Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012
Robert J. Lefkowitz, Brian Kobilka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 1285
"Congratulation for both Robert and Brian :)"

"congratulate to Robert J. Lefkowitz, Brian K. Kobilka!!!although i don't know what is" G-protein-coupled receptors",now!"
/jinglun liao,China

"regards to all the physician."
/harshit gupta


"Why always Biology or Medical guys in Chemistry?Make another prize for these guys. Don't steal Chemistry prizes..."
/Real Chemist

"congratulation both of you Dr RJ Lefkowitz and Dr BK Kobika"
/ravindrareddy7 india


"Congratulations Lefkowitz and Kobilka!!"
/Ravi Menon

"congrats sir............."

"What took so long? Congrats"
/Jim Hatridge -

"Congratulations to a home town son!"
/Mary Sue Swanson LFHS Class of 1971

"Hearty Congratulations"
/Dr Sunder Lal From MANIT Bhopal INdia

"congratulations, I think this is a LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT for both of you...."
/Arvind Kumar Gupta

"mazel tov, RJ and Brian!"

"Congratulation SIR and you gave some thing new to the human kind."
/Bindu Madhava - Stanford University

"It fills me with pride that 2 Americans have been recognized for scientific contributions. Your work is so very important!"
/Lori Hackman

"Congratulations Dr RJ Lefkowitz and Dr BK Kobika for the achievements"
/S Megha , Delhi

"I was actually learning about GPCRs recently in my molecular biology course! I am glad such brilliant scientists made this discovery."
/Sam Jones

""Congratulations both of you!!!!!"
/Indra Nepalese

"Hearty congratulations i hope these nobel discoveries will bring new revolutionary dimensions in combating diseases"
/Narasingarao Nehu shillong India

"Congratulations , God bless you !!! from Chile...that is a great day as well as for the future"

"Congratulations , God bless you !!! from Chile"

"Thank you Dr. Lefkowitz for the work that you have done and for representing Duke University so well!!! - Gwen Hall-DiFabio Trinity 1995 and current Duke Staff Member"
/Thank you Dr. Lefkowitz for the work that you have done and for representing Duke University so well!!! - Gwen Hall-DiFabio Trinity 1995 and current Duke Staff Member

"congratulation sir,its proud to have the people like you in chemistry. its great."
/sajjad khan from Pakistan, lecturer of chemistry

"Many many congratulations!"
/Vijay B. Takale

"My tits are always hard and congrats"
/hairy bush time to shave

"Dear Bob, Infinite congratulations on receiving the 2012 Nobel Prize in chemistry!! Warmest regards,"
/William M. Manger, MD, Ph.D., Chairman, National Hypertension Association

"i am proud of great achievement in chemistry. my interesting subject is chemistry."
/manoj kumare


"We are all so happy! Of course, wouldn-t you+ Why isn-t there an interesting summary of the discovery of both scientists+ It would be more i"
/Sibila Seibert

"CoNGrAtX..........aNd do beTTeR stUdIes aND dIScovERiEs iN fUTure.........alWAyz kEeP SmILiNg............I aM fRom PAKISTAN,KarAChi........."

"Congratulation ."

"Congratulations on your great success!!"
/Laura Little Falls, MN

"Congratulations on your accomplishment!"
/Mrs. Zaborowski's 3rd period Chemistry class, Ohio, USA

"We are all so happy all over the world!!!! Susanna"
/Susanna Cotecchia

"another tremendous breakthrough discovery which will give a way to new research.....congratulations for the hardwork"
/mohammad mehraj

"Congratulation to Robert and Kobilka... from Bioinformatics Center Barkatullah University Bhopal India"
/Dr. Kishor Shende (Information Officer)

/Quebert Jerry

"Congratulations guys!"
/Walter White

"Greetings and Salutations from Enloe High School in Raleigh North Carolina! Congratulations from Enloe's German Class. We thank you!!!!!!"
/Enloe High School

"Hearty congratulations Vardhani"


"Dear Bob, I send you my cordial congratulations for being awarded the Nobel prize. It is just great! Kind regards, "
/Bernd Hamprecht, Professor of Biochemistry, University of Tuebingen, Germany

"Congratulations on your great achievement in the studies of GPCRs!"

