Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2014
Eric Betzig, Stefan W. Hell, William E. Moerner

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2014 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2014 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 330
"Congratulations for great work...."
/Manjunath S

"Congratulations.....your aunt Marie is very proud and shared the news to me. I was so happy to know."
/Peggy J. Hanzelman

"Congratulation Professors""


/shashi munuya

"Congratulation Professors"

"Congratulation and heartiest greetings."
/Purba J Saikia

"Your nameyou did very well how do you do that... some day I want to receive a nobel prize but just some day..."
/korean student ???

"Congratulations! Never stop thinking."
/Robert Reed and Elizabeth Burak

/Everybody at Stanford

"Congratulations You deserve it."
/Francis G Benjaminm Lecturer, GPUC, Amrutha, Karnataka, India

"Congrats to all of them and more success"
/Ahmed Zaed

"Though it was predicted that the Nobel Prize would be given to Betzig et al because 2015 is the year of light, I think that their discoveries changed the direction of the History."
/Houcemeddine Turki


"Much appreciation for your work. This motivates, not only me, but the world."
/Abraheem Khouqeer

"Congratulations Eric Betzic, Stefan W. Hell & William E. Moerner of Chemistry Nobel Laureates in 2014."
/Sumer Alam, Syed Alam & Zaid Alam

"Thank You for giving hypermetropia glasses to all chemists"
/Alvaro Sponza

"You Enlighted the microchemistry & biochemistry to new extent & era ...... Thank YOU for ur all dedication towards workship of subject"
/Rudresh Dixit


"