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Nobel Symposia – Peace

The Nobel Foundation's Symposium program was initiated in 1965. Since that time more than a hundred symposia have taken place. The symposia are devoted to areas of science where breakthroughs are occurring or deal with other topics of primary cultural or social significance. The symposia contributions are eventually published in book or other print format.

A selection of the Nobel Symposia in Peace with cover, table of contents and other info:
Twenty Years of International Relations
2011, NS 150
Peace, Stability and Nuclear Order: Theoretical Assumptions, Historical Experiences, Future Challenges
2009, NS 142
The United States and Europe: Cooperation and Conflicts, Past, Present and Future
2007, NS 136
A Human Rights Approach to Development and the Right to Development 
2003, NS 125
From Conflict Escalation to Conflict Transformation: The Cold War in the 1980s 
2002, NS 122
The Conflicts of the 20th Century and the Solutions for the 21st Century 
2001, NCS 2001-5 (with videos on-demand)
A Future Arms Control Agenda 
1999, NS 118
Reviewing the Cold War: Approaches, Interpretations, Theory 
1998, NS 107
No End to Alliance 
1997, NS 105
Nationalism and Internationalism in the post-Cold War Era 
1997, NS 102
The Carter Administration, the Brezhnev Politburo and the Fall of Détente 
1995, NS 95
Democracy's Victory and Crisis 
1994, NS 93
Beyond the Cold War: New Dimensions in International Relations 
1991, NJS 91-5
The Fall of Great Powers: Stability, Peace and Legitimacy 
1993, NS 87


Other Nobel Symposia:
Physiology or Medicine
Economic Sciences

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