Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012
Robert J. Lefkowitz, Brian Kobilka

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 1285
"Noble prize Ground breaking Awards for a Mind blowing People in Planet Earth. My hearty wishes to all winners!"

"go !!! go !!! go !!!"
/Thomas Lo (Hong Kong)

"congratulations for the wonderful job...knowing about this awesome news i am really glad of both of you."
/shreya senapati

"Congrats ! I now updated so that many Japanese will know your great contribution to the world ! , not only Dr. Yamanaka(^^"
/Japanese Contributer-wanna-be

"Congratulations!! Chemistry is our future."

"Dear Bob and Brian, Congratulations on this phenomenal achievement."
/Patsy and Derek

"congratuation, i will be a member of you, fighting"

"congratulations. You deserve and you won it. I am proud to have worked at duke in 2003/2004 with prof. steven craig. "
/Taleb Al-Tel

"Hearty Congratulation"
/Ms NIvedita Chakraverty nivedita.chakravert

"Assalam Allykom Mabrook and Congratulations for you and for Human beings"
/Dr. Mahmoud Tanekhy, Egypt

"I, a lover of chemistry (age 12) congratulate you."
/Fahim, Bangladesh

"congrats sir........"
/Pawan Kumar

"The future lies in GPCR.. Congratulations!! you deserved it"
/Raja Rathore

"hello namasthe...... heartly wishes from all sceince lovers"
/Nayana Yadav

"Congratulations for the great work."
/Dr Rajib Bandopadhyay

"Greetings! Really the work in chemistry can explore the secrets of nature. Congratulations sir, for winning Nobel Prize."
/Vijai Agnihotri, Scientist, CSIR-IHBT Palampur, India

"Congrats sir..."

""Congratulations from Albania"

"thats gret job i wil do more than that"
/c anil kumar

/siva kiran

"Congrats sir"
/kunal priyadarshi

"CONGRATULATION ........................................................"

"Congratulations to both for your amazing contributions!"
/Jacek W., Vienna, Austria

/Kani U,india

"Congratulations Sir ..!"
/Dr. Anal K.Jha

"congratulations to both of u sir...great work....."
/sumanpothini, VIT university

"Congrats Doers"

"Please write in English. congratulation"
/Maria Acevedo

"congrats ...."

"great work cngrts"

"Nice work my brothers"
/Matt Dawg


/Parasmani Dangal, Sikkim

"Congratulations and thank you"
/Faramarz Javanmardi

"Good on you"

"sir robert and brian, i admire chemistry and i admire your chemistry co-works can redesign DNA, thanks a lot for sharing. auf wiedsehen."
/tao qin

"congrats sir"

"Salam alikoum , congratulationns , great work :)"

"congratulations,you are torch bearers of science."
/dheeraj kansal,india

"salam alaykoum , congratulation robert and brian great work ,"
/DR .chemakh-algeria

""Congratulations to both for winning Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012; Really you are doing good research work in Chemistry""
/mohd babu khan, pondicherry university.

""Congratulations to both for winning Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012; Really you are doing good research work in Chemistry""
/mohd babu khan, pondicherry university.

"Congratulations and thank you!"
/Doan (from Vietnam)

"Great work for mankind, Congratulations!"
/Awni Ranjan

"Congrats,dint of hardwork and passion,persistence pays,u have made a landmark in d world of biochemistry."
/Okereke Ikechukwu

"Congratulations guys"
/Dr Sajid

"congrats for moble prize."
/abhishek anand

"Steps in GPCR is going to be a future leap in the world of Medicines. Hats off to you, Robert and Brian.."
/Charles John Bhaskar, Geomarine Biotechnologies (P) Ltd

"congratulation sir."
/Urmimala Sen

"Youc rockzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz chemical as well as biology world."
/Nance.future nobel winner

"Congratulations sir..."
/Rubin Thapa Magar, Nepal

"Great work on GPCRs. So inspiring...."

