Lists of Nobel Prizes and Laureates

 Particle Traps and Related Fundamental Physics
(1994, NS 91)
Ingmar Bergström, Conny Carlberg, T. L. Ericson, Carl Nordling, B. Johnson
August 21-26, Lysekil (Göteborg)
Proceedings: Trapped Charged Particles and Related Fundamental Physics, Physica Scripta (1995), Stockholm, Sweden/World Scientific Publishing, Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore

ISSN 0031-8949
ISBN 91-87308-31-2


Table of Contents
International Advisory Committee, Local Organizing Committee and Student Assistants 6
List of Participants 7
Comments on Nobel Symposium 91 at Lysekil, Sweden, August 19-26, 1994
I. Bergström
PRESYMPOSIUM, Thursday, August 18, 1994
How to get the Nobel Prize in Physics
C. Nordling
Quantum mechanics and precision measurements
N. F. Ramsey
The standard model
C. Jarlskog
The role of atomic physics in testing the standard model
D. N. Stacey
Some comments on fundamental constants and units of measurement related to precise measurements with trapped charged particles
L. R. Pendrill

Nuclear processes in astrophysics
B. Jonson
Ionic processes in astrophysics
K. P. Kirby
The world of atomic clusters. (No manuscript submitted)
A. Rosén
Atomic masses: Thomson to ion traps
A. H. Wapstra
A brief history in time of ion traps and their achievements in science
M. H. Holzscheiter
Storage rings for low-energy experiments
R. Schuch
"That I may know the inmost force that binds the world and guides its course"
H. Dehmelt
Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance (FT-ICR) spectrometry in chemistry
A. G. Marshall (Within a year a survey article to be published as a monograph together with S. Guan including ICR-history, ion trap configurations, excitation techniques, ion injection methods, ion cooling methods.)
Production, transfer and injection of charged particles in traps and storage rings
R. B. Moore, A. M. Ghalambor Dezfuli, P. Varfalvy and H. Zhao
Detection methods of trapped particles. (No manuscript submitted)
H. Kalinowsky
Cooling methods in ion traps
W. M. Itano, J. C. Bergquist, J. J. Bollinger and D. J. Wineland
Electron cooling for atomic physics.
H. Danared
Trapped particles and non-neutral plasmas. (No manuscript submitted)
T. O'Neil
An introduction to chaos in dynamic ion traps.
R. Blümel
Atom traps compared with ion traps
D. E. Pritchard and M. P. Bradley
NOBEL SYMPOSIUM - 91 Precision mass spectroscopy (chair H.-J. Kluge)
Precision mass measurements in the UW-PTMS and the electron's "atomic mass"
R. S. Van Dyck Jr., D. L. Farnham and P. B. Schwinberg
Accurate atomic mass measurements from Penning trap mass comparisons of individual ions
F. DiFilippo, V. Natarajan, M. Bradley, F. Palmer and D. E. Pritchard

Observation, manipulation, and uses for magnetron motion in ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
A. G. Marshall and S. Guan

Mass determination of radioactive isotopes with the ISOLTRAP spectrometer at ISOLDE, CERN
G. Bollen and the ISOLTRAP Collaboration

Schottky mass spectrometry at the experimental storage ring ESR
B. Franzke, K. Beckert, H. Eickhoff, F. Nolden, H. Reich, U. Schaaf, B. Schlitt,
A. Schwinn, M. Steck and Th. Winkler

Highly charged ions in traps (chair J. Gillaspy)
QED calculations on two- and three-electron ions
I. Lindgren, H. Persson, S. Salomonson and P. Sunnergren

The super electron beam ion trap
R. E. Marrs, P. Beiersdorfer, S. R. Elliott, D. A. Knapp and Th. Stoehlker
Recent results obtained at the LLNL electron beam ion trap (EBIT)
D. Schneider
The SMILETRAP facility
C. Carlberg, H. Borgenstrand, G. Rouleau, R. Schuch, F. Söderberg, I. Bergström,
R. Jertz, T. Schwarz, J. Stein, G. Bollen, H.-J. Kluge and R. Mann

The gi factor of hydrogenic ions
W. Quint
Atomic physics with traps and storage rings (A) Spectroscopy and life-times (chair C. Nordling)
Hyperfine structure and g-factor measurements in ion traps
G. Werth
Hyperfine measurements in a storage ring
R. Neumann, S. Borneis, T. Engel, B. Fricke, G. Huber, I. Klaft, T. Kühl, D. Marx and P. Seelig

Lifetimes of metastable levels of atomic ions
D. A. Church
Manipulation of nuclear lifetimes in storage rings
F. Bosch
Lifetimes of negative ions determined in a storage ring
T. Andersen
Trapped metal cluster ions
L. Schweikhard, St. Becker, K. Dasgupta, G. Dietrich, H.-J. Kluge, D. Kreisle, S. Krückeberg, S. Kuznetsov, M. Lindinger, K. Lutzenkirchen, B. Obst, C. Walther,
H. Weidele and J. Ziegler

Lifetimes and photodetachment of fullerene ions measured in a storage ring
P. Hvelplund
(B) Collision studies in rings and traps (chair R. Schuch)
Ion-electron and ion-neutral collisions in ion traps
G. H. Dunn
Ion-neutral collisions in a 22-pole trap at very low energies
D. Gerlich
Low energy electron-ion recombination experiments at CRYRING
D. R. DeWitt, R. Schuch, C. Biedermann, H. Gao, S. Asp, W. Zong and E. Justiniano
Imitating electron-molecular ion collisions in interstellar space at extremely low temperatures using a storage ring
M. Larsson

Laser experiments at the Heidelberg storage ring TSR (The lecture covered two subjects):
D. Habs

I. Crystalline ion beams (Ref. 1) and laser cooling in storage rings (Ref. 2)
Il. Laser induced recombination with one or two pulsed lasers, allowing a high resolution spectroscopy of Rydberg states in highly charged ions (Ref. 3)

1. D. Habs and R. Grimm, submitted to Crystalline lon Beams, Annual Rev. Nucl. Part. Sci. 45, (1995)
2. D. Habs, Beam Cooling and Related Topics, CERN 94-03, Proceedings of the workshop at Montreux, Editor: J. Bosser, p. 39, p. 349, p. 354)

Quantum and QED-effects (chair D. N. Stacey)
Quantum optics of a single trapped ion
B. Appasamy, J. Eschner, Y. Stalgies, I. Siemers and P. E. Toschek
Quantum effects in measurements on trapped ions
D. J. Wineland, J. C. Bergquist, J. J. Bollinger and W. M. Itano
Quantum motion of trapped ions
R. Blatt, J. I. Cirac, A. S. Parkins and P. Zoller
Micro-accelerator technique for better geonium data.
H. Dehmelt
Improved comparison of p and p charge-to-mass ratios
D. Phillips, W. Quint, G. Gabrielse, H. Kalinowsky, G. Rouleau and W. Jhe
Neutron, hydrogen and antihydrogen (chair L. H. Andersen)
On the neutron lifetime and the weak coupling constants
J. Byrne
Experiments with trapped hydrogen atoms and neutrons
N. F. Ramsey
Traps for antimatter and antihydrogen production
M. H. Holzscheiter
Electronic accumulation of extremely cold positrons in ultrahigh vacuum
K. Abdullah, L. Haarsma and G. Gabrielse
Plasmas and collective behaviour (chair J. Byrne)
Plasmas with a single sign of charge (an overview)
T. M. O 'Neil
Nonneutral ion plasmas and crystals in Penning traps
J. J. Bollinger, J.N. Tan,W. M. Itano, D. J. Wineland and D. H. E. Dubin
From a single ion to a mesoscopic system - crystallization of ions in Paul traps
H. Walther
Nonlinear dynamics of trapped ions
R. Blümel
Two-ion chaos
J. A. Hoffnagle and R. G. Brewer
Instrumental configuration for direct measurement of optical absorption of ion cyclotron resonance mass-selected trapped ions
Y. Huang, G. Jackson, H. S. Kim, S. Guan and A. G. Marshall

Overview of the electron beam ion trap program at NIST
J. D. Gillaspy,Y. Aglitskiy, E. W. Bell, C. M. Brown, C. T. Chantler, R. D. Deslattes, U. Feldman, L. T. Hudson, J. M. Laming, E. S. Meyer, C. A. Morgan, A. I. Pikin, J. R. Roberts, L. P. Ratliff, F. G. Serpa, J, Sugar and E. Takács

Spatial fluorescence distribution and laser cooling of Ca+ in a Paul trap
T Gudjons, F. Arbes, M. Benzing, F. Kurth and G. Werth
Double resonance spectroscopy of a single trapped indium ion
E. Peik, G. Hollemann and H. Walther
The Orsay radio-frequency mass spectrometer
M. de Saint Simon, C. Thibault, G. Audi, A. Coc, H. Doubre, M. Jacotin, J.-F. Kepinski, R. Le Gac, G. Le Scornet, D. Lunney, F. Touchard and G. Lebée

Selecting nuclides for mass measurements
G. Audi and A. H. Wapstra
The JILA Penning trap mass spectrometer
T. P. Heavner, M. Zuo, P. Hayes, G. H. Dunn and S. R. Jefferts
Rate coefficients of single and double electron transfer from Xe to Xe2+ at low collision energies as determined by use of Fourier transform ion cyclotron resonance mass spectrometry
H. von Köding, F. A. Pinkse and N. M. M. Nibbering

Economic synthesis and precision spectroscopy of anti-molecular hydrogen ions in Paul trap
H. Dehmelt

Atomic parity non-conservation: recent measurements in bismuth and samarium
R. B. Warrington, D. M. Lucas, D. N. Stacey and C. D. Thompson
An improved pseudo potential for the two-ion Paul trap.
M. G. Moore and R. Blümel
Prediction of deterministic melting regions of two and three laser-cooled ions in a Paul trap
M. G. Moore and R. Blümel


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