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Nobel Symposia – Physiology or Medicine

The Nobel Foundation's Symposium program was initiated in 1965. Since that time more than a hundred symposia have taken place. The symposia are devoted to areas of science where breakthroughs are occurring or deal with other topics of primary cultural or social significance. The symposia contributions are eventually published in book or other print format.

A selection of the Nobel Symposia in Physiology or Medicine with cover, table of contents and other info:
Systems Biology
2009, NS 146
Understanding the Uniqueness of the Human Mind: Neuro-Science of Complex Cognition
2010, NS 145
The Cell Cycle and Apoptosis in Disease
2010, NS 144
Genetics in Medicine
2010, NS 143
Acute Infections Caused by Gram-positive Bacteria
2009, NS 140
Genes, Brain and Behavior
2008, NS 137
The Adipocyte: A Multifunctional Cell
2006, NS 134
Alfred Nobel Symposium: Energy in Cosmos, Molecules and Life
2005, NS 132
Epigenetic Reprogramming in Development and Disease
2004, NS 128
Septicemia and Shock: Pathogenesis and Novel Therapeutic Strategies
2003, NS 124
2003, NS 121
Beyond Genes
2001, NCS 2001-3 (with videos on-demand)
Global HIV Therapeutics - HIV Vaccines
2001, NS 119
Prevention and Treatment of Tuberculosis in the Coming Century
2000, NS 114
Estrogens and Women's Health - Benefit or Threat?
1999, NS 113
Schizophrenia: Pathophysiological Mechanisms
1998, NS 111
Intracellular and Persistent Infections
1998, NS 106
Towards an Understanding of Integrative Brain Functions. Analyses at Multiple Levels
1997, NS 103 (with abstracts)
Functional Organization of the Eukaryotic Cell Nucleus
1996, NS 100 (with abstracts)
The Nature - Nurture Controversy
1996, NS 94
Control of Embryonic Development
1991, NJS 91-3
Mitochondrial Diseases
1994, NS 90
Individual Development in a Lifespan Perspective
1994, NS 89
Toward a Molecular Basis of Alcohol Use and Abuse
1993, NS 86
Biological Function of the Gangliosides
1992, NS 83
Etiology of Human Disease at the DNA Level
1990, NS 80


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