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Nobel Symposia – Physics

The Nobel Foundation's Symposium program was initiated in 1965. Since that time more than a hundred symposia have taken place. The symposia are devoted to areas of science where breakthroughs are occurring or deal with other topics of primary cultural or social significance. The symposia contributions are eventually published in book or other print format.

A selection of the Nobel Symposia in Physics with cover, table of contents and other info:
Chemistry and Physics of Heavy and Superheavy Elements
2016, NS 160
New forms of Matter - Topological Insulators and Superconductors
2014, NS 156
Large Hadron Collider
2013, NS 154
Nanoscale Energy Converters
2012, NS 153
Physics with Radioactive Beams
2012, NS 152
Graphene and Quantum Matter
2010, NS 148
Qubits for Future Quantum Information
2009, NS 141
Physics of Planetary Systems 
2007, NS 135
Cosmic Chemistry and Molecular Astrophysics 
2006, NS 133
Alfred Nobel Symposium: Energy in Cosmos, Molecules and Life 
2005, NS 132
Neutrino Physics 
2004, NS 129
String Theory and Cosmology 
2003, NS 127
Condensation and Coherence in Condensed Systems 
2001, NCS 2001-1 (with contributions in pdf-format)
The Physics and Chemistry of Clusters 
2000, NS 117
Quantum Chaos 
2000, NS 116
Particle Physics and the Universe 
1998, NS 109
Modern Studies of Basic Quantum Concepts and Phenomena 
1997, NS 104
Heterostructures in Semiconductors 
1996, NS 99
Barred Galaxies and Circumnuclear Activity 
1995, NS 98
Low Dimensional Properties of Solids 
1991, NJS 91-1
Particle Traps and Related Fundamental Physics 
1994, NS 91
Heavy Ion Spectroscopy and QED Effects in Atomic Systems 
1992, NS 85
The Birth and Early Evolution of Our Universe 
1990, NS 79


Other Nobel Symposia:
Physiology or Medicine
Economic Sciences

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