Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011
Dan Shechtman

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, more than 1 600 greetings to the new Chemistry Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 1610
"Congratulations from Colombia, Sir. Great job and an amazing story. People like you inspire me to work hard and make me love chemistry more"
/Farrah Canavera

"sir heartiest congratulations for your discovery and u have really proved again that hurdles doesn't matter when we determined ."
/Bandita Das MSc First semister from Gauhati University

"I am very happy to see your tremendous achievement, Dan. Keep it up"
/,Dr. Iftikhar Imam Naqvi,

"Congratulations sir, for your success"
/Mahantesh, India

"Salutations! I Love your work! don't spend all that money at once :)"
/The Black Ice Parkour Team

"HI Congratulation for you"
/Hiwa Omer Ahmad

"Congrats! I have a request, may you please build me a rocket and take me to the moon? Im out of cheese."
/Bob Cyintist

"congratulation,inspiring contribution to science"

"Does anyone know if JB and Selena Gomez are still together? Please im desperate"
/#1 Fan

"congratulation from the computational and theoretical quantum chemistry team in Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology"
/Albert Aniagyei,Bsc

"Congratulation on your discoveries in the microuniverse. You are an inspiration for research and study throughout the population."
/Cynthia Hudson

"Hello sir...I wish you many many more congratulations for your victory ..and I love chemistry subject verymuch is shocking of knowing q"

/p kumar- India

"congrats sir"

"Congratz! We applaud you and admire your researcg. I'm Israeli and we are all overjoyed,we hope to see investments in Israeli education!"

"congratulations Mr DAN i am from in the Kurdistan in university of Sulaimaniah of chemistry deparment fourth stage..."
/Aryan Arif

"you are really great sir. congratulations sir. i am fulliy inspired by you. thank you sir for showing a new direction in chemistry..."
/Gobinda Chandra Behera, IMMT, BBSR, Odisha, India

"Heartiest congratulations to Dr. Shechtman Waah what a discovery in crystal..... quasicrystal i have never heard. Really Great...."
/Gobinda Chanadra Behera, CMC Dept. IMMT,BBSR

"Thank you Dan for the discovery and the story behind it! (^_^)"
/Duy Hoang

"Congratulations from Armenia"
/Gevorg Jenderedian

"Dear Dan, Many Many Congratulations for this extraordinary recognition, you so so deserve! I'm looking forward to host you in Paris on 2012"
/Muriel Touaty, General Director French Technion Socity

"Heartiest congratulations from Pakistan"
/Farhat Yasmeen

"Congratulations to you Sir…… Let science work for peace and upliftment of mankind."
/C N Laxminarayana,Education Officer, Gulbarga,India

"May I know a few answers which are related with science?"
/Sanjoy Lal


"Thank you for your glorious contribution to science."

"Congratulations Professor Shechtman."

"Congratulations! Your contributions mean so much to the world."
/Shannon Steiner

"no one cares about this shit"

"congrat sir you are inspiration to me kadiri oseni . biochemistry nigeria"
/kadiri oseni

"Good job! You're an inspiration to all of us! (We actually did a research project on you.)"
/Líadan & Keilana

"Nice Catch Sir !!"
/A student from Taiwan

"congratulation Mr DAN SHECHTMAN we are very proud of you"
/Nanditha s from kerala

"Congrats sir,, you are inspire us..."

"heartiest congratulations sir...............................for ur great discovery"
/anshugupta(science student)

"Congratulation Dany !! Nobel in Chemistry. Best example of some thing which against the conventions !"
/Aleem Syed USA

"and You, yes You are a shining star in the galaxy of scientists. Keep shining Sir!"
/Julius Fernandes, Goa India

"sir, congratulations......"
/afi kape

"Congratulations to you sir......!!!!!"
/Hemant Sapkal

"Congrats I hope to one day Win the Nobel In chemistry as well you are truly an Inspiration!!"
/Donald H. White

"it is a great thing that you has done, wishes"

"Hearty congratulations sir for unveiling fresh vistas in chemistry.the celebrates you"
/Ronke Okpuzor,Nigeria

"congratulation sir "
/From Research Student VNSGU, Surat, Gujarat,India Chirag Mistry

"Thank you!"
/Human Being


"congratulation sir"
/fatin raza khan

"Dear Prof. Shechtman, congratulation, this is the time for all crystals to get recognition with you, and our science evolves, finally."
/Luis Sanchez Munoz (ICV-CSIC, Madrid)

"Greetings from "
/ashok vardhan


/thomas hasbury

"best of luck for ur next achievement and good job...."
/abhijith au

"Congratulation! You have gone very near to the genetic cell to be cracked. It is done, there will be possibility for super human on earth"
/Anjani Kumar Verma

"congratulation sir..............:-)"
/Bharti, Bihar, India

"Your discovery of the Quasicrystals is amazing! Congratulations lad! I'll raise a pint for ye in the bar tonight!"


