Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012
Robert J. Lefkowitz, Brian Kobilka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 1285
"Your work honors Science and Crystallography"
/Martin Martinez-Ripoll, Spain


/Sahil, UC Davis

"Heartly congratulations sir.."
/Ramakanta nayak

/ Adel Asaad, Alexandria, EGYPT

"Congratulation sir, for your excellent work"
/rajesh kumar

"Congratulations!! Thank you for giving most understanding mechanism about GPCR in Signaling Pathway..Most helpful in future to get new idea!"
/Devashish Mehta (India)

"congratulations for unlocking the mystery,to both of u! -Sharjah from BANGLADESH"

"Sir ur work on GPCR is a great leap for the mankind.Congrats to both of you"
/Ajesh Scientific Asst Govt of India

"congratulations for unlocking the mystery,to both of u! -Sharjah from BANGLADESH"

"congrets sir, for your incredible work and prize."
/Jalaj gupta

"congrates for grete work grete award"

"congratulation both of you..."
/Anuj verma, India

"congratulation both of you..."
/Anuj verma, India

"Congratulations. I admire your patience. Kudos to you!!"

"Congratulations to Robert J. Lefkowitz and Brian K. Kobilika!!!"
/Prabhat Kumar Mahato

"congratulations ! As a teacher of chemistry I am very happy at your success.wish you good health in future."
/Bhaskar Koch

"Nicely done"
/Prof. Lovelock Fuzzy-Anus

"My heartiest congratulations to both chemists on their marvellous works that would bring out innovative changes in drug design."
/N K ARJUN, ,Physicist

/Deepak Panwar

"Influencing patients health by targeting GPCRs is pretty fascinating and effective - Congratulations!"
/Bjoern Kemmerling

"Congratulations to both of you for great contribution"
/Ken Subedi

"I must say its brilliant . that to a small word for your achivement . I salute for your sucess ."
/Puneet Rawal (biotechnologist)

/akheram choudhary

/Shalini Taneja

"Reading about your findings raised my interest in both the chemical and biological world. Incredible work!"
/Cory, UCLA

"Congratulations to both of you. You both make the entire world proud."
/Shailza Vyas, Columbus OHIO (U.S)

"Congratulations for the significant acheivment."
/Rawan Al-Domour, Jordan

"Al ssalam Alaikum Congratulations .hope your efforts will scientest working in drug discovery."
/Isra' Al-Domour , Amman, Jordan

"Absolutely fascinating research and discovery. As an aspiring scientist, this is exactly the kind of thing that inspires me to learn!"
/Eric M

"Congratulations from a Dutch chemist :)"
/R. Wagner

"Really well done. Totally deserved."

"congratulations sirs for your extra ordinary work on protiens... it will be a boon for humankind...."
/Dr. Devendra Mishra

"grand salute..."
/rajarshi mahapatra

"Congratulation for your fantastic work. Great"
/Marie Jo Besson

"Big Congratulations!!!!!!"

"Congratulation to both you for giving us new concept of science. i am so proud to be doctorate in chemistry. thanks"
/Dr Santosh Kumar Verma

"Congratulation ! you are changing the world into a better place."

"congratulations for your great work!!!! hoping more great works from you in the near future..... dont let us down"

"Dear Profs. congrats both of you and research contribution to our soceity"
/Dr. Lawrence Arockiasamy

"Alsalam Alykom, Congrats Scientists ..Great people. Waleed Kholosy"
/Dr kholosy

"Congratulations to both of you, you may have no idea how your works has inspired me."
/Sarinee Kalandakanond-Thongsong

"Congratz sir!!!!"
/jawed islam

"Congratulations to Robert Lefkowitz and Brian Kobilka from a 1950 Bronx Science Grad."
/Gladys Rosen

"Hearty congratulations great scientists for Nobel prize in chemistry"
/Dr.CR Revankar, Consultant in Neglected Tropical Diseases,NewJersey,USA (

"Congrats from Bangladesh"
/Dr. Gazi Adil

/madhusudhanareddy induri

"congratulations sir!!!!!!"
/Ashish from Raigarh(India)

"congratulation and thanks for your conyribution."

