What do I need to use the Video Player?

The videos should play on most browsers and on most mobile phones. To experience the Media Player to its fullest extent, JavaScript support should be turned on since AJAX is used.

How do I select the format in which to view videos?

This is detected automatically and the video will be played in a format suitable for your device.

What are the bandwidth requirements to view a video?

You will be able to view videos adequately from a 56 Kbps connection, though as you imagine the quality will increase with higher bandwidth. For optimum quality use a 500 Kbps (0.5 Mbps) connection. Note that even with a fast connection high traffic on the Internet may reduce video quality.

Why can't I see the video clips?

On some networks (often corporate networks) video transmissions may be blocked. If you cannot see any of our video clips, you may want to contact your network administrator to see whether a security firewall is blocking video transmission.

Why do video clips sometimes stop or pause?

The most common cause of a pause or stop is Internet traffic congestion. The videos at are provided for several bandwidths and the player negotiate with our server on what quality can be transmitted with the current bandwidth between us. Sometimes this is not sufficient or there are fluctuations in the available bandwidth that causes too little data to reach the player. When the buffer runs out the video pauses until enough data is received.

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