"congratulations to you sir."

"Please accept my heartiest greetings and congratulation on behalf of all of the chemist of Bangladesh. I salute you for your Exceptional Inv"
/Sk. Mahatabuddin, MS in Physical Chemistry, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

"great. thank you. more evidence on "local rules" is becaming more and more important. keep the good working."
/FJ, Portugal

/Aashu autade.

/Dr Sujit R Acharjee, Hojai College

"Congratulations.!!! :DD <3"
/Diana Davalos :]

/The Journal of Chemical Physics

"Very goor work, we need independent minds!"
/WJA Woittiez

"congratulations! i have always been interested in chemistry and am glad that another discovery in this field that can help has been made."

"congratulations! i have always loved chemisty. im happy to hear that another discovery in this field has been made."

"congratulation prof,you're an inspiration to young scientist like us....keep up the good work pat from south africa"
/pat south africa

"Congrats sir!"

"Congratulations to you , Professor Dan Shechtan. on the success of your novel idea."
/Odularu Ayodele Temidayo

"Heartiest Congragulations from all Indians.Continue with you good work."

"best wishes to all nobel prize winners for inspiring the youth to think something greater than you."
/k. vanitha from arni , nesal

"Congratulations, thank you for your discovery!"

"super sir well done"
/premnath meta

"You are my bonus question in chemistry!"
/Bryce Robbins, 11th Grade

"Congrats! I'll be writing an essay on you in Chemistry, the word "quadricrystals" sounds neat, by the time I'm done I'll know what it means!"
/Austyn Harriman

"Congratulations Dr. Shechtman. Your quasicrytals is being revolutionize our understanding of physical properties of chemical substances."
/Dr. Jashim Uddin - Vanderbilt University


"congratulations on your nobel prize. that's awesome bro. good job on discovering quasicrystals."
/Lauren and Lynn and Tiffany

"Congratulations- Saw your interview and say hello to Yossi Ben Asher-Aerospace Engineering Department"
/Pam Johnson and Ellen Applebaum

"congratulation sir"
/AnirbanMondal,west bengal

"Greetings from "

"Congratulations sir....!!!!"

"yes!!!! im chubby!!!!"

"A discovery that has revolutionized how we perceive the microscopic ordering and symmetry in the crystalline state. About freaking time."
/Jeremy Zolan Chem Major, Keene State College, Keene, NH

"Excellent job, Mr. Shechtman. I will be doing research on quasicrystals for my science class."
/Anonymous Student

"ur quasicrystals rock,professor"
/ashik sulficker

"Congratulations Sir!!!!"
/Dr Manjusha , Dental officer , Ministry of defence , Oman

"congrats by me looooooool"

"Must write essay about you now!"
/Jake 9th grade

"congratulations ..................... again come up &give up"
/Jyothis Mary Joseph

"Congratulations. Felicidades por el descubrimiento, por el empuje para verlo publicado"
/Carmen Saldaña

"wow! i appreciate u."

"Congratulation to Mr. Dan Shectman for his wonderful research.Wish you a very very congatulation from our whole school and go on 4 ur success"
/K.V. No.3, Nal, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India

"Sir, I tip my hat to you..."
/a regular Joe

"Accept my heartiest congratulations on you great sucess"
/Raziya Nadeem,Pakistan

"bloody crystals u"

"Congrats to you sir.I wish that u will get more and more sucess in your life.Keep doing ur work."
/Saharsh, India

"Congratulations Sir, Wish you all the best"
/Wasif from Pakistan

"congratulations uncle and i hate chemistry like shit.i think u r gr8"
/rahul dhanturi

"I am very excited to sending this messages to Nobel Laureates.I have no word for this."
/Umesh Kumar(prakash)

"congrats sir.....keep it up...."
/pankaj from chemistry dept. chandigarh(india)

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