"UMD and Duluth are so very proud of you! Wonderful!!"

""Congratulation Sir""
/Deepak Gond BSIP Lucknow


/Haider Raza

"Heartly welcome sir, to both of you:)"
/kundan pratap

"Congratulations with Respect from Athens.."

"congrats to robert and brain for ur work. it will help to society and researcher for further study."

"congrationalations our chemistry nobel prizes winners by heartfully"

"Congratulations, Mr. Lefkowitz! Your work has been so important for the current state of pharmacology particularly and medicine in general!"
/German Med Student

"Congratulations from UK"

"Great advance in Chemistry. Will have a huge impact for sure. Congratulations. God bless you both. Lots of love from India"
/Ashok Kumar Nanjundan

"Congrats from Pakistan"

"congradulations sir...this 21st century is specially for life"
/Haridas Mandal

"Congratulation Sir, Great Work!!!! We appreaciate your contribution and your struggle for mankind."
/Nadeem Khan

"Sir, accept my congratulations, god has selected you for such innovative findings, miracles and made History in medicine n drug devlopment."

"congrats! it's really awesome and you're super cool and i totally love you:***"
/emilie kronhjem

"Congratualtion. But I miss a single word about Laureats Rodbell and Gilman from 1994 discovering g-proteins at all..."
/G. Kääb

"We are group of Scientist in India working in field of Biology and Chemistry.Congratulations for your amazing discovery and achievement"
/Vishal Baxi

"Congratulations gentlemen."

"USA, Great winners!"
/zhu guqiang

"Congratulations great men. You truly have impacted much to the world. Wishing you all the best in life."

"I appreciate you and I thank U for Ur research God bless you"
/Girma Alemayehu

"Heartly congratulation sir."
/rupnar balaji d. lndia (maharashtra)

/P. Balaji, Chennai, India

"At 2021 i also win nobel prize."

"We teachers &Students Of UKATARSADIA UNIVERSITY_MALIBA-CAMPUS proud of you forgeting Noble Prize In Chemistry-Prof.K.R.Desai.SURAT"

"Congratulation For The Achievement.............................."
/Anjan Kumar Sarkar

"What an innovation! It will help a lot for living animal. I am working in this area."
/Susanta Chattopadhyay, schattopa@, Jadavpur University, Kolkata, India

/Abhijit paul

"I am proud to congratulate both of for awarding 2012 Noble for your wonderful work on G proteins. I pray almighty for good health to you"
/channabasava A Sahukar, Karnatak University, Dharwad India

"Congratulations sir for noble prize. hard work never goes unawarded"
/pradeep kumar

"Congratulations from Sri Lanka"
/Dr. A A P Keerthi

"congratulations, what a huge honor"
/Professor of chemistry-Iran

"Congratulations Sirs!!"
/Revathi Krishnan

"Congratulations to you both! Nice work on GPCR!"
/Prabal Bandyopadhyay, Indore, India

"Congratulation to the the scientists who won Noble Prize in chemistry for G-protein-coupled receptors"
/C N Laxminarayana,Dist. Science Officer, Gulbarga, Karnataka, India

"Congratulations to both of you for sharing Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2012; really you are doing excellent research in chemistry."
/Santosh K. Pagire

"Congradulation!!!. It's so amazing."
/Sheng-Fung Lin, MD

"Superb Sirs........"

"Heartly congradulations Sirs"


/Saravanan.S IICMS, Tamilnadu, India

"My heartiest Congrtulation"
/RC Yadav India


"Your hardwork has given us motivation...Thank u soo much and carry on such kind of discoveries..........good luck"

"i am palaniappan from india studyin ph.d in chemistry congratulations both my brother i am very bother in futrue lot invention waiting for y"
/palaniappan please reply palaniappan1983@

"Congratulations both of you.I am Monamee Banerjee.Working in PEAK CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES LTD.(Bio- fertilizer)"
/Monamee Banerjee

"congrats to both of you"
/Dipankar Manna, India

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