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 Etiology of Human Disease at the DNA Level
(1990, NS 80)
Jan Lindsten, Ulf Petterson, Peter Reichard
June 11-14, Björkborn Manor, Karlskoga
Proceedings: Jan Lindsten, Ulf Petterson: Etiology of Human
Disease at the DNA Level (1991), Lippincott-Raven Publishers, Philadelphia, USA

(no longer in print)


Table of Contents  
Preface xi
Mapping of Human Disease Traits
Linkage Genetics in Humans: Origins and Prospects
David Botstein
The Genetics of Colorectal Cancer at the Somatic and Germ Line Levels
Walter F. Bodmer
Databases to Serve the Genome Program and the Medical Genetics Community
P. L. Pearson, R. Lucier, and C. Brunn
The Role of Homeotic and Other Development-Regulating Genes in the Molecular Genetics of Human Malformations
Robert Williamson and Debra J. Wolgemuth
Molecular Characterization of Genetic Defects
Searching for Dystrophin Gene Deletions in Patients with Atypical Presentations
Louis M. Kunkel, Judith R. Snyder, Alan H. Beggs, Frederick M. Boyce, and Chris A. Feener
The Proteins of Blood Coagulation and Their Genes
Earl W. Davie
DNA Markers in Neurogenetic Disorders
James F. Gusella
Genetic Predisposition to Type I Diabetes Mellitus: The Role of Gene Products of the Major Histocompatibility Complex
Hugh O. McDevitt
Multigenic Disorders
Diabetes Mellitus: Identification of Susceptibility Genes
Graeme I. Bell, Song-hua Wu, Marsha Newman, Stefan S. Fajans, Mitsuko Seino, Susumo Seino, and Nancy J. Cox
Genetic Control of Plasma Fibrinogen Levels: An Example of Gene-Environment Interaction in the Etiology of a Multifactorial Disorder
Stephen E. Humphries, Fiona R. Green, Angela E. Thomas, Cecily H. Kelleher, and Tom W. Meade
The Low-Density Lipoprotein Receptor: A Key for Unlocking a Multifactorial Disease
Joseph L. Goldstein and Michael S. Brown
Gene Replacement
Gene Transfer and Gene Therapy: Principles, Prospects, and Perspective
Richard C. Mulligan
Mutating Genes in the Germ Line of Mice
Rudolf Jaenisch
Gene Replacement Therapy: Human and Animal Model Progress
Denis Cournoyer, Maurizio Scarpa, Kateri A. Moore,Frederick A. Fletcher,
Grant R. MacGregor, John W. Belmont, and C. Thomas Caskey
Altering Genes in Animals and Humans
Oliver Smithies
Creating Mice with Specific Mutations by Gene Targeting
Mario R. Capecchi
Diagnosis and Therapy
Diagnosis of Genetic Disease in Preimplantation Embryos
Marilyn Monk
Marrow Transplantation as a Model System for Correction of Genetic Disease
Richard J. O'Reilly
Gene Mapping by Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization and Digital Imaging Microscopy
David C. Ward, Peter Lichter, Ann Boyle, Antonio Baldini, Joan Menninger, and S. Gwyn Ballard
Subject Index 305


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