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Exhibition: The Nobel Prize – Ideas Changing the World


Insuline syringe. Photo © The Nobel Museum.

The travelling exhibition The Nobel Prize – Ideas Changing the World opened at Science City in Ahmedabad. It will be shown 9 January-12 February 2017.

The exhibition tells the story about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, Nobel Prize Laureates and how Nobel Prize-awarded work has shaped and continues to change our world.

Five themes

The exhibition consists of five pavilions dealing with five different themes:

• The Nobel Prize provides an introduction to the Nobel Prize and its areas.

• Alfred Nobel presents Alfred Nobel, his inventions and industrial operations, and the background to his will.

• The Nobel Prize Over the Decades gives an overvew of the history of the Nobel Prize, and of the Laureates and their work.

• The Nobel Prize in Our Daily Lives demonstrates the link between Nobel Prize-awarded efforts and phenomena in everyday life.

• The Nobel Prize and the Future addresses the question of how Nobel Prize-awarded discoveries may affect the future and of what future Nobel Prizes may involve.

Exhibition hall.

Exhibition hall.Photo © The Nobel Museum. Photo: A. Busch

The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World uses unique objects and documents, original artistic interpretations, and advanced exhibition techniques. The exhibition visitors are able to explore the life of Alfred Nobel and the history of the Nobel Prize through his will, in a digital experience based on the iconic document itself. By using TAG (Touch Art Gallery) technology on screens, the visitor can translate the document, zoom-in on images, get additional facts and stories, and take interactive tours. The will experience is produced in collaboration with technology partner Microsoft and Brown University.


Flasks from Alfred Nobel's laboratory.

Flasks from Alfred Nobel's laboratory. Photo © The Nobel Museum.



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