Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013
Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, Arieh Warshel

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 295
"Congratulations Sir for the establishment of milestone in the field."
/Shrikant Maktedar

"hearty congratulations for your great achievement to all of you"
/Pushpa H.D.

"Sir, I am also from Chemistry background and always believe in doing something new. Very-very Congratulations from me and my company team "ambikan world""
/Nitin Saxena

"Congrats to the triplet for wonderful efforts!!1 truly inspired!!"
/Kusaji Raul

"Congratulations!!! Indeed it is novel work."
/Dr.A.K.Gupta, Head, Department of Chemistry, SGRR PG College, Dehradun 248001, INDIA


"molecules of hope and dream"
/jaleel uc

"Thank you for your hard work and dedication! All the best from a chemistry student"
/Sona Krakovska

"Congratulations... I am also a chemist...and Its my Dream to be Nobel Prize Holder... Pray for me...May Allah Bless You All"
/Rizwan Elahi

"congratulations for this remarkable achievement..."

"Congratulations Martin! David and I always knew that your wonderful science would be rewarded in this way. Best wishes, Elena"
/Elena Weaver

"god bless you"

"Congratulations from Dr. Tehseen Ahmed Assistant Prof. of Chemistry, University of Karachi Pakistan"
/Dr. Tehseen Ahmed

"congratulations!Happiest moment"
/nageswara rao

"congratulation Well done for the work you all accomplished to science."
/mohammed toubi

"Good job"
/Santiago Higuera Q

"Congratulations. MacArthur High School Chemistry Class"
/Dr. James Ripka

"Dear Dr. Levitt As a former South African practicing cardiology in New Jersey, I am so proud of your achievements and the award of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. My niece Ashley Jowell began her first semester at Stanford this year. She would be very fortunate to have you as one of her tutors! Kind regards Dr. Ian Joffe"
/Ian Joffe

"Yay computers"

"congratulations sirs"
/Atulkumar A Kamble

"Your work to humanity is really appreciated. I hope to see it outlive you. God bless you all"
/John Adetola

"Congrats, I now research computational biology, and your awarding encouraged me."
/Akihisa, Japan

"Congratulations and God bless you!"
/Erick Daniel

"Congrats! You made it."
/Bayo Omoyiola, Jr., Nigeria

"congrates.... great man"
/Suresh Madhu, NCL, PUNE

"Many congratulations"
/Shiva, NCL Pune

"Keep it Up. Kol Hakavod. (Hebrew.) We share your joy and are proud."
/Ram Ronen, California

"Congratulation and thank you for the development of new ways to do experiment. By the way, I would like to do my assignment in this topic !"
/Ken Leung

"This is really an inspiration to those who are working in the field of computational chemistry... congratzzz to laureates"

"congrats to all..............."
/dileep kumar.s

"Most sincerely I greet your wonderful achievement. People like you, with scientific passion are a great treasure for society."

"Congratulations!! Great recognition for your hard work!!"
/Shylaja Adaikalam


"Todas las felicitaciones a los ganadores"
/Claudia Ramírez Martínez

"Mazal Tov! May you go from strength to strength and continue to discover and inspire the next generation of Jewish scientist and scholars."
/Tovah Ahdut

"a long waited prize.congarts"
/dr.s.kabilan annamalaiuniversity


"Yishar Koach"
/Raphy Levine

"I'm working in the same area, you are my inspiration!! Best!!"

"Congratulations indeed on your newest honor! Thanks for your contributions."
/Jerome Strong

"i am proud you received the chemistry WEIZMAN INSTITUTE nobel prize"
/louis arnon

"Best wishes"
/elango munusamy

"Oh no! Fire!"
/Sandor Clegane

"a big black bug bit a blick black bear and the big black bear bled blood"
/say thats 5 times fast

"Congratulations! and greetings from Mexico :)"
/Paula García-Reynaldos

"Well done congratulations from my heart."
/Shakir Bukhari

"Congratulations and thank you for your enormous and important contribution."
/Shelley-Anne Harrisberg

"CONGRATS LAUREATES from RMSA,TN,India for YOUR EARLY LEAD SHOWING THE WORLD use of computers in Chemistry"

"Congrats on the long-awaited acknowledgement of your priceless work!"
/Dr. Maria Giovanna Ferrario

"Please send me your e-mail address so that I can send you the report in Die Burger of 10 Oktober 2013. I was in the same chemistry class as you at university."
/Hans van Rensburg

"Congratulations to all for the great achievements."

