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 Functional Organization of the Eukaryotic Cell Nucleus
(1996, NS 100)
Peter Cook, Angus Lamond, Nils Ringertz
September 3-6, Grand Hotel, Saltsjöbaden, and
Nobel Forum, Stockholm
Proceedings: Peter Cook, Angus Lamond, Nils Ringertz, published in the journal EXPERIMENTAL CELL RESEARCH (1996) vol 229, no 2 / (1997) vol 230, no 1 /(1997) vol 231, no 1, Academic Press, Inc, San Diego, California, USA

ISSN 0014-4827/96
ISSN 0014-4827/97


Table of Contents (with links to abstracts)
The Topology of Transcription by Immobilized Polymerases 
Francisco J. Iborra, Ana Pombo, John McManus, Dean A. Jackson, and Peter R. Cook
Dynamic Changes in Nuclear Architecture during Mitosis: On the Role of Protein Phosphorylation in Spindle Assembly and Chromosome Segregation
Erich A. Nigg, Anne Blangy, and Heidi A. Lane
Yeast Pre-mRNA is Composed of Two Populations with Distinct Kinetic Properties 
David J. Elliot and Michael Rosbash
Nuclear Organization and Gene Expression 
David L. Spector
The Metaphase Chromosome as a Reporter of Nuclear Activity
Wendy Bickmore
(No abstract available)
The Localization of Sites Containing Nascent RNA and Splicing Factors 
Ana Pombo and Peter R. Cook
Regulatory Roles of the Nuclear Envelope
R.A. Laskey, D. Görlich, M.A. Madine, J.P.S. Makkerh, and P. Romanowski
Genetic Analysis of Macromolecular Transport across the Nuclear Envelope 
A. Corbett, P. Ferrigno, M. Henry, J. Kahana, D. Koepp, M. Lee, L. Nguyen, G. Schlenstedt, M. Seedorf, E. Shen, T. Taura, D. Wong, and P. Silver
Ultrastructure of the Nucleus in Relation to Transcription and Splicing: Roles of Perichromatin Fibrils and Interchromatin Granules
Edmond Puvion and Francine Puvion-Dutilleul
Trans-Acting Factors in Ribosome Synthesis
David Tollervey
Nuclear Organization of Adenovirus RNA Biogenesis
Eileen Bridge and Ulf Pettersson

(No abstract available)
Processing of Pre-mRNA in Polytene Nuclei of Chironomus tentans Salivary Gland Cells
Lars Wieslander, Göran Baurén, Kerstin Bernholm, Wei-Qin Jiang, and Ingela Wetterberg
The Topography of Chromosomes and Genes in the Nucleus 
Maria Carmo-Fonseca, Celso Cunha, Noélia Custódio, Celia Carvalho, Peter Jordan, João Ferreira, and Leonor Parrira
The PML and PML/RAR alpha Domains: From Autoimmunity to Molecular Oncology and from Retinoic Acid to Arsenic 
Chantal Andre, Marie Claude Guillemin, Jun Zhu, Marcel H. M. Koken, Frédérique Quignon, Laurence Herve, Mounira K. Chelbi-Alix, Daniel Dhumeaux, Zeng Yi Wang, Laurent Degos, Zhu Chen, and Hugues De The
Transportin: Nuclear Transport Receptor of a Novel Nuclear Protein Import Pathway 
Sara Nakielny, Mikiko C. Siomi, Haruhiko Stomi, W. Matthew Michael, Victoria Pollard, and Gideon Dreyfuss
The Nucleoskeleton and Attached Activities 
Pavel Hozak
Expression of the Meiosis-Specific Synaptonemal Complex Protein 1 in a Heterologous System Results in the Formation of Large Protein Structures
Li Yuan, Eva Brundell, and Christer Höög
More Sm snRNAs from Vertebrate Cells 
Yi-Tao Yu, Woan-Yuh Tarn, Therese A. Yario, and Joan A. Steitz
Repression of RNA Polymerase II and III Transcription during M Phase of the Cell Cycle 
Anne Leresche, Veronica J. Wolf, and Joel M. Gottesfeld
Intranuclear Redistribution of SV40T, p53, and PML in a Conditionally SV40T-Immortalized Cell Line 
Wei-Qin Jiang, Laszlo Szekely, George Klein, and Nils Ringertz
Inhibition of Protein Dephosphorylation Results in the Accumulation of Splicing snRNPs and Coiled Bodies within the Nucleolus 
Carole E. Lyon, Kerstin Bohmann, Judith Sleeman, and Angus I. Lamond
Quantitative Digital Analysis of Diffuse and Concentrated Nuclear Distributions of Nascent Transcripts, SC35 and Poly(A)
Frederic S. Fay, Krishan L. Taneja, Shailesh Shenoy, Lawrence Lifshitz, and Robert H. Singer


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