Nobel Prize Dialogue


Join us for a series of frank conversations about the path to a world with improved wellbeing for all. Six inter-generational dialogues will bring together ideas from Nobel Prize laureates, international experts and young people from across the Asia-Pacific.


For information on the invite only sessions to the Nobel Prize Dialogue please see our FAQ.

Please note this programme is subject to change.

13 September 2022

Main session

12:00 - 12:15 SGT

Welcome and introduction to the dialogue

12:15 - 14:30 SGT

Wellbeing dialogues: Part I

Inter-generational dialogues to generate ideas of how to maximise wellbeing in each of six unique categories.


Our digital future

Featuring Serge Haroche, physics laureate 2012

How can digital technologies enhance healthcare? Can we reduce the harm that social media can have on teenagers? How do we combat misinformation online? We will discuss these questions and more in a session looking at our digital futures.


Wellbeing in the face of climate change

Featuring Steven Chu, physics laureate 1997

How are people in the Asia-Pacific being affected by climate change? What would climate justice look like? Can we remove carbon from the atmosphere? This discussion will look at how we can make an impact on a growing challenge.


Economic wellbeing

Featuring Paul Romer, economic sciences laureate 2018

How can we reduce inequality? What is the impact of youth unemployment? Can we tackle poverty traps for communities with little access to education? We ask how economic growth links to wellbeing.


14:30 - 15:00 SGT


15:00 - 17:00 SGT

Wellbeing dialogues: Part II

Inter-generational dialogues to generate ideas of how to maximise wellbeing in each of six unique categories.


Education and the future of youth

Featuring Esther Duflo, economic sciences laureate 2019

How does education differ around the Asia-Pacific? Can digital innovations enhance learning? What are the barriers to women’s education? How can education learn from experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic? Does education need to move beyond learning of facts?


Health after the pandemic

Featuring May-Britt Moser, medicine laureate 2014

How can we reduce health inequalities and increase access to healthcare? Should we be changing our diets to enhance our health? What public health interventions could save lives? We look at our future healthcare and the accompanying ethical challenges.


Pursuit of happiness

Featuring Angus Deaton, economic sciences laureate 2015

Is happiness something we should aspire to? How do perceptions of happiness vary around the Asia-Pacific? Do governments have a role in tackling the mental health crisis? Our final discussion takes on the topic of happiness.

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