It is a dark and bitter meditation upon human nature, something we should all ponder on.
/Rebecca, Romania
Because it was a cool book.
/Josh, United States
Because it shows the consequences of anarchy.
/Kyle, United States
It is interesting.
/Amber Isaac, Other
There are lots of symbolisms and gets your mind thinking. Though it was written after WW2 it discusses true human nature and the evil within us all.
/Christianne, Canada
I love the symbolism in this book. The theme of light versus dark relating to good versus evil is carried out throughout this book. It is a fascinating view of life and a truly wonderful book.
/Kat, United States
The symbolisms, message and the realistic approach of the writer in making people realise the present condition.
/Daniyal Farooqi, Qatar
I like 'Lord of the Flies' because it offered a look at humanity through the view of a child.
/Sam Barnes, Canada
It tells how kids need adult supervision and if we don't thing might go wrong.
/Sylvester Noble, United States
Physiological adventure into the minds of people who betray civilisation for a simpler life.
/Sam Clifton, United Kingdom
This book is so good and interesting.
/Jade, Australia
I liked it because it was subtly telling me subconsciously that there is a fine line between civility and beastiality and it can be crossed easily but it is difficult to come back again.
/Maeve Mac Laughlin, Ireland
It's a powerful, shocking novel that really forces you to take stock of the society in which you inhabit.
/Rohani, Australia
It speaks honestly and provocatively of the nature of mankind, showing how obvious flaws such as weakness of appearance or character can destroy the greatest of us and how the less obvious flaws such as weakness of honesty or substance can lead to a destruction of morality and the end of a civilisation.
/Natasha Dansey, United Kingdom
I liked it because the way in which Golding describes items is wonderful. And the way he creates the characters of Piggy, Jack, Ralph and Simon. I especially love the irony running through the book, and definitely the irony at the ending.
/Hannah, United Kingdom
It really had many inner meanings. The most noticed one was survival. What would happen if you leave a bunch of boys on an island without supervision? Also, it symbolizes many things. Roger symbolizes evil in a person, Simon symbolizes good in a person, Ralph symbolizes democracy, and Jack symbolizes the extreme form of communism. I really liked this book, and I would recommend it to anybody.
/Wendy, United States
It's an awesome story - truly a masterpiece. I really like the novel, it's full of symbolisms and interesting characters with genuine emotions. Once again, it reminded me of the importance of rules and order in our society, otherwise we would be no more than savages.
/Marjun, Philippines
I like the book because it has a very touching ending. And if I were in this story I'd be sad.
/Charmalie Dasanayake, United States
It has keen insights into human nature, and because I would like to be on an island like that myself! Also all his characters have reference to Coral Island, Sigmund Freud, Plato, and biblical allusions and even some connections can been seen with an episode of the Twilight Zone.
/Teresa Darcy, United States
It is more of an adventure.
/Don, Afghanistan
I recommend this certain novel because it has had a most striking effect on my capacity of commenting literary texts. It was also an incredible story about life, death and instincts, and leaves the reader with the undoubtable questions: what would i have done? Who can I judge? Which was the mistake? William Golding writes about life exactly as it is, so fiction can be easily mistaken by reality.
/Oana Neagu, Romania
Very demonstrative regarding the dual nature of human beings.
/Dominic Talbot, Canada
If you didn't know this book is one of the most taught all over the world! So you should read it because you will get to learn it sooner or later so you should read it and try to understand it before. All in all I think it is quite a good book because it teaches people that evil and good lies in everyone and it shows us this by using small school boys who at the end act like animals! Even though there are some difficult words and pretty large descriptions it is a straight forward book telling you its purpose. I personally don't like long books and this one isn't that long! And plus, if you don't feel like reading it check on internet ... there are many chapter analyses.
/Jessy, United States
Because, the books makes you think about life. And it really really is a great book.
/Kristin, Estonia
Because I think that it will teach you a lot.
/Robert, United States
Awww, it's so sad when my fave character dies, I was so sad at that part!!!
/Donny, United States
'Lord of the Flies' is an interesting novel that illustrates the degeneration of humanity when all external methods of control have been removed. In fact, it demonstrates how easily a system of government can descend into anarchy, and how people will be willing to accept savagery and barbarianism for security.
