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The Integrated Circuit - About

The Techville educational game and related reading are based on the 2000 Nobel Prize in Physics awarded for the invention of the integrated circuit.


First published: May 2003
Estimated play time: 25 min. +
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Techville Game

What is an integrated circuit?
How is an integrated circuit made?
What are integrated circuits used for?

Integrated circuits can be found in almost every modern electrical device; such as computers, cars, television sets, CD players, cell phones, and so on. But what is an integrated circuit and what is the history behind it? Learn about Nobel Laureate Jack Kilby and his part in the invention that is the basis of all modern technology.

In the beginning of this game you have to make the quiz consisting of four questions, otherwise you will not be able to move on in this game. The answers to the questions are found in the museum. As "Maria" you walk around in the fantasy town "Techville" in Texas. At some points you have to give the right answers or figure out something before you can move on. You will pass a portal that takes you back in time to Nobel Laureate Jack Kilby's lab in 1958, among other things. The challenge in this game is to make it to the end.

For instructions on how to play the game, click on the HELP button found at the bottom of the game window.

Reading: "The History of the Integrated Circuit "

Integrated Circuits
Electric Circuits
The Transistor vs. the Vacuum Tube
The Tyranny of Numbers
Jack Kilby's Chip - the Monolithic Idea
Robert Noyce
Chip Production Today - in Short
The Clean Room
Chip Production Today - in Detail
- Front End – Construction of the Components
The Evolution of the Integrated Circuit

Read "The History of the Integrated Circuit " »

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