Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

List of Laureates Attending the Centennial Celebrations in Stockholm

(according to nationality)

Doherty, Peter C., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1996

de Duve, Christian, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1974
Prigogine, Ilya, Viscount, Chemistry, 1977

Polanyi, John C., Professor, Chemistry, 1986
Taylor, Richard E., Professor, Physics, 1990

Skou, Jens Chr., Professor, Chemistry, 1997

Federal Republic of Germany
Bednorz, Georg J., Dr, Physics, 1987
Binnig, Gerd, Dr, Physics, 1986
Blobel, Günter, Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1999
Deisenhofer, Johann, Dr, Chemistry, 1988
Eigen, Manfred, Professor, Chemistry, 1967
Grass, Günter, Dr, Literature, 1999
Huber, Robert, Professor, Chemistry, 1988
Klitzing, Klaus von, Professor, Physics, 1985
Michel, Hartmut, Dr, Chemistry, 1988
Mössbauer, Rudolf L., Professor, Physics, 1961
Neher, Erwin, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1991
Nüsslein-Volhard, Christiane, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1995
Sakmann, Bert, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1991
Selten, Reinhard, Professor, Economic Sciences, 1994
Störmer, Horst L., Professor, Physics, 1998

Charpak, Georges, Professor, Physics, 1992
Cohen-Tannoudji, Claude, Professor, Physics, 1997
Gao, Xingjian, Mr, Literature, 2000
Jacob, François, Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1965
Lehn, Jean-Marie, Professor, Chemistry, 1987

Great Britain and Argentina
Milstein, César, Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1984

Sen, Amartya, Professor, Economic Sciences, 1998

Heaney, Seamus, Professor, Literature, 1995

Fo, Dario, Mr, Literature, 1997
Rubbia, Carlo, Professor, Physics, 1984

Esaki, Leo, Dr, Physics, 1973
Oe, Kenzaburo, Mr, Literature, 1994
Shirakawa, Hideki, Professor, Chemistry, 2000
Tonegawa, Susumu, Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1987

Saramago, José, Mr, Literature, 1998

Alferov, Zhores I., Professor, Physics, 2000

Saint Lucia
Walcott, Derek, Mr, Literature, 1992

South Africa
Gordimer, Nadine, Ms, Literature, 1991

Carlsson, Arvid, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 2000
Samuelsson, Bengt, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1982
Siegbahn, M. Kai, Professor, Physics, 1981
Wiesel, Torsten N., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1981

Arber, Werner, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1978
Ernst, Richard R., Professor, Chemistry, 1991
Müller, K. Alexander, Professor, Physics, 1987
Rohrer, Heinrich, Dr, Physics, 1986
Zinkernagel, Rolf M., MD, Physiology or Medicine, 1996

the Netherlands
Crutzen, Paul, Professor, Chemistry, 1995
't Hooft, Gerardus, Professor, Physics, 1999
Veltman, Martinus, Professor, Physics, 1999

Anderson, Philip W., Professor, Physics, 1977
Arrow, Kenneth J., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1972
Axelrod, Julius, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1970
Baltimore, David, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1975
Becker, Gary S., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1992
Benacerraf, Baruj, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1980
Berg, Paul, Professor, Chemistry, 1980
Bishop, J. Michael, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1989
Bloembergen, Nicolaas, Professor, Physics, 1981
Blumberg, Baruch S., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1976
Brown, Herbert C., Professor, Chemistry, 1979
Brown, Michael S., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1985
Cech, Thomas R., Professor, Chemistry, 1989
Chu, Steven, Professor, Physics, 1997
Cooper, Leon N., Professor, Physics, 1972
Corey, Elias James, Professor, Chemistry, 1990
Curl, Robert F., Professor, Chemistry, 1996
Edelman, Gerald M., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1972
Fitch, Val L., Professor, Physics, 1980
Fogel, Robert W., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1993
Friedman, Jerome I., Professor, Physics, 1990
Friedman, Milton, Professor, Economic Sciences, 1976
Furchgott, Robert F., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1998
Gajdusek, D. Carleton, Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1976
Gell-Mann, Murray, Professor, Physics, 1969
Giaever, Ivar, Professor, Physics, 1973
Gilbert, Walter, Professor, Chemistry, 1980
Gilman, Alfred G., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1994
Glaser, Donald A., Professor, Physics, 1960
Glashow, Sheldon Lee, Professor, Physics, 1979
Goldstein, Joseph L., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1985
Greengard, Paul, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 2000
Hauptman, Herbert A., Professor, Chemistry, 1985
Heckman, James J., Professor, Economic Sciences, 2000
Heeger, Alan J., Professor, Chemistry, 2000
Herschbach, Dudley R., Professor, Chemistry, 1986
Hulse, Russell A., Dr, Physics, 1993
Ignarro, Louis J., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1998
Kandel, Eric R., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 2000
Karle, Jerome, Professor, Chemistry, 1985
Klein, Lawrence R., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1980
Kohn, Walter, Professor, Chemistry, 1998
Kornberg, Arthur, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1959
Krebs, Edwin G., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1992
Lamb Jr, Willis E., Professor, Physics, 1955
Laughlin, Robert B., Professor, Physics, 1998
Lederberg, Joshua, Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1958
Lederman, Leon M., Professor, Physics, 1988
Lee, David M., Professor, Physics, 1996
Lee, Tsung-Dao, Dr, Physics, 1957
Lee, Yuan T., Professor, Chemistry, 1986
Lewis, Edward B., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1995
Lipscomb, William N., Professor, Chemistry, 1976
MacDiarmid, Alan G., Professor, Chemistry, 2000
Marcus, Rudolph A., Professor, Chemistry, 1992
McFadden, Daniel L., Professor, Economic Sciences, 2000
Merrifield, Bruce, Professor, Chemistry, 1984
Merton, Robert C., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1997
Molina, Mario J., Professor, Chemistry, 1995
Mullis, Kary B., Dr, Chemistry, 1993
Mundell, Robert A., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1999
Murad, Ferid, Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1998
Murray, Joseph E., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1990
Nash, John F., Dr, Economic Sciences, 1994
Nirenberg, Marshall W., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1968
North, Douglass C., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1993
Olah, George A., Professor, Chemistry, 1994
Osheroff, Douglas D., Professor, Physics, 1996
Penzias, Arno A., Dr, Physics, 1978
Phillips, William D., Dr, Physics, 1997
Prusiner, Stanley B., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1997
Richardson, Robert C., Professor, Physics, 1996
Richter, Burton, Professor, Physics, 1976
Rowland, F. Sherwood, Professor, Chemistry, 1995
Samuelson, Paul A., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1970
Schally, Andrew V., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1977
Scholes, Myron S., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1997
Schrieffer, J. Robert, Professor, Physics, 1972
Schwartz, Melvin, Professor, Physics, 1988
Sharp, Phillip A., Ph. D., Physiology or Medicine, 1993
Sharpe, William F., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1990
Smith, Hamilton O., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1978
Solow, Robert M., Professor, Economic Sciences, 1987
Steinberger, Jack, Professor, Physics, 1988
Taube, Henry, Professor, Chemistry, 1983
Taylor, Joseph H., Professor, Physics, 1993
Ting, Samuel C.C., Professor, Physics, 1976
Townes, Charles H., Professor, Physics, 1964
Tsui, Daniel C., Professor, Physics, 1998
Varmus, Harold E., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1989
Watson, James D., Ph. D., Physiology or Medicine, 1962
Weinberg, Steven, Professor, Physics, 1979
Weller, Thomas H., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1954
Wieschaus, Eric F., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1995
Wilson, Robert W., Dr, Physics, 1978

U.S.A. and Canada
Altman, Sidney, Professor, Chemistry, 1989

U.S.A. and Egypt
Zewail, Ahmed H., Professor, Chemistry, 1999

U.S.A. and Switzerland
Fischer, Edmond H., Professor, Physiology or Medicine, 1992

United Kingdom
Black, James W., Professor, Sir, Physiology or Medicine, 1988
Hewish, Antony, Professor, Physics, 1974
Huxley, Andrew, Professor, Sir, Physiology or Medicine, 1963
Josephson, Brian D., Professor, Physics, 1973
Klug, Aaron, Sir, Professor, Chemistry, 1982
Kroto, Harold W., Sir, Chemistry, 1996
Mirrlees, James A., Professor, Sir, Economic Sciences, 1996
Pople, John A., Professor, Chemistry, 1998
Roberts, Richard J., Dr, Physiology or Medicine, 1993
Sanger, Frederick, Dr, Chemistry, 1958
Walker, John E., Sir, Chemistry, 1997
Vane, John R., Sir, Physiology or Medicine, 1982

(List of Laureates according to Prize)

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