"Fight on!!"
/Eric Esajian

"Congratulations! I'm now writing about yours in our journal(Tech Space)"
/Nyein Chan(Editor-In-Charge ,Tech Space Journal) Myanmar

"congratulation to all 3 laureates. the work done by them will proved to be pioneer work in computational chemistry and help in rational design of drug compounds"
/paresh patel

"congrats... You deserve it...."
/Hadi Parastar

"Hello sirs.I am greatly astonished to see your discovery.Mr.Martin Karplus Mr.Michael Levitt and Mr.Arieh Warshel you all have shaped chemistry in today's era. You all are responsible for the development of multiscale models for complex chemical systems. I praise your joint your work and wish the best to you all in life. Keep discovering, keep inventing and always work in unity. :D"
/Aditya Bahali

"Great job gentlemans!"

"More than a prize! is a real recognition of a person."
/Fernando Bueno

"congratulations. This is the achievement of all computational chemists."
/Syed Tarique Moin

/Supriya Pratihar



"Lots of scientists, myself included, owe you a great deal for your talents, inspiration and perseverance. Thanks a lot and congratulations!"
/Federico Gago (UAH, Madrid, Spain)

/Lucia Elena Alvarado Arnez

"Mazal tov!! Three Jews. You are all brilliant and deserving."

"Congratulations, for gaining the nobel prize."
/Rajesh Kumar.Boddu

"Now we will be able to understand interaction among elements and compounds precisely."
/Dr Rakesh Trivedi

"congratualations! thid is a great contribution to cancer research!"

"Hearty Congratulations to Profs. Martin-KARPLUS, Michael-LEVITT & Arieh-WARSHEL for NOBEL PRIZE in CHEMISTRY and truely DESERVED recognition for thier TIRELESS efforts"

"Thank you for your great congratulations to Modern Chemistry."
/Xing Tang

"congratulations sir"
/jagadeesh senapathi from india

"congratulations sir"
/jagadeesh senapathi from india

"Congratulations for the breakthrough in Chemistry computational simulation that make better for drugs design in part!"
/CS Kuo, Taiwan

"congratulations sir"
/jagadeesh senapathi from india

"Congrats for all of you for the great achievement and work for understanding the chemical behaviours."
/C.Venkatesan, Tamilnadu science Forum


"Congratulation and thanks for great innovation which has improved pharmaceutical sciences to actually simulate how drug match to protien"
/Nilesh B. Shrigadi

"Congrats Sirs, pl keep it up for the society"
/Dr. G C Sahu

"Kudos to 2013 Laureates. This gives kick for all computational chemists to explore realms unexplored."
/Sairam Kalapatapu

"Congratulations to all three of you. It was really needed to have a model for complex systems. You have done tremendously great job. I am very happy with the subject for which you are awarded with the Nobel Prize."
/Ankita Das

"The laureates have shown that analytical thinking and computer modelling are important and, may, in future as important as or more important than experiments. CONGRATULATIONS to both laureates and the committee."
/K. Balaji Rao

"great job sir your research work is source pf inspiration of Young students like us"

"Martin - Mazel Tov on your Nobel.! You may remember me from long ago - I am John Kaplan's widow, and he would be SO PLEASED to know of your accomplishment and honor. With best wishes,"
/Betty Kaplan

"Many Many Greetings for your joint efforts towards refining science for establishing Heavenly world."
/Bhabatush Biswas

/Sher Singh Meena

"congractulations sir"

"fantabulous and Magnificent Achievement! Hats off to you for making mankind life easy by using your classical programs to calculate various plausible reaction pathways."
/Suresh Kumar R

"My heartfelt congs to your team."
/kamalraj Subramaniam


"Congratulation sir."
/Dr.Arti Shukla

"congrats sir may your work help people development technologies that help them to realize the dream of sustainable development"

/Fang-Jun Huo

"On our way through the world of the Structural Bioinformatics, we have had the honor to share with you events, learn from your research, your papers and books and train our students with them. Thank you! From this humble place on the planet, Uruguay, we celebrate for long-awaited and well-deserved award. We send our sincere congratulations."
/Margot Paulino

"I'm a budding scientist involved in computer chemistry. I'm happy to hear your honer and feel motivated !"

"congratulation to all"

"Congratulations, Sirs! Thank you for inspiring me to work hard and earn myself a Nobel. I'm a budding chemist and I hope I could get one."

"Congrats !!!! Enjoy this moment :)"
/Jacobo- Mexico

"Well done"
/Lochana Perera

"Congrats! You really deserve it"
/Alex Bires

"Congratulations to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel...!!!"
/Leyla Mohamed

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