/Julian Taylor, Australia
Because it is a wonderful book that keeps the reader turning the page, unaware of what is going to happen next. I loved studying this book for English as there are many aspects of it that are intriguing.
/Brenda, Aruba
I think it shows that even though we think we would be better off without our parents, sometimes we will find out that without parents there is utter chaos. I love how they form a society. I think it is ironic that the person who thought the fire was the least is the one who made the fire that saved them in the end. I like the foreshadowing that takes place in the book.
/Celeste Robbins, United States
It isn't the most interesting book to read and it is very hard to get into. But this is my favourite book to talk about and analyse. I love discussing its themes, motifs and characters. Someone could bring out a second. It would be fantastic!!
/Cassie Walker, Australia
Because it's really good and it teaches you a lot of things and I'm reading it in class.
/Koren, Canada
I recommend the book, "Lord of the Flies" because it is a book that is thought provoking. Its symbols give anybody a good ponder. Not only that it's full of suspense and drama. What would a good book be if it weren't engaging? I'm telling you, for the philosopher or the person who loves adventure this is a great read.
/Chanelle Jackson, United States
Yes I loved this book, I could not wait till the next English Literature class I had so I could get stuck in. One of the best books I have read.
/Jasmin Morrison, United Kingdom
I recommend this book to teens who love surprise endings. In this book you have no idea how these boys will get along by themselves in the wild without any adults. It is just how you would suspect, that there is a lot of chaos and surprising things happen to the characters.
/Shayna, United States
I have to study it for my English GCSE in a couple of weeks time. However, studying it hasn't affected my enjoyment of it! I find it fascinating that Golding interweaved so much symbolism into the book. I would recommend it to all leaders of the free world because it could teach everyone a lesson in humanity and the thin line between civilization and chaos, democracy and tyranny.
/H. Tubman, United Kingdom
There are two stories in the book - the adventure story of little boys on the island and the deeper story of rebellion and conformity in society. It was a part of course work in school this year. When I first read it, the horrible descriptions of the 'lord of the flies' and the cruel and heartless murders of Simon & Piggy and the hunt for Ralph by 13~14 year olds seemed to be the work of a psychopath. But further contemplation has revealed the resemblance to the ongoing rebellion against the existing social norms by each generation. Truly, a great piece of work.
/Mandar, United States
I read this book as a class assignment and it wasn't till I was almost done that I started to appreciate the book for what it was. Golding never came out and said what he meant; he didn't make it that easy! Throughout his novel he used symbols that would otherwise go unnoticed if you did not take the time to look for them therefore it was more than the words on the page. The novel holds a deeper meaning about a thin line between civilization and chaos that sparked thought. Even when I finished the book I still thought about it.
/Sara Boddorf, United States
It's a very nice and modern book. I like it for its universe and problems of people.
/Edith, Poland
Because it is not just a book you read and then throw out, you have to analyze it and if you do so, it turns out to be a magnificent work of art!! It's amazing how he put all those symbols in it. You are caught by the book from the moment you start reading it until you finish it.
/ Ma. Fernanda Rosales, Guatemala

Pincher Martin

It's really interesting and you can't keep your eyes off the pages of the book. I stayed up until 2 reading this book!
/Elizabeth, United States

The Inheritors

Golding has demonstrated here what few can or will ever do. Not because he has conveyed the consequences of miscommunication so perfectly, not because he makes us feel what it's like to see through the eyes of something that doesn't understand, not even for his mastery of language and imagination, but for understanding that we have inherited everything through the blood of innocence, and though that germ started with the Cro-Magnons and Neanderthals, it still resonates in each of us. Read it through until the very last line and you will come out a changed person. Read it again, and you will experience a new entelechy.
/Gordon Shean, Canada

The Spire

It is a vivid account of the addition of the spire to Salisbury Cathedral at the beginning of the 14th century and as well as painting a vivid historical picture it provides an account of political differences and intrigue which indicates that nothing has changed over the past 600 or so years, making it a very modern book.
/Timothy Byford, Serbia & Montenegro
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