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Recording of Nobel Minds
Recording of Nobel Minds, 2011. Copyright © Nobel Media AB 2011. Photo: Claes Löfgren.

TV Programs

Since its establishment in 2004, Nobel Media has worked with award-winning and international television companies such as Blakeway Productions, BBC WN and October Films to produce a diverse portfolio of television programs featuring Nobel Laureates and their Nobel Prize awarded work. Choose from our Nobel Laureate Documentaries which have covered the Nobel Prizes of recent years, or delve into our Science Documentaries to learn more about the mysteries of modern medicine today.

The hour-long TV documentary Nobel Laureates is comprised of short portraits featuring Nobel Laureates explaining their Nobel Prize-awarded achievements and talking about their backgrounds. There are eight programs of this format (years 2004-2011).

Our half-hour long documentaries focus on a particular year’s Peace or Literature Laureate and have featured such prominent Nobel Laureates and personalities such as Doris Lessing, Barack Obama and Mario Vargas Llosa.

The Science Documentaries focus on the field of medicine, and tell the story of Nobel Prize related discoveries in this field.

Other TV programs featuring Nobel Laureates includes the discussion program Nobel Minds, produced by BBC WN and SVT. Each year, the Laureates gather for a round table discussion at the Royal Library in Stockholm to discuss issues of global concern as well as their own achievements and inspiration.

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TV Program Clips

The War Against Microbes - Short Introduction

A short trailer to "The War Against Microbes", a half-hour science documentary that explains the most important advances in our understanding of infectious diseases, focusing on discoveries recognized with the Nobel Prize.

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45 sec.

Nobel Minds 2010 - Video Clip with Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim

Konstantin Novoselov and Andre Geim, both Nobel Laureates in Physics 2010, discuss whether their discovery of the material Graphene will realise its potential within the next decade. Andre Geim compares the discovery of graphene to that of polymer molecules in the early 20th century, which eventually led to the creation of plastics.

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51 sec.

Nobel Minds 2010 - Video Clip with Ei-ichi Negishi

Nobel Laureate in Chemistry Ei-ichi Negishi confesses in front of his fellow 2010 Nobel Laureates to having a long-held dream about being awarded a Nobel Prize.

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29 sec.


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