Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013
Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt, Arieh Warshel

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2013 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 295
"Thanks guys. We really needed that."


"Congrats guys! I aspire to be a chemistry teacher when I grow up. Chemistry is my talent and passion and I love to share it with others. You guys are really the 'voice' of chemistry- being the overall leaders of our field. Your names will be remembered, just like Marie Curie, Harry Kroto, and even Linus Pauling. Thank you for what you just done for our subject that we all care about."
/Dean R. Jarois

"Awesome. I want to win sou"
/Sk A Hakim

"Mazel Tov!!!"
/Jehuda Abramovitch


"Congratulations to all!"
/Shoumik C.

"Hello. Congratulations on receiving or being a candidate to receive such an honor."

"Congratulations for all the laureates of 2013 Chemistry Nobel Prize! Thanks to your efforts I'm able to develop my undergraduate research program in theoretical chemistry which, each day, makes me more passionate about chemistry."
/Leonardo Cunha

"Congratulations on recognition of your pioneering work."
/Ram S. Upadhayaya

"Congratulation to Professors of chemistry for receive Noble Prize of Chemistry 2013. It is honor for all of humanity and scientists. Best Wishes, "
/Javad Aghamohammadian

"You are amazing! I am a college undergrad aspiring to become a scientist. You are my heroes."
/Madeleine Brodhead

"Congratulations for making better this world"
/Ruben Sanchez-Universidad del Valle Cali Colombia

"Congratulation sir, for your incredible achievement."
/jalaj gupta

/Alberto Podjarny

"Congratulations Dr. Warshel!! What you do is inspiring."
/USC undergrad student

"We wish to be like you all."
/Dharmendra Bhatt

"Congratulations Nice work . Abdul rauf pakistan."
/abdul rauf.

"Congratulations! Computational chemistry has expected for appreciation quite a lot."
/Dr. Vitaly V. Chaban

"Hello im a young chemist"
/Willum Tulson

/Ninja are kool

"Thank you for hel us to understand that we biochemists, chemists, biologists and mathematicians are closely related. Congratulations!"
/Isaías Peraza (Yucatan, Mexico)

"Congratulation A.W. You are awesome!!"
/Yuk Sham

"Proves that computers have some value! Conrats and enjoy Stockholm!"

"Invented beakers"
/Hailey Renard

"Congratulations !!!!"

"congratulation, thanks for great innovation and theory which has done great job in pharmaceutical sciences actully simulate how drug match with protein in the body."
/mohammad hadi darbari, shiraz/iran

"Congratulations for your works which help us understand the abstract theory."
/Xingyu Lu from China

"Congratulations Professors. I am really delighted to see that your work has been awarded with the highest honor in chemistry. I am a big supporter of multiscale modeling techniques and believe in it's power to provide insight of complex problems."
/Arnab Chakrabarty

"Congratulations to all. They have redefined the way science works - not just theory and experiment but also simulation modeling. A virtual science is born. The Nobel committee's decision is very much forward-looking."

"Greetings from Brazil!"
/Marcos Vinícius Petri

"Welcome I guess I'm doing a report I'm 12 and ya? Do I win a Nobel prize arward now?"
/Brooklyn Young

"Thank you for your contributions to theoretical chemistry!"
/Monica So

"what dose the fox say ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding"
/the fox

/Wilson Weiss

"Thank you for helping out all chemistry students. The fact that chemical reactions can be understood in a better way through computational calculations will help us improve our knowledges and will give us an opportunity to "see" what happens a bit less abstract. Greetings and congratulations from a female Colombian student."
/Karen Patino

"congratulation sir"
/Deepak Kumar, South Korea

"Congratulation to all Nobel Laurette. I.m very happy to know your name"
/Dr. K. P Sharma

"My homework was to find out who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Congratulations!"

"Many many congratulations to the trio!"
/Mehul Soni

"Hi there how are you doing??"
/Tara Goodrich


"Great job! Thank you for the contributions to chemistry and biochemistry."
/Rodrigo Vinícius

"To M.K. : Bravo Martin, j'ai toujours cru en la grande qualité de tes travaux !"
/Adrien Schmitt

"Congratulations Arieh Warshel! I'm a friend of Igor Schapiro and he told me about your work and that he follows your steps :) ! Excellent!"
/Maria Castro

"proud of u sir"

"My full and warm congratulation to all of the three Nobel laureates for their great work in theoretical computational chemistry work ,.after"

"Congratulations and wish you good luck for all your future endeavours"

"Martin Karplus Michael Levitt Arieh Warshel Congrats to all of you!!!"
/vidya Avasare India

"hi man your so old i cant belive that"

"Congratulations from Zhou Guanhuai, the most crazy fan of Nobel Prize in this world, undoubtedly !!!"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Congratulations Sirs."
/Dhakshina Moorthy C

"Congratulations!!! Uderstand how the world works (even in a quantum state) and simulate in a computer is incredible!!!"
/Ricardo Garcia from México city

"Congratulations from South China Agricultural University in Guangzhou China, which is founded in 1909."

"Congratulations Sirs."

"A nice recognition to the contributions of theory and computation to chemistry and biochemistry!"
/Ramon Crehuet

"Drs Karplus, Levitt and Warshel: Have been a fan of your work since I first became in interested in chemistry and biology. Kudos on this long deserved recognition."
/Daniel Isaac

"Congratulations to the three laureates and all the theoretical and computtional chemistry community."
/Bernardo Herradon


"Congratulations for your Great Work. Hopefully we are going to know how the proteins are actually working properly in near future."
/Dr. Samiran Mondal

"Congratulations!! "
/Supa Hannongbua



"Congratulations for their great research from theoretical and experimental point of view"
/Armando Ariza-Castolo

"Many Congratulations!!!"
/Venubabu Kotikam

"Congratulations!!! I am very delighted to hear the news. Best Wishes."
/Len Dugad

"Congratulation!! And best wishes!!!!"
/Lukasz Siepietowski from Poland

"Best wishes for your effort."

"Hooray for QM/MM!"

"As a second year chemistry student I just this week came across the Karplus equation in NMR, the name jumped out at me straight away. Grats"
/Bertie Wooles


"mazal tov ! good work !"
/oriel from jerusalem

"Congratulation to trio for you service to Science and Humanity... You deserve it.."
/Arvind Kumar

"congratulations to all of u sir"

"Congratulations !!"

"congratulation to all of you"


"My Hearty Congratulations!!!"
/Balamurugan Arthanareeswaran

/Shefali Kumar

"Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!"
/Zhou Guanhuai

"Congratulations for your prize from your dedication and thank you for the great step of chemistry you make."
/Pongsathon Boonrod

/Li-Dong Gong

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Noama Khan, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Noama Khan

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Hajira Khan, Indian School Salalah, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Hajira Khan

"Heartiest Congratulations!!! From Sameen Ahmed KHAN, Salalah College of Technology, Salalah, Sultanate of OMAN."
/Sameen Ahmed Khan

/Zhou Guanhuai


"Congrats to all the professors...."
/Gopinath Sampathkumar

"Wish you all the best"

"Congratulations to quantum and classical chemistry!"
/DR Quan-Fang Wang

"Congrats to all of the winners!"


"congratulation sir"
/vijay patna

"Many Many congratulation sir"
/Deepak Kumar, South Korea

"Congrats sir"
/Sai Ananth

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