"Dear Dr Lefkowitz and Dr Kobilika: G protein work is indeed laudable and Noble testifies it. It would encourage many chemists. Cheers!"
/Dr L I Shukla, Pondicherry University, Puducherry, India

"Congratulations Drs. Lefkowitz and Koblika. Proud."
/Kotha Subbaramaiah, Cornell Medical college, NY

"congratulation the great scientists"
/kathik gourishetti


"GPCRs handle our sense of smell & vision, mood, nervous & immune system. They are thus the switch-locks of our being. Great dicovery !"
/Dr. Peter-Paul Knops-Gerrits (Belgium)

"The history will remeber you and your great work.Congratulation to both great mind."
/sandeep kumar omre, HPCL,India

"Great Honor Congratulation."
/Jayachandran (Malaysia-Selangor)


""Congratulations for your great achivement""
/Nagarajan P India

"Congrates. which cell wall for GPCR please help for students"
/S N Mishra Rohtak India

"" Congratulations Dr. Robert J. Lefkowitz and Dr. Brian K. Kobilka""
/Srinivas Tripuraneni

"great Job"

"hearty congrats"
/surendra reddy .e

""Absolutely fascinating research and discovery. As an aspiring scientist, this is exactly the kind of thing that inspires me to learn!""
/Prof mohan Lal HMRITM New Delhi

"badhaai ho"

"con G-ratulation sir,your work is priceless........"
/fahad ahmad

"Congratulations both of you!!!!! INDIA"
/S.B.Tiwari- Allahabad INDIA

"Great Contribution to Biological Scinece"

"Congratulations sirs....!"
/G.Geceska / Macedonia

"Congratulation Sir"
/sachin lonkar

/rohit pachade

/manushree india


"it is the one of the greatest discovery in history of biological science................. congratulations to both of you!!!!"
/sivaji from INDIA..

"Accept my heartiest congratulations for the glorious success for man kind"
/Dr. Tank Shantilal

/Dr.Rajesh Mishra, Munger, Bihar, India

"Congratulations Dr. Lefkowitz and Dr. Kobilka"
/Dr. Umesh Yadava, INDIA

"CONGRATS from shafee"

"Congratulation to Dr. Robert Lefkowitz and Dr. Brian Kobika for Nobel Prize in Chemistry...!"
/Sandeep Niwadange, India.

"Dear Mr.Lefkowitz ! Dear Mr.Kobilka! Sir John! Dear Mr. Yamanaka! My Congratulations !!! Sincerely, Romanenko Taras. "Cinema Magazine""
/Romanenko Taras.

"I like their faces. But their discovery is elementary. Neural pathways can be kept clean by fresh fruits, herbs, sprouts and not g-protein."
/Prof. Dr. Leo Rebello, Bombay, India

"Many many congratulation to these NOBLE LAUREATES"
/Deepak Shaw, INDIA

"Congratulations to both of You"
/Prof. Shantilal Oswal SPAN Surat India

"Congratulations to both of you for widening the knowledge on receptors"

/Kanika Gupta

"Congratulations Dr. Lefkowitz and Dr. Kobilka !"
/Omar SA / Morocco

"congratulation to both u India"
/JK pradhan

"Enormous greetings........................."

"Awesome you will be remembered in india many people as many researchers will staert to think on this subject."
/Dhinakaran and Mitanshu

"Cögratulation sirs"
/Madhab chandra

"It is great! I admire your research. My congratulations Dr. Lefkowitz and Dr. Kobilka !"
/Dr. Elena Golovneva (Russia)

"you people deserve this. finally got it congratulations to both of you."
/Madhulika singh

"congratulation both of u from erode,Tamilnadu,India"

"A huge congratulations and warm wishes for your greatest acievement."
/Keshaw Aaadil, Department of Biotechnology, GGV,Bilaspur,Chhattishgarh,INDIA.

"Congratulations from core of my heart."
/Dr. Raziya Nadeem

"Heartiest congrats....Sky is the limit.."
/Ravi shankar singh

/Rajesh Bakode

"congratulation its celebration"

"thank you for giving us the key for different medicines ..congratulations to both of you"

"Congratulations to Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brain K. Kobilka"
/srihari ejjirothu, Indian institute of chemical technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India

"Congratulations to Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brain K. Kobilka"
/srihari ejjirothu, Indian institute of chemical technology, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India


"Congratulations both of you from University of Alberta"


"congratulation sir!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/ganesh neupane from nepal

"congratulations Dr Lefkowitz and Dr Kobika"

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