Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates
Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

About Us

Panel on stage. Photo: Niklas Elmehed


Nobel Week Dialogue is organised by Nobel Media AB and the Nobel Center Foundation.

The programme for the meetings is overseen by a Programme Committee formed of the following representatives:
• Professor Lars Bergström, Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Physics
• Professor Gunnar von Heijne, Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Chemistry
• Professor Sara Danius, Secretary of the Nobel Committee for Literature
• Professor Olav Njølstad, Secretary of the Norwegian Nobel Committee
• Professor Torsten Persson, Secretary of the Economic Sciences Prize Committee
• Lars Heikensten, Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation
• Mattias Fyrenius, CEO, Nobel Media AB
• Adam Smith, Editorial Director, Nobel Media AB

About Nobel Media AB

Nobel Media AB develops and manages programs, productions and media rights of the Nobel Prize within the areas of digital and broadcast media, publishing and events. The company spreads knowledge about the Nobel Prize awarded achievements and shares the Nobel Laureates' inspirational stories with a global audience. Included in the company's media portfolio are (the official web site of the Nobel Prize), global series of educational events featuring Nobel Laureates, the Nobel Prize Concert and the production of official television programs such as The Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies in Stockholm and Oslo, The Nobel Banquet, Nobel Documentaries and Nobel Minds. Through the web site and programs, tens of millions of web users and viewers are reached all over the world.

About Nobel Center Foundation

In 2011, the ancient plans to build a worthy residence for the activities spawned by Alfred Nobel's legacy got new life through the project of building a Nobel Center on Blasieholmen in Stockholm. A central part of the Nobel Center project structure is the charitable Nobel Center Foundation. Its purpose is to promote scientific research, education and information activities. To that end it will conduct exhibitions, seminars, conferences, and school programs, all aimed at spreading knowledge and inspiration related to science, literature and peace. The Nobel Center Foundation works in interaction with the company that will construct the Nobel Center building: Nobelhuset AB.


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