Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012
Robert J. Lefkowitz, Brian Kobilka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 1285
"congrats Dr. Robert & Dr Brian"
/sujesh baby

"congratulations to both of you"

/zhi heng Yuan

"Congrats guys!! You really deserve it! <3"
/Ellie :)

/Sanjit Chakraborty

"Congratulations and keep going!"
/Ramanjaneyulu Rayala

"hardwork and determination..congrats to both of u sir!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"You rock!!! I am studying Organic Chemistry at Amherst College and my professor mentioned you on Wednesday. You're my heroes!!!!"
/Sam Ubersax


"congratulation to you both from my self."
/hemant sain


"Congratulations Laureates!"
/Andrew James (IND)

"congretulation sir"

"congratulations for both of u....."
/Esakki, india

/Jason Chen

"its really the biggest honour for all the nobel winner & their colaboration in different field will help to promote the whole world.congrate"

/Suthisak from Thailand

"congratulations for this great discovery.. thanks for opening a new era in chemistry.."
/Saptasree Bose

"Congratulations to both of you for this great acheivement."
/Yuvraj Joshi

"congratulations ..sir"
/ashwani kumar singh chemistry india

"Congratulations Sir"

"congrats both of u Letkowitz and Kobilka to ur piece of work. knowledge is no one's asset."
/Dr. Ramakrishna Adhikamsetty, India

"congratulations to"
/Dr. Ramakrishna Adhikamsetty

"congratulation :)"

"Congrats.. sir.."
/Prof. K. Sulthan Syed Ibrahim

"dear sir, Very for your invention"
/Congratulations sir

"Congratulation to both of you. I respect your achievement ."

"heartly congratulation ...........great piece of work in chemistry it will deserve in saving the concerned disease of your research"
/rohit khatri

"congratulations sir"
/manasa chinthalapally

"Very very congratulation sir"

"Heartiest congrates for your award. This is wonderfull work done by you."
/Iram Khan

/Saranaya parthys reverse informatics

"Congrult sir for great prize"
/shyam meena

"Hi, Congratulation"
/zahid ali

""congratulation both of you..." sir"
/Dr.K.M.Aravinthan, India

/Olivia P, UAM, MÉXICO

"Congratulations Dr. Lefkowitz and Dr. Kobilka proud of you"
/vijayakumar india


"heartly congratulations sir"

"Congrats Robert & Kobilka"

"Dear Prof. Kobilka, Many Many congratulations Sir !!"
/Asma Rehman (Australia)

"Dear Prof. (Nobel Laureate) B. Kobilka, Many- many Congratulation Sir! You are a real model for Crystallographers"

"Congratulations!!! and thank you very much for the contribution in the field of Chemistry"
/Krishanthi C Weerasinghe

"Congratulation from Pakistan"

"Salute to both of you, Sir. Much well deserved. Finally Nobel committee acknowledged your contribution to humanity..its too late though."
/Ahsan,Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Well Deserved"
/Mr.Mukeshchand Thakur

"I have ever dream of getting the prize,it just a dream ,but for you ,it is true,congratulation,my dear friends and uncles!"
/wangbin from china

/pasta head

"The Same wish for your from Bangladesh"
/Chowdhury Enamul

"congratulation ..............."


"Congratulations! Well done!"

"The award would draw our more attention to GPCR, which is among field of our teaching and multiple drug targets...Grattis!"
/Xiangning Zhang, MBBS, Med Sc D(medicines doktor)

"Congratulations! We heard the announcement on NPR this morning. You should be sharing 25 million dollars!!!"

"Congratulations!!!! I'll always admire and respect persons like both of you, whose life is dedication and love for science."
/Guillermo Caballero

"great work for mankind!!!!!!!!"
/sumangal roychowdhury

"Congratulation .It's just a achievement."
/barek from Bangladesh.

"congratulations to both of Robert J. Lefkowitz Brian K. Kobilka for the great work"
/Md. Rafiqul Islam


"Become start both of you for future responsibility after get nobel prize"
/Sachin Parjapati

"congratulate sirs have a great achievement."
/sanama anje

"Congratulations for both of you"
/Ming-chong Hsiao

"My sincere congratulations to Dr. Lefkowitz and his colleague Brian Kobilka."
/Joanne Palmisano, MD - Columbia P&S "79

"Congratulations for your achievement."
/Ramesh Petigara, Ph. D.

"Congratulations for the great achievement on elucidating the role of GPCRs in the signaling pathway, well deserved!"
/Juan Valle, Chalmers University, Sweden

"Congratuations on achieving the Nobel Peace Prize!"

"Congratulations to you two for a great contribution"
/Rafael Flores-Obando, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

"My sincere congratulations, Really, amazing achievement."
/Ahmed Zakaria, KIST, Korea.

/Maumita Manna

"I wish I'll win a Nobel Prize in chemistry too, someday, I guess. Congratulation to both of you, great pair of scientists."
/Valerie Balen

"CONGRATS!!! I hope that in the future there will be more bright minds like you 2!!! :-)"

"Wonderful and well deserved as well all know. Chemistry? Well I guess there isn't an award for Pharmacology so that must be why! ;-) Best"
/Iain L. O. Buxton, Chair of Pharmacology, UNSOM

"Congratulations to you my dear friends."

"Dear Bob, Many congratulation. Charlie Tanford is dead but I offer our best wishes and which Charlie would have confirmed."
/Jacqueline Reynolds, Professor Emeritus, Duke University

"congratulations sirs"
/ekene onyiriuka

"Congratulations for both of you from Macedonia"
/pharmacist Katerina,Ohrid-MACEDONIA

/Corey Liu

"thought it was a Chemistry Nobel prize...not a biochemistry nobel prize!"

"Congratulations! This discovery represents a breakthrough for the Pharmacology ..."
/Edgar David González-González UAEMéx

"My best congrats...celebrating for prize and your mind...stimule for young people who work in research..."
/Clare from Italy

"Congratulations Dr. Lefkowitx and Dr. Konilka! You´re an example for the world!"
/Rolando Delgado, Chemist and Postgraduate Student.

"Congrats! Hope you're doin' well."
/Trey A. Freeman


"Congradulations! Great job guys!"
/Trey A. Freeman

"Ya did good, fellas. Good on ya!"


"Congrats... But your not chemist..."

"Congratulations on receiving the noblest prize of all, the Noble Peace Prize. How wonderful of you two."
/Anthony Frazer

"wish to glad to congratulate prof.Robert J- Lefkowitz and Brian K- Kobilka for their achievement to get Nobel prize ceramony 2012"

"Congratulations Dr. Lefkowitz and Dr. Kobilka !"
/Renu Rawat

"Congratulations for both of you. Nothing is impossible"

"Hearty congratulations to both of you. Lead us kindly light into the future of translational medicine."
/Aleem Siddiqui, UCSD

"Congratulations to you Bob from Southwest Virginia!"
/Debby Loggans

"Congratulations to the pair of you!"

"Congratulations, Dr. Kobilka! Central Minnesota is so proud to have you for a native son."
/Pat Gruenke, St. Cloud MN

"Congratulations to both of you! Well deserved."
/Gaurav Gupta, MD, PhD, Mass General Hospital, Boston

"congrats ... i dont understand what for but my hearty congradulations"

/Beki Kan, Professor of Biophysics, Istanbul

"congratulations sir."
/suresh dhami

"Congratulations, and thank you for your contribution to our studies"
/Santos, Bay Path College

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