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Annual Meeting of the Trustees of the Nobel Foundation

The 2008 Financial Management of the Nobel Foundation

On Friday, April 24, the Trustees of the Nobel Foundation approved the 2008 financial statements of the Foundation:

  • On December 31, 2008, the market value of the Foundation's invested capital amounted to SEK 2,834 m. Total return on equity (growth in Foundation assets after adding back the year's disbursements) amounted to –19.0 (4.7) per cent.

  • Net assets, that is, the market value of equity calculated as invested capital at market value adjusted for other balance sheet items, changed by –22.3 (1.5) per cent.

  • The 2009 Nobel Prizes were set at SEK 10.0 m per Prize (Physics, Chemistry, Physiology or Medicine, Literature and Peace). The total amount of all five Nobel Prizes is SEK 50.0 m. In addition, the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel will amount to SEK 10.0 m.

As their new chairperson the Trustees of the Nobel Foundation elected Professor Barbara Cannon, succeeding Kaci Kullmann Five.

The Board of Directors of the Nobel Foundation 2009-2010 consists of:

Mr Marcus Storch, MD h.c., Chairman
Professor Gunnar Öquist, Vice-Chairman
Mr Michael Sohlman
Professor Peter Englund (succeeding Professor Horace Engdahl)
Mr Tomas Nicolin (succeeding Ekon. dr h.c. Jacob Wallenberg)
Mrs Kaci Kullmann Five (succeeding Professor Ole D. Mjøs)
Professor Göran K. Hansson (succeeding Professor Hans Jörnvall)


Professor Bo Sundqvist
Professor Astrid Gräslund


Stockholm, April 24, 2009

THE NOBEL FOUNDATION / Michael Sohlman, Executive Director

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