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Nobel Prize Series India 2017 - Science Impacts Lives


On 9-13 January 2017, a programme of events, Nobel Prize Series, took place in India. The intention was to stimulate creative thinking, bringing together Nobel Laureates, other experts and lifelong learners. The events were held in several places in India, including Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Delhi and Bangalore.

This unique programme combined an exhibition, conference, lectures, roundtables and other meeting spaces. By sharing achievements and stories of Nobel Laureates with a global audience, this official Nobel programme aimed to inspire engagement in science, literature and peace in line with Alfred Nobel's vision.

The Nobel Prize Series India 2017 was produced in a unique partnership with the Department of Science and Technology (DST/DBT) under the personal patronage of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India.

Parts of Nobel Prize Series India 2017 took place in connection to the Vibrant Gujarat Summit, adding a special focus on innovation and education. The Vibrant Gujarat Summit, referred to by many as the “Davos of the East”, is a biennial event held for the 8th time in 2017.


Inauguration of the exhibition "The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World"

The travelling exhibition The Nobel Prize: Ideas Changing the World was inaugurated in the presence of Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India. The exhibition tells the story about Alfred Nobel, the Nobel Prize, Nobel Laureates and how Nobel Prize-awarded achievements have shaped and continue to change our world.

Dialogue with focus on Innovation and Education

The dialogue brought together a unique constellation of Nobel Laureates, world-leading experts and key opinion leaders who met participants for a day of discussions on a topic of global concern from various angles such as scientific, societal, economic and ethical. The doors were open to anyone, scientist or not, to engage in a dialogue for connection and knowledge sharing.

Executive round table

An Executive round table meeting was arranged featuring a dialogue between a number of business profiles and elite researchers as well as Nobel Laureates on a decided theme. The dialogue was a closed session without audience, enabling an open and animated discussion where all participants took active part.

Q&A moderated sessions

Q&A moderated sessions with Nobel Laureates took place in two cities as part of Nobel Prize Series India 2017. In Delhi the session was at Nehru Memorial Museum and Library on the theme: "Strengthening ties between science, government and industry – a recipe for innovation?". In Bengaluru the session was at ITC Gardenia Bengaluru on the theme: "Strengthening ties between science, government and industry – a recipe for innovation?".

Student lectures and round tables at universities

Student initiatives took place where Nobel Laureates met and inspired tomorrow's pioneers through intergenerational dialogue. Local universities in Gandhinagar (Gujarat), Bangalore and Delhi were visited by a Nobel Laureate who held an inspirational lecture to a large audience, conducted a face-to-face discussion with a limited group of students and engaged in a meeting with faculty.



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