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The Nobel Prize in Literature 1996 was awarded to Wislawa Szymborska "for poetry that with ironic precision allows the historical and biological context to come to light in fragments of human reality".

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This is the definitive collection of Ms. Szymborska's poetry, and it does not disappoint. Wislawa Szymborska should be required reading for all human beings.
/Kenneth, United States
It explains a lot without hiding behind big words and phraseology.
/Hagai, Malawi

Miracle Fair

In the last 20 years it gave me so many happy hours. She is so modern and has such an honest voice. My favorite poem is 'The Onion'. I feel privileged some of her works are available in Hungarian as well. My Polish friends surprised me with an English-Polish bilingual book recently - so until further translations I have new poems available (sorry, but my Polish didn't improve too much despite I love her works).
/Marta, Hungary
This collection speaks to anyone and everyone, whether or not one likes poetry.
/Bogdan Tartanowicz, United States
I like her literature.
/Young-Gyun Lee, Korea,South
he poems are written with a clear and original voice.
/Elisabeth, United States
The poems are written with a clear and original voice.
/Elisabeth, United States

Nonrequired Reading (Lektury nadobowiazkowe)

Brilliant and engrossing.
/George Planavsky, United States

Poems, New and Collected

Highly intelligent piece of art. Original and unforgettable voice! Some poems of Mrs Szymborska will stay with you forever! She is a truly great poetess.
/Željko, Croatia
The poems, in translation from Polish, are excellent. The translators also got an award, by the way, they were so skilled at converting the poet's thoughts to English.
/F. Bruce, Other
Her poems are both enlightning and entertaining. And appropriate for any occasion - whether you are looking for comfort or a little bit of hope ... She herself is a mesmerizing individual ... I highly recommend it.
/Sylwia, United States
Is there anybody who could tell me that Szymborska's poems are not a must to read? Any poet or critic or simply any true lover of poetry is truly thankful to the Nobel Committee for having chosen her as a Laureate. She is a poet that will be appreciated and read forever and ever.
/Joel de Veyra, Germany

Sounds, Feelings, Thoughts

I can understand and be moved by the poetry, when I don't usually like poetry. I can recognize the feelings and laugh, smile wryly or feel the poignancy or importance.
/Carol Miernicki Steeg, Canada

That's Why We Are Alive (Dlatego żyjemy)

Beneath the tissue of mankind far from the mind, crossing the marrow of the simplicity, u'll find Szymbroska. Easily she will seep into your consciousness and peel your soul gently. Its lost fight, like a blind man who's fighting with the light. She gives hope. Just for living.
/Elad, Israel

The End and the Beginning (Koniec i poczatek)

Her poetry is amazing, every time I read it, I feel as if she is right beside me speaking about me ... It's hard to explain but her poetry touches my heart as a human being.
/Fabiola Noemí Carmona, Mexico

View with a Grain of Sand: Selected Poems

I could take her Hitler's First Photograph and write my Baby Slobodan's First Photograph. She mastered extended metaphore.
/Gerald Olson, United States
Clare Cavanagh's translations of Szymborska's poems are wonderful.
/Hannah, United States
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