Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2011
Dan Shechtman

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, more than 1 600 greetings to the new Chemistry Laureate poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 1610
"great research"
/vipin gupta

"thank you for your invention of the world"
/jones from india

"congrax sir. ."


"Congratulations! Spread the passion for Research!"
/Ramon Gatnau, Molimen. Barcelona Spain

"Danni- I knew you'd do it and you did; kol hakavod- danni"

"Congrats guys.Awesome work. Hope you'd congratulate me someday."

"This moment marks a new stage in science: a combination of qualified scientific research and artistic development. Congratulations."
/Luís César Nunes

"Congratulations! Thank you for your contribution to chemistry. Your efforts in the face of adversity have finally been rewarded!"
/Grade 12 Chemistry Students of Earl Haig Secondary School, Toronto, Canada

"its really a great discovery, As a student of Material Science, I humbly pay respects to honorable Dan Shechtman"
/Abdus Samad! from Pakistan

"Congratulation to you and your team. Keep up the good work"
/Dr. Ibrahim Mihaina, University of Khrtoum, SUDAN

"Many congtratulations!!!!"

"many many congratulations sir.....................!! And also hats of you sir..........................."
/ajay mangave...............

"Greetings, Congrats"

"Congrats Sir....You are really genius....Great Job....."
/Chandan/ NEIST Br. Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, India

"congratulations in tons to u sir."

"this is balls"
/cameron timmmmmmmmss

"Congratulations! You are a genius.Thanks so much for expanding our horizons concerning chemistry."
/Fayenuwo Olukayode

/Sreekanth Bachu

"Heartly Congratulations to all respected persons."
/Niranjan Biswal (CSIR-IMMT, ODISHA, INDIA)

"Congratulations Sir. It is an inspiration for many researchers dare to analyze the Odd results"
/Dr.S. Ramesh, University of Hyderabad

"congratulation sir"
/vasant k

"Heartiest Congratulations Sir."
/Amit Panigrahi

"wish you all success in every walk of life."

"Congradulation sir"

"Hearty congratulations"
/Dr G V R Sharma, GITAM University


"congratulation for a great job"
/ramesh ind

"congratz, sir!"
/mahhfuz rahmaan

"congrats sir"

"Congratulations. Great work."
/Robert Buxbaum

"congratulations sir!!"
/Abhinav Sharma

/Abanikanta Panda

"Thank you and Congratulations! Warmest cheers."
/Barbie G.A. Fornier, Manila

"Congratulation to Dr. Dan Shechtman for the great award."
/Snehasis Bhakta


"To see the world through your own eyes always is a rare gift; to share the view, a miracle. Thank you."
/Alley Liebowitz, Esq.

"congratulations to you sir"
/Meenu Anna Subin


"Congrats man, your a great inspiratiion to us all!"
/Ellie, L

"Your skills and valuableness in the field have earned you this prize. Go on and use your knowledge to help the world once more!"
/Philipe Bosweldon, PHd, Md, UC Berkeley

"I would like to congratulate you in earning this prestigious prize. You have worked hard, and surely deserve this hard earned honor."
/A Prestigious University of California, Berkeley Graduate


"Congratulations! Dan Shechtman."
/Abhijeet Roy

"Great work !"
/Baibhav & Akshat

"Because of you all,we get inspired ,keep up the good work.Hope we continue to travel deep in the infinite ocean of knowledge."
/chaitanya bhargava

"Millions and millions of congratulations have really given the world a new light..."

"Congratulations on your work and for his discovery of Mr. Shechtman."
/2°C economico-sociale Piero Gobetti Genoa Italy

"I find your perseverance in the face of such adversity to be no less commendable than your invaluable find in the field. Congratulations!"
/An inspired Technion undergraduate

"Congratulation for a great job!"
/Santosh SThakur, GGV,Bilaspur,CG India

/Taylor Campbell

"facebook me"
/shelby heldberg

"Congradulations for ur faith to suceed the Nobel Prize."

"Thank you sir for making our life easy."
/Manish Pareek

"Your greetings. EXCELLENT"

"great work!!!!!!continue with the spirit!!!!!"
/randy kwavi

"Hearty Congrautulations Sir for your achievements"
/susanta kumar

"heartly congratulations sir for having emerged a new area Quasicrystals"
/siva kumar

"Congratulations! Iowans and especially we ISU alums are proud of you! THANKS!"
/Julie Ann Miller '79, 8th grade science teacher

/Utkarsh Bhardwaj

"Congratulations, Dan!"


