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Book Tips - Joseph Brodsky

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1987 was awarded to Joseph Brodsky "for an all-embracing authorship, imbued with clarity of thought and poetic intensity".

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Collected Poems in English

Poems by Brodsky are just wonderful. Trying to find words to describe or assess them would damage them. I regret not to be able to read them in Russian.
/Florence, France

Less Than One

Brodsky had an exclusive attitude to language. He was a real master of word. His poetry is incredibly deep and brilliant.
/Irina, Ukraine
He finds in beauty a kind of ethics. He always talks about space, language and feelings retarding the moment to say something full of truth, giving you a surprise with ironic intelligence. I also like the way he talks about culture as the creation of humanity to feel less alone, to live with pain. I have learn a lot about how to enjoy lecture, poetry and love.
/J. Chávez, Spain
It demonstrates a broad range of knowledge and depth of thought from which any one can benefit.
/John Morrow, United States

On Grief and Reason

A seminal work. A gentle touch of irony and erudition have impacted the name essay and the whole text. Recommended for reading.
/Hasan Shibly, Bangladesh


Wise, deep, sad true words.
/Alex, Russia


Every word is inspiration.
/Catherine, Russia
I read this book because I heard it served as a travel guide to Venice, instead of that Brodsky offers us a very poetical book about what the city meant for him, how his understanding of the city grew through the years, coupled with his understanding of the human soul: why we seek endlessly for beauty, and where that takes us. This book turns out to be essentially about poetry, and what we should expect from art, and thus from life. I think it is wonderful.
/Gabriel Campero, Venezuela
Have you ever been in Venice? Well, after reading this masterly written little book - where one of the most creditable poets in our time is your wellread guide - you will be inevitable dreaming about the City on Water; the unique regalian architecture, the luscious gondolas, the thoughtprovoking reflections in the historically saturated canals ... It subtly widens your everyday life.
/A. A. Said, Uzbekistan
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