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Nobel Jubilee Symposia, 1991

Low Dimensional Properties of Solids
(1991, NJS 91-1)
Tord Claeson
December 1991, Göteborg
Proceedings: M. Jonson and Tord Claeson: Low Dimensional
Properties of Solids, Physica Scripta (1992), Stockholm, Sweden / World Scientific Publishing, Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore

ISSN 0281-1847
ISBN 91-87308-96-7


Table of Contents  
T. Claeson and M. Jonson
Critical issues in the theory of high temperature superconductivity
J. R. Schrieffer
Breaking the log-jam in many-body physics: Fermi surfaces without Fermi liquids
P. W. Anderson
High-temperature superconductivity - state of the research: experiments
K. A. Müller
Incommensurate modulation of the Bi-2223 superconducting phase observed by direct-method electron diffraction analysis
Y. D. Mo, T. Z. Cheng, H. F. Fan, J. Q. Li, B. D. Sha, C. D. Zheng, F. H. Li and Z. X. Zhao
Flux dynamics and irreversibility in YBa2Cu3O7 with Y2BaCuO5 inclusions and in single crystal YBa2Cu3O7
K. Fossheim, M. G. Karkut, L. K. Heill, M. Slaski, L. T. Sagdahl, V. M. Vinokur, M. Murakami, H. Fujimoto, N. Koshizuka, S. Tanaka, F. Gencer, J. S. Abell and C. E. Gough
Vortices in artificially-structured quasi two-dimensional superconductors
M. R. Beasley, W. R. White, M. Hahn and A. Kapitulnik
Quasi two-dimensional vortex fluctuations in high-Tc superconductors
P. Minnhagen and P. Olsson
Dimensional and flux lattice transitions in artificially layered superconductors
Y. Bruynseraede, K. Temst, E. Osquiguil, C. Van Haesendonck, A. Gilabert and I. K. Schuller

Investigation of superlattices and ultrathin layers made from HTS cuprates
Ø. Fischer, O. Brunner, L. Antognazza, L. Miéville and J.-M. Triscone
High Tc superconducting multilayers for SQUID magnetometers
J. Clarke, J. J. Kingston, A. H. Miklich, F. C. Wellstood, K. Char, M. S. Colclough, L. P. Lee and G. Zaharchuk

Optical tests for broken time-reversal symmetry in high-temperature superconductors
A. Kapitulnik
A phenomenological theory of high Tc superconductivity
T. D. Lee
Correlation induced magnetic symmetry breaking
M. Bartkowiak and K. A. Chao
Local structure of high temperature superconductors from X-ray absorption studies
J. B. Boyce, F. Bridges and T. Claeson
Optical spectroscopy of localized states in metallic oxides
R. I. Shekhter, Z. Crljen and G. Wendin
Infrared threshold absorption in strongly correlated two-band superconductors
V. Shumeiko, L. Jönsson, R. I. Shekhter and G. Wendin
Atom-site specified tunneling spectroscopy on oxide superconductors and charge density wave materials
K. Kitazawa, T. Hasegawa, H. Ikuta, M. Nantoh and W. Wei

Universal conductivity of dirty bosons in two dimensions
S. M. Girvin, M. Wallin, E. S. Sørensen and A. P. Young
Do-it-yourself quantum mechanics in low-dimensional structures
L. Esaki
Conductance from transmission: common sense points
R. Landauer
Noise as a diagnostic of tunneling mechanisms
J. W. Wilkins, S. Hershfield, J. H. Davies, P. Hyldgaard and C. J. Stanton
Metal to insulator crossover in mesoscopic wires
L. I. Glazman and I. M. Ruzin
Quantized current in a quantum dot turnstile
L. P. Kouwenhoven
Electron transport in mesoscopic conductors with superconducting contacts
V. T. Petrashov, V. N. Antonov and M. Persson
Transition from laminar to vortex flow in a model semiconductor nanostructure
K.-F. Berggren, C. Besev and Z.-L. Ji
Tunnel-induced photon emission in semiconductors using an STM
L. Samuelson, J. Lindahl, L. Montelius and M.-E. Pistol
Coulomb blockade effects in STM-type tunnel junctions
H. van Kempen, P.J. M. van Bentum and R. T. M. Smokers
Quantum phase transitions and commensurability in frustrated Josephson junction arrays
C. Bruder, R. Fazio, A. Kampf, A. van Otterlo and G. Schön

Bloch oscillations and Coulomb blockade of Cooper pair tunneling in ultrasmall Josephson junctions
L. S. Kuzmin and D. B. Haviland

Single electron turnstile and pump devices using long arrays of small tunnel junctions
P. Delsing and T. Claeson

Experimental investigation of two-dimensional arrays of ultrasmall Josephson junctions
C. D. Chen, P. Delsing, D. B. Haviland and T. Claeson

Quantum mechanics of the electromagnetic environment in the single-junction Coulomb blockade
K. Flensberg, S. M. Girvin, M. Jonson, D. R. Penn, and M. D. Stiles

The charge state of C60 (Buckminsterfullerene) molecules adsorbed on a metal surface: theoretical considerations
E. Burstein, S. C. Erwin, M. Y. Jiang and R. P. Messmer

Tweed in martensites: a potential new spin glass
J. P. Sethna, S. Kartha, T. Castán and J. A. Krumhansl


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