Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013
Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, Arieh Warshel

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 295

"Great job in everything you have accomplished even though i have no idea what it means!"

/Jean-Marie Lehn

"Hearty congratulation to your honour, and eatal"
/Khomne Navnath

/arvind sharma

"thanks for making panadol"

"Comr. Magu, Thomas Odey. A chemistry graduate from CROSS RIVER UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, Calabar. Nigeria, Africa."

"ok thank you very ]"

/Adarshi Dalai

"I am too young to congratulate these maestros . They are the inspiration of my life ."
/Anwita Roy

"My heartful congratulations to all members shareing nobel prize"
/B.prasada rao

"congratulation for the development model chemistry win nobel prize this year"

"Thank you for your contribution in chemistry. It's realy an inspiring thing!"

/Luis Miguel De Sande

"it is nice to know about complex chemical reactions theoretically, it is more economic to avoid trial & error methods in synthetic organic compounds, this soft ware is to be open to academic or research scholars. I think it avoid unnecessary expenditure on synthetic organic chemistry,"
/Bojja Rajeshwar Rao

"Good Job Bring the development to India"

"I have always wanted to be a forensic chemist and the Nobel for chemistry would be awesome."
/Grady Evans

"im a British guy my name is dickens junior i live in England and im really good at cemestry"
/Dickens Junior

"Thanks to your inventation for our chemistry"
/jayanta mondal ,india

"congrate Alchemy...."
/aboh mbo joseph,Nigeria.

"Wish your long life"
/Argha Roy from INDIA

"Congradulations to Martin Karplus Michael Levitt, and Arieh Warshel I'm excited about the new development I look forward for all that will be accomplish through the works of your hands May God bless you"
/John Urquhart

"hi i like chemistry........"

"Mazl Tov!"
/Morris Strauch

"congratulations...... u all r d inspiration to all d chemistry personnel....."

"collision theory"
/michael simon

"I have enjoyed following your work these many years. We actually met once in a small restaurant in downtown Grenoble, purely by chance."
/William Winter

"congratulation for 2013"
/Dimas Bagus Setiawan

"Congratulations, for your patient work towards your goal."
/Sandeep shravan

"I am a seventh grade student, and i am doing a reservch paper, and i though that for my topic it would be hard to find someone to do it on but i was wrong"
/Dalton Kiner

"Congrats! You are the best!"


/Himanshu Sekhar

/Ravindran kerala



"Congratulations! I'm a science communicator and preparing a cross word on Nobel Prize 2013 for Hindi science magazine 'Vigyan Pragati' (CSIR, India)."
/Dr. Sanjay Kumar

/Munikishore Rachakunta

"Congartulations! India rajasthan in jaipur in dadi ka phatak"
/Sachin meena

"Yo homeboys, So proud! CHEMISTRY REPRESENT!"

"congrats to all ... now we will b able to learn and understand protein binding and enzymatic reactions of the body and develop more efficient and specific drugs in pharmacy ....."

"Congratulations and Mazeltov to all three 2013 Nobel prize winners. Outstanding achievement and great lights for humanity and pride of the US, Israel, Europe and South Africa. Thank you and may you and your families be blessed."
/Rachel Chanin

"Congratulations on your well deserved recognition"
/Gabriel Balint-Kurti

"Congratulations from a retired metallurgist"
/John Bryant


/cake :)

"im am so happy"

/syed husnain raza shah

"Greetings and Congratulations"
/Taher Eldemerdash


"Congratulations! We benefit from your contributions to science and to the application of theoretical methods in chemical industry every day."
/DexLeChem's Research and Development Team

"We are very proud about your invention of Computerized Stimulation of molecules and so on"
/V. Chandrasekaran

"Umm hi. I'm doing a science project on your prize. so yeah i'm 13 years old."

/Bobbyboo Crusie

"Congrats on winning a Nobel Prize! We all apreciate all you guys have done to make the world a better place."

"well done on discovering the computer. it's such a great invention you should be very proud."
/jim jones

"Congratulations! The news came very aptly just before the 'Multiscaling' session at our Biological Diffusion and Brownian Dynamics Brainstorm (BDBDB3) meeting."
/Rebecca Wade

"Congratulations to the Israel chemists who have done it again even if they no longer live in the country."
/Hadassah Tannor


"Congrats, boys. You've done me proud."

"well-done and best of luck in future"

/Joe Salinas

/tyler wattersson

"Hello :)"
/Bob Schnab

"congrats to you people for contributing to theoretical chemistry and make us travel to the atomic level"
/Supriya Dey

"Congrats to Karplus,Levitt and Warshel. This could be an inspiration for those working in computational chemistry like us."
/Ajesh K Zachariah

"Dear Mr. Englert andHiggs, thank you a lot for taking humankind one step further"
/Diego Ocampo

"Congratulations to all winners. Let Chemistry make the world we live, a better place :)"
/Yathish Ullal

"may u win!!!!!"


"Dear Sirs, I congratulate you for stimulating the interests of many scientists all around the world on the use of computational tools in chemistry through your ground breaking contributions."
/Levent Cavas, DEU-Turkey

/Dr. Y.S. Prabhakar's Lab

"Your vision has been an inspiration. Congratulations to you."
/Eluemuno Blyden, PhD

"Congratulations, Chemists!"
/BANDA, Harrison


"many many congratulations of all of you , hats off to u sir..:-)"
/sanjay mishra

"Congratulations for outstanding acheivements"
/Prof. D. Ravinder, Head and Professor, Nizam College, Osmania University, Hyderabad-500001, India



"Congrats, I am from Iraq and I am interested in ur field a lot"

"green aspect to try this kind of research it will save more money and time and confusions and etc .. thank you sir god bless you sir"

"great job"

"Mazal Tov! I wish many more to the Israelis!"
/Mena Chem

"many many congratulation ...........computational chemistry has proven its mportance....."
/zaheer abbas

"my heartiest congratulations"
/Nasira Alvi



"Am Extremely Happy To see Martin Karplus As a Noble Laureate! You really deserve it sir!"
/Fawad Akram

"Congratulation and thanks for turning a new page of science."
/JC Cheng

"Thank you to create my better future."
/kisan desai

"Computation and experiment, these two complete the circle."
/Prakas Kumar Shee

"I am a senior in high school fascinated by molecular metabolism. Thank you to the genius nobel prize winners for giving us the proper view of ATP synthase!"
/Jorge Dardon

"thak uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu sir"

/Aslam Achkal

"workship is worship"
/Tushar Thakre

/Prakash India

/K M Taufiqur Rahman



"I congrats heartedly to the great chemists .marvelous work done by all the three scientest.great achievment."
/Sajjad ali (chemistry student)

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