"hi guys"
/sally pumkin


"I did my PhD with muscarinic receptors. I am proud of the contribution of Dr. Lefkowitz in this fiarea. Congratulations"
/Gustavo Bruges Ph.D

"Congratulations for your great achivement"
/Subramaniam, NuwaraEliya,Srilanka

"As a fellow researcher on GPCR, I sure am glad that somebody made it through. Gives us some measure of hope."
/Jun Li

"Many-Many congratulation for this job..............................."
/Kundan Pandey

"Robert and brian,you're a true inspiration for me " a medical student" who dreams about helping the world,thank you."
/Serag al din saeed

"congratulation sir. Great work! :)"
/Ferdinand Hiu

"Congratulations Sir..."

"many many Congratulations to boath of you.."

"very well done you brilliant people you are just ammazing mad scientests"
/jad mohtar

"Dear Drs, Great congratulations from IRAQ."

/Dr Hashem Shahroosvand

"Congratulations Bob! What an honor! I am glad to be able to say I have been associated with you at P & S. See you at our 50th!"
/Martin H. Max, M.D.

"Congratulations!!! People like you always motivate students like us.......... Thank you"
/Dhruba Jyoti Talukdar, India

"congratulations sir"
/s.koras india coimbatore

"congratulation sir. as a biochemist i'm feeling proud of you."
/Ahamed Ismail Hossain

"My congratulations! I wish you new useful investigations!"
/Ekaterina Chernova

"Congratulations Prof. Robert and Prof. Brian."
/Dr. Nwet Nwet Win, Yangon University, MYANMAR

/swathi ,india

"Rock on, bros!"
/Paul Moulton, USA

"Congratulations to Richard Belzer and Anderson Cooper for winning the Nobel in chemistry"
/Double Special Show

"good for you ! i'm a 7th grader so i only understood about 3/4 of that"
/Roger Zhang

"Your greetings. r rock."
/Animesh khandka

"Most heart-felt congratulations, and Thank you. Dr. Bob, you are such a treasure in our family."
/Deborah Partridge

"Congratulations from Mexico"
/T Sánchez

"congrats sir am really admire your work may u continue have more progress"
/buhari rasheed

"Congratulations! I envy you a lot."

"It's a greet achievment"
/Dr Hasan Riyad


/kapil bhanushali

/Peter G.

"This is real science!!!! Congratulations!!!"
/Andrea Almaraz (Mexican Ministry of Health)

"congratulation sir"
/Rajan kumar jha

"Heartful Congratulations to u Mr.Robert J.Lefkowitz and Mr.Brian K.Kobilka(NOBEL LAUREATES)!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"IS this really chemistry? Its great work but I'd argue its not chemistry."
/Ali H

"congratulation both of you"
/Monojit Das

"The both of you have shaped our way of thinking on GPCRs, and this prize is well deserved."
/Joris Robben.


"Congratulations from Universidad del Valle, in Cali-Colombia."
/Rubén Sánchez

"Congrats Dr. Lefkowitz and Dr. Kobilka for the wonderful research"
/Irfan Baig, Kentucky

"Congrats Sir Hope u win another nobel..........."

"both of you done a great job. yours will lead new research and on.and on.and will benefit millions of people around the world. u r god"
/govindan, Chennai, India

"Many-many congratulations to you sir.You are an inspiration to my life....."
/Saaket narnolia

"Congrats! Excellent work!"
/Yuanyuan Gu

"Congradulations and thank you ! :) :) <3"
/Nirmal Perera (2,4-DNP)

"Pozdravlenia iz Buryat-Mongolii!"

"Congratulation to both of you-from India"
/Dr.Suresh Tuwar,Karnatak science College, Dharwad,India

"hats off...... congrats for your contribution to mankind"

"congratulations and awesome work in chemistry......"

"He looks handsome"
/Handsome man sam

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