Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011
Dan Shechtman

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, more than 1 600 greetings to the new Chemistry Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 1610
"hi dino dan."

"Congratulations for the astounding discovery of quasicrystals!"
/Bimash B. Shrestha, Nepal

"Congratulations. It's great to see Israeli intellect contribute to the progress of mankind."
/Elias Blechman

"Heartly Congratulations sir for your work in chemishtry"

"Congratulations sir, Thanks for the great contribution for the field of Chemistry.."

"great ........."
/Lokesh Kaushik , gulf industrial investment co. bahrain, process and q.c.

"quasicrystals ftw!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Good Job"
/Shirley Thompson

"Congratulations!!! You have made wonderful advancements for the benefit of our world!"
/Pratish Nui Jain

"Greetings from "
/K satheesh

"Mazel tov, Dr. Shechtman! First your wonderful accomplishment, and today, Gilad is home. May we go from strength to strength."
/Debbie, Connecticut, USA

"congrats.. well done.."


"Congratulation I hope one day I will get same you .. Good for you . I am Msc chemistry student"
/Ashraf /Libya

"Sir,I am greatly appreciate on occasion of ur selection for Noble Prize in Chemistry 2011.It gives to encouragement to young researchers."
/Mr.Anil Gore, Dept. of chemistry, shivaji uni kolhapur.

"Sir,I am greatly appreciate on occasion of ur selection for Noble Prize in Chemistry 2011.It gives to us encouragement to young researchers."
/Mr.Anil Gore, Dept. of chemistry, shivaji uni kolhapur.



"good job to you :)"

"congratulations sir, as chemistry teacher i m very happy because you have given contribution to the field of chemistry"
/Mr.shivaji Kulal,Dept. of chemistry shivaji uni kolhapur.

"Congratulation to all for their research and won Nobel prize."
/Sandip Kumar

"You are a living example of how Kuhn was right about scientific revolution. Thanks for shifting our paradigm!"
/Kim Frederick. New Yorik, USA

"Respected sir, I congratulate you from India.Let your service continue to mankind."

"Comgratulation Sir! We hope for another such contribution........"
/Arvind Kumar Das, Chemistry fellow, IA & AD, Patna, India

"congradulation sir for the greatest achive ment........Hope to be continued"
/Prakash Sahoo

"God always award the one who is bold enough to think different."

"congratulation sir, i salute to your contribution to the field of chemistry"
/dinesh lingampalle

"sir congratulation"

"it is my honor sir to congradulate you for winning you have really inspired me"
/kayli alvarado

"Congratulations on this award on the 100th anniversary of Marie Curie's nobel prize in chemistry!"

"certainly sir, the world and the mankind will feel proud on you....... I pray from allah that he gives you"
/mohammed sami from india

"thanks ya'll we owe u very much!!"

"Congratulations...!!! for the great discovery of quasicrystals.."

"J'adore vous discoverie"
/Kaelan Herrera

"Congratulations & thank you for sticking in there even when others thought your research to be negligible. You inspire me and so many more!"
/Kevin, 17. Graz, Austria

/JOsh SIckels


"congrats to u :D"
/sarah& abril

/billy bob

"Congratulations ! I am impressed. Looking forward to meet you. (The artist of your diploma)"
/Lena Cronström

"hello sir you are our inspiration"

"Hello Sir............ you have done a great job. you inspire us a lot.........................."
/Ivin Tomy

"Pranamam Guro."

"congratulation sir"
/abhi kulkarni india


"congratulations sir."

"happy birthday sir you are just 1 tear old"
/anthony gonsalwis

"Congratulations... you will now be receiving 2-3 times the number of postdoc applications from China and India."
/The Truth

"so so proud of you"

"hello sir... congratulations from the botton of my heart.. yout work has really inspired us all..."

"I heard about your discovery through my chemistry teacher congratulations for the Nobel prize"
/Bina Gurung

"Thank you for holding firm on your work. I am extremely inspired from you. Predicament though I encounter, I can keep going now."

"Congratulations from the Technion Society of the Netherlands, you are a true hero for us!"
/Henk van Esch

"great going sir...."
/abhijit. s. sebastian.

"its really wud inspire m to study chm...."

"sir u inspired me a lot.. congrats sir! i m a student of class 10th and really wish to do a work like you!!"
/yenika singh

"I am delighted to see so much progress in Chemistry and I am fulfilled to see some of the greatest mind like you Professor Dan Shechman."
/Moses Makhalema

"We need more people like you to save this decaying world."

"Thanks & go ahead."
/Hassan Khan

"Trail blazing thinking and action on all directions! Great, remarkable learning for me. Thank you. Congratulations! Warmest greetings."
/Dimitrios C. Georgiou, MD, PhD, Psychiatry and Neurology. Discoverer of the Theory of Interwoven Networks, All Rights Reserved. Licensed to practice in USA and Greece .

"congratulation !"
/Dr. Jagannath P. Nath

"Well done,Sir. Wish u a very very congratulatin from me.I wish that you will get more and more achivements in your life."

"Congratulation !!!!!!"
/Divyesh Savaria



"sir its a great pleasure n probably the most honorable prize in a lifetime which you have got with your extreme effort.wish you best of luck"

"you did a great job for humanity. God bless you."
/Sapam Nandiker Manipur India


"Congratulations sir, iam proud of u to get supreme award for chemistry"

"Congratulations, I am a chemistry teacher from Spain. Now my students know your job. Thank you"
/Elena Laiglesia. Aranjuez.Madrid. Spain

"YOU have made difference in the world and Universe! Thank you for your contributions to society"


"Hearty congratulations"

"Heartiest congratulations Dr Dan, SIncerely hope your hard work is used for the benefit of humanity."
/Chandan Lohia .`.

"Congrats sir....Great job"
/Ankur Chaothaolung gogoi

"Congratulations Sir....."

"Congratulations.Its an inspiration to millions of us.Wish you all the best for your future endovers."
/Sreedhar reddy,A P, India.

"congrats sir...."


"Congratulations Sir and hope for many more discoveries"
/mullagiri sudha

/Dan Shechtman

"Congratulations man!"
/Berkshire lasses!!!

"a very hearty congratulations to you sir.....!!"

"heartly congratulations .your discoveries motivate to us"
/kavya msc jrf

"congratulations sir..."

"Congratulations Dr.Shechtman!! You made history in this International Year of Chemistry! I'm extremely inspired by your research career."
/Suman Chakrabarty, Christ University, Bangalore-INDIA.

"we are owe to you"
/shahajahan, bangladesh

"Sir, Hearty congratulations for winning the award"
/Sohan Mittal

"Congratulations, about time too! Lecturers had better start adapting their material."
/Debra, undergraduate

"Heartiest congradulations! You may not remember me; we met at conferences after your discovery. Well deserved recognition!"
/David Follstaedt

""Well done sir, I am greatly inspired by your job well done.""

"Congrats to all the achivers of today. hope to be in the list once in my life!"
/ketan rabadia

"thanku sir for something which is more than evrything for us"
/Aditya aswal of class 9 a

"congrats sir.....for getting such a great award of science.....we salute ur effort."
/asim kumar..m.s.(pharm)


"Congratulations sir for your great achievement sir ,Vinay kumarA, Vizianagaram, India "
/Vinay Kumar Aratikatla

"great job sir."

"congratulations man! you really inspired me! Im doing a work about you in school!"

"Sir I am doing Research in Molecular Dyanamics. I am From INDIA.Heartiest Congratulations"
/Mahender Pal Thakur

"sir i am doing research in molecular dyanamics, in INDIA. Heartiest congratulations."

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