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Press Release and Honeywell launch new educational production, Star Stories

3 February 2009

As a part of the Honeywell Nobel Initiative, announces the launch of Star Stories, a new educational multimedia production for high school and undergraduate students that shows how Nobel Prizes awarded for advances in cosmology and astrophysics have helped to bring us closer to the stars.

Star Stories explores the life and death of stars using a multimedia approach that incorporates images, animation, video and text. In this interactive production, you can discover:

  • An interactive Universe, which allows you to explore the different stages in the lifecycle of stars, and the stories behind them. For instance, discover what are the biggest explosions in the Universe, what would happen if you fell into a black hole, and where you can find diamonds bigger than the Moon;
  • Information and stories behind the Nobel Prizes awarded for breakthroughs in our understanding of the stars. For instance, discover how an accidental discovery helped explain how the Universe was created, how a boat trip helped to uncover what happens to a massive star when it runs out of fuel,and why it took 25 years to capture the most elusive particles in the Universe;
  • An interactive timeline that allows you to see and access the key papers that contributed to each Nobel Prize breakthrough in star research — such as breakthroughs that helped us to see the beginning of time, how stars shine, and why we are all made from stars;
  • Image and video galleries that capture the vastness of the stars and interviews with Nobel Laureates discussing their discoveries;
  • An introductory overview article that links all the Nobel Prize breakthroughs in stars, from their conception in the primordial gas and dust to their explosive deaths.

"By looking at the advancement of space research through the popular appeal of the Nobel Prizes, we hope that Star Stories is a useful addition to the educational toolkit for high school and undergraduate students" said Alf A. Lindberg, Chief Executive Officer, Nobel Web.

To discover and explore Star Stories, visit:

For a 1-minute informational video about Star Stories, see:
Star Stories is produced and presented with the support of Honeywell Hometown Solutions and is part of the Honeywell Nobel Initiative, a global education effort to deliver broadcast, interactive and on-campus programs in the sciences.  To read more about the Honeywell Nobel Initiative, see:

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