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Quantum Chaos Y2K

(2000, NS 116)
June 13-17, 2000
Bäckaskog Castle, Sweden
Organizers: Professor Karl-Fredrik Berggren, Linköping; Professor Pär Omling and Sven Åberg, Lund.

The symposium brought together a large proportion of the world's leading researches in this field. There were some 65 participants in all, of whom 29 presented 30-minute lectures and 14 were discussion leaders. There was also a poster session, where 12 contributions were presented. The discussion leaders played a very active role by summarizing and providing personal illustrations on the topic of each session.

Quantum Chaos, which is a relatively new research field, deals with how classical chaos systems behave in quantum mechanics. It is a rather broad research field that encompasses experiments, theory and pure mathematics. The symposium focused mainly on experiments and theory and on the interplay between them, emphasizing the interdisciplinary nature of the subject and discussing the impact of quantum chaos on such fields as atomic, nuclear and solid state physics. The physical principles behind quantum chaos have much in common with acoustics, microwaves and optics, as several lectures pointed out. This provides interesting potential for technical applications.

The symposium contributions are published both as a special issue of Physica Scripta (T90, 2001) and as a World Scientific monograph.


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