"heartly congratulations sir"

"many many congratulation to Dr. Dan shechtman"
/Dr. Nikhil Vekariya, Chandigarh

"Congratulations Prof. Dan Shechtman. Being a part of Technion, I would like to tell you that we are proud of you. You inspire us very much."
/Nilesh Patil

".Congratulations Dr. Shechtman. New dimension with new defination in Material Science"
/Subrat Kumar Pattanayak.Reserch Scholar (Prof.SNC Group) ,IIT Bhubaneswar

"congratulations and thank you."
/Debabrata Ray

"Greetings. "

"An artist friend told me in Copenhagen that the patterns resembled the Alhambra mosaics. I happen to be going to Spain from Beirut."
/G. H. Rabbath

"Congratulations on Nobel Prize acquisition. Your daily accumulation led to this prize. I do not know about chemistry well. However, the crystal is very beautiful. I'm sure that your discovery is good for the world. I pray for your activity continuously."

"Shalom!!! Congratulations!!"
/Adan Reyes

"congratulations sir for the achievement"
/Bhaswati Sengupta


"Yasher Koach, Dan Shechtman! You made your people proud. Warm wishes for a new year blessed with good health, happiness, and peace."
/Renee (Rivka) Steinig, Long Island, New York, USA

"Congratulations from Mexico! :D Incredible Job! ;D I'm a student ok PBC :3"
/Maripaz López Coria, Studen of PBC, México

"Greetings "
/Thasreef ali

"Great job!!"
/Rebecca Utrecht

"congratulations ! Your story is very inspiring. I enjoyed reading and learning that there still are people like yourself on this earth."
/Wanda Morales

"Fantastic job ! Congratulations from our team Krypton Trade Research & Fine Chemicals, from Brazil !!!"
/Giancarlo Marinho, Founder & CEO

"Greetings "
/simon magnusson grundargerði6 600 akureyri iceland

"Congratulations Dan, It's people like you that remind students like me that there is always more to learn.!"

"its a revolution in Chemistry. Hats off to you Sir. i learnt we should not always follow conventions,we can question everything."
/Arushi Tyagi

"Congratulatio Sir to you and your collegues in Technion which has a great name in Science,"
/Reza, IRAN

"Heartiest congratulation to u sir."
/nitesh kumar bundel

"Congratulation for an important invention in the crystallography Regards "
/Dr. Baldeo Ram Patel, Jainarain Vyas University , Jodhpur

"Congratulation 4 this great work."

"Extraordinary work! Congratulations!"

""Dear Prof. Congratulations on acieving Nobel Prize on milestone discovery, i hope it will be benefial for mankind in future.""
/Mohamed Thameem from Mawanella Sri Lanka

"Cordial congratulations to Prof Shechtman from his colleagues from IMET Russia"

"Congratulation Dan for all of your persistance in your research life. You did the right thing: NEVER GIVE UP."
/Leonardo dos Anjos

"Very good. It was a incredible work and a very large pass to understand how things are since crystal until other ways. Congratulations."
/Dr. Pedro Alves, Brazil

"Congratulation to Dr. Dan and team for the research on quasicrystals which may give us inspiration to observe matter with crystal vision"
/Dr.Gopan Raj,

"i wish a very very worm regards for your works and dadication towards society"
/dil bahadur yadav

"Dear Prof. Congratulations on acieving Nobel Prize on milestone discovery, i hope it will be benefial for mankind in future."
/Dr. Maliha Asma, Pakistan

"Felicitaciones colega!! for a better world let´s make science not war! Congratulations!"
/Rafael Fernández Uruguay

"Congratulations! Its reward for your tireless effort in advancing the frontiers of knowledge and science."

"My heartest grateings to dan Shechtman."

"hearty congratulations to u sir"

"congratulations sir of ur big achievement. sir, u proved that truth never fails. thank u."
/anjana yadav, studentof chemistry. prep. for iit-jam, near iit delhi

"Prof. Shechtman, Congatulations for your fantastic discovery. You are the best positive example for all scientific world: Never say never."
/Dr. Boris Herscovici

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