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Book Tips - Nadine Gordimer

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1991 was awarded to Nadine Gordimer "who through her magnificent epic writing has - in the words of Alfred Nobel - been of very great benefit to humanity".

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Get a Life

A brusque first short chapter plunges you immediately into the core of the story. A radiant man who does not shed light, as a saint with a shiny halo, but danger, a destructive substance harmful to all the others, including nature. Paul was diagnosed with cancer at thyroid gland and had to undergo a treatment that now makes him radioactive. He will stay away from his wife and child, at his parents' house, eating from paper plates with one-time cutlery to prevent anyone's infection. That his leftovers might be taken out of the bin by the black people who are hungry and have no clue of what that food might contain, is only his worry. Now, in isolation, in quarantine, he is left to think. About death, about his life, about humans who live a temporary life and only nature might outlive them. And even that comes with many ifs and is not for sure. He, as an environmentalist, knows that best.
/Raluca Batanoiu, Germany

July's People

This novel tells a vividly striking story in such a true fashion that it's surprising she isn't reliving a true event. A great examination of race and culture.
/Carlos Reiner, United States
It transports you to a world so frightenly realized, it easily could've happened. It also shows how human nature can bring bring us together even when the world is falling apart.
/Carlos, United States

Loot and Other Stories

The stories gives an impression about the life of people of Africa. Their hope, aspirations, dreams are reflected in the stories.
/Ananta, India

None to Accompany Me

Great understanding of human nature, of a culture, civilization and age.
/Felicia Luca, Romania

Six Feet of the Country

Ms. Gordimer skillfully portrays the myriad of emotions and dilemmas South Africans deal with in the wake of apartheid. This short story collection should be required reading for everyone!
/Kimberly Golden Malmgren, Sweden

Telling Times

Excellent and challenging use of the English language to describe and improve the political and racial systems in South Africa.
/Bernard Yablin (MD), United States

The Conservationist

As a Korean teenager familiar with the stories of gruesome Japanese colonialism, I focused on the distorted psychology of the conquerors: unjustified belief in their superiority over the conquered and their proprietorship of the land they stole. Such perverse logic infects their own soul as manifested in Mehring's distress and weak ego. Nadine silently captured the inner depravity of the conquerors, and thus the possibility of redemption.
/Nahae Kim, Korea,South
The beauty of South Africa so vivid you could run your fingers among the reeds. And the hero of so many merits but also with a terrifying weakness. A fantastic end.
/Joo, New Zealand
Nobody describes the banal and the everyday of what it was like to live during apartheid for white people. I can smell the landscape and the seasons when I read her.
/Carolize, South Africa

The Lying Days

Nobody describes the Highveld of South Africa and the Natal coast as she does.
/Carolize, South Africa

The Pickup

The subtle sense of failure in the novel is effectively encapsulated by the underlying angst of the migrant protagonist. What makes it interesting is the double instances we see the migrant caught in a dilemma in search of his modus vivendi, both in the host country and his own country. To me, the aspect which elevates the novel is Julie's feminine yet independent presence which lends an atmosphere of delicacy to the disturbed life of Abdu.
/Yi-Hui, Nicole Lin, Singapore
I returned to the U.S. after 9 years in French-speaking Quebec province, Canada. I empathise with people who must adjust to an alien culture. I still have to look up words that end in ise-ize.
/June Morse, United States
It's very human, realistic yet passionate. Interesting political issues in a beutiful love story.
/Cristina Bermúdez García, Spain
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