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Biological Function of the Gangliosides
(1992, NS 83)
Lars Svennerholm
August 2-6, IBM Nordic Education Center, Elfvik, Lidingö
Proceedings: Lars Svennerholm and others: Progress in Brain Research. Biological Function of Gangliosides (1994), Elsevier Science Ltd., Amsterdam, The Netherlands

ISBN 0-444-81658-5 (vol)
ISBN 0-444-80104-9 (series)


Table of Contents  
List of Contributors V
Preface IX
Designation and schematic structure of gangliosides and allied glycosphingolipids
Lars Svennerholm, Sweden
Adhesion and counteradhesion: morphogenetic functions of the cell surface
(Plenary lecture)
Gerald Edelman, USA
Section I - Structure and Metabolism of Gangliosides
Ganglioside metabolism: enzymology, topology and regulation
Konrad Sandhoff and Gerhild van Echten, Germany
Development regulation of ganglioside metabolism
Robert K. Yu, USA
New mass spectral approaches to ganglioside structure determinations
Catherine E. Costello, Peter Juhasz, and Hélène Perreault, USA
Principles of glycosphingolipid-oligosaccharide constitution
Herbert Wiegandt, Germany
Section II - Gangliosides in Neuronal Differentiation and Development
Ganglioside turnover and neural cells function: a new perspective
Guido Tettamanti and Laura Riboni, Italy
Gangliosides as modulators of neuronal calcium
Gusheng Wu and Robert W. Ledeen, USA
Cell adhesion molecule (NCAM and N-cadherin)-dependent neurite outgrowth is modulated by gangliosides
Frank S. Walsh, Stephen D. Skaper and Patrick Doherty, UK and Italy
Significance of ganglioside-mediated glycosignal transduction in neuronal differentiation and development
Yoshitaka Nagai and Shuichi Tsuji, Japan
Ca2+-ganglioside-interaction in neuronal differentiation and development
Hinrich Rahmann, Harald Rösner, Karl-Heinz Körtje, Heinz Beitinger and V. Seybold, Germany
Section III - Receptor and Cell Surface Activities of Gangliosides
A GMl-Ganglioside-binding protein in rat brain
Donald A. Siegel and Kunihiko Suzuki, USA
Receptors for cholera toxin and Escherichia coli heat-labile enterotoxin revisited
Jan Holmgren, Sweden
Carbohydrate ligands of leukocyte adhesion molecules and their therapeutic potential
James C. Paulson, USA
Receptors for gangliosides and related glycosphingolipids on central and peripheral nervous system cell membranes
Ronald L. Schnaar, James A. Mahoney, Patti Swank-Hill, Michael Tiemeyer and
Leila K. Needham, USA
Section IV - Gangliosides and Cancer
Potential of genetically engineered anti-ganglioside GD2 antibodies for cancer immunotherapy
Ralph A. Reisfeld, Barbara M. Mueller, Rupert Handgretinger, Alice L. Yu and
Stephen D. Gillies, USA
Detection of glioma-associated gangliosides GM2, GD2, GD3, 3'-isoLM1 and 3',6'-isoLD1 in central nervous system tumors in vitro and in vivo using epitope-defined monoclonal antibodies
C.J. Wikstrand, P. Fredman, L. Svennerholm and D.D. Bigner, USA and Sweden
Gangliosides associated with primary brain tumors and their expression in cell lines established from these tumors
Pam Fredman, Sweden
Role of gangliosides in tumor progression
Sen-itiroh Hakomori, USA
Tumor gangliosides as targets for active specific immunotherapy of melanoma in man
Donald L. Morton, Mepur H. Ravindranath and Reiko F. Irie, USA
Section V - Gangliosides and Peripheral Neuropathies
Gangliosides and peripheral neuropathies: an overview
Arthur K. Asbury, USA
The structure of human anti-ganglioside antibodies
Donald M. Marcus and Nanping Weng, USA
Antibodies to glycoconjugates in neuropathy and motor
neuron disease Norman Latov, USA
Gangliosides and related glycoconjugates in myelin: relationship to peripheral neuropathies
A.J. Steck, D. Burger, S. Picasso, T. Kuntzer. E. Nardelli and M. Schluep, Switzerland and Italy
Antiglycolipid antibodies and peripheral neuropathies: links to pathogenesis
John W. Griffin, USA
Section Vl - Gangliosides and Functional Recovery of Injured Nervous System
CNS Pharmacology of gangliosides
Giancarlo Pepeu, Barbara Oderfeld-Nowak and Fiorella Casamenti, Italy and Poland
Cooperative effects of gangliosides on trophic factor-induced neuronal cell recovery and synaptogenesis: studies in rodents and subhuman primates
A. Claudio Cuello, Lorella Garofalo, Paolo Liberini and Dusica Maysinger, Canada
Gangliosides in the protection against glutamate excitotoxicity
E. Costa, D.M. Armstrong, A. Guidotti, A. Kharlamov, L. Kiedrowski, H. Manev,
A. Polo and J.T. Wroblewski, USA and Italy
Clinical approaches to dementia
Guy M. McKhann, USA
Neuropathological changes in Alzheimer disease
Robert D. Terry, USA
Ganglioside loss is a primary event in Alzheimer disease Type 1
Lars Svennerholm, Sweden
Subject Index 405


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