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Press Release - Annual Meeting of the Trustees of the Nobel Foundation


The 2001 Financial Management of the Nobel Foundation

At their meeting today, the Trustees of the Nobel Foundation approved the 2001 financial statements of the Foundation:

  • The market value of the Foundation's invested capital amounted to SEK 3,698 m (3,894). Total return on assets - growth in Foundation assets after adding back the year's disbursements - amounted to -2.2 percent (2.2).

  • Net assets, that is, the market value of equity calculated as invested capital at market value adjusted for other balance sheet items, changed during the year by -5.4 percent (-0.2).

  • The Foundation's stock portfolio, which amounted to SEK 2,533 m at year-end, was reduced by 5.6 percent during 2001. The annual average for the last five years' return on assets is 16.0 percent, exceeding a weighted comparative index by 2.4 percentage points per annum.

  • Each of the 2002 Nobel Prizes (Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace) will amount to SEK 10.0 m (10.0). The total amount of all five Nobel Prizes is SEK 50.0 m. In addition, the Bank of Sweden (Sveriges Riksbank) Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, will amount to SEK 10.0 m.

Changes in the Trustees of the Nobel Foundation

The Trustees of the Nobel Foundation elected Kerstin Fredga, Professor of Astrophysical Space Research at the Royal Institute of Technology, as their new Chairman. Professor Fredga is Chairman of the Alfvén Laboratory Board at the Royal Institute of Technology. She has, among other positions, served as President of The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, 1994-96.

Professor Fredga succeeds Torvard C. Laurent, Professor Emeritus in Medical and Physiological Chemistry at the Uppsala Biomedical Center.

Stockholm, April 26, 2002

THE NOBEL FOUNDATION / Michael Sohlman, Executive Director


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