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Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for insulin is made accessible for high school students

11 March 2009, the official web site of the Nobel Foundation, announces the launch of a new educational game called Diabetic Dog, aimed at high school students to introduce the 1923 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for the discovery of insulin.

As part of's Educational Outreach Program to bring the Nobel Prize awarded achievements to a younger audience in the form of games, experiments and simulations, Diabetic Dog is the newest of more than forty educational multimedia productions currently available.

Diabetes is a disease that afflicts millions of people and the game Diabetic Dog provides an exploratory and pedagogical toolkit to answer basic questions such as:

  • What is the disease diabetes about?
  • What happens to the blood sugar level when you have diabetes?
  • What shall someone suffering from diabetes do if he/she has a blood sugar level that is too high or too low?
  • What is insulin?

Complimentary to the game, reading materials covering the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine awarded in 1923 to Frederick G. Banting and John Macleod for their discovery of insulin and facts about diabetes and insulin are provided.

"By using educational games as an introduction to the Nobel Prize awarded discoveries, we hope this will bring the Nobel Prizes into the classrooms to inspire the next generation of scientists and to provide teachers with an educational toolkit for high school students" said Karin Svanholm, Senior Editor and Multimedia Producer, Nobel Web AB.

To discover and explore Diabetic Dog, visit:

For a short informational video about the Educational Outreach Program, see:

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