Nobel Laureate Tim Hunt.
Medicine Laureate Tim Hunt.

Mistakes and Setbacks - How to Stay Motivated?
"Making mistakes is fantastically important"
Many of us have some time come to a standstill or suffered setbacks in our work. How do we overcome these frustrations? How should we think about failures and how do we stay positive and motivated? Here, five Nobel Laureates give their advice.

Medicine Laureate Tim Hunt knows how hard it is to keep going when things don't turn out the right way, but at the same time - "you don't really learn anything unless you get it wrong."
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"Turn it around"
"You have to be very flexible", is an advice from Medicine Laureate Elizabeth Blackburn. When your idea doesn't work - turn it around and look on it from a different angle!
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Elizabeth Blackburn
Elizabeth Blackburn.

Randy Schekman
Randy Schekman.
"Most things don't work"
Chemistry Laureate Randy Schekman is clear when he gives his advice: focus on the ultimate goal and not on the day-to-day frustrations.
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"There is always another thing to try"
"Sometimes you feel very depressed", says Chemistry Laureate Brian Kobilka, when things are not going well in your project. But try to learn from your failures, because there is always something else you can try!
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Brian Kobilka
Brian Kobilka.

Michael Brown
Michael Brown.
"A partnership helps a lot"
How do you stay positive when things go wrong? Medicine Laureate Michael Brown knows that it is a challenge to maintain the intensity when you have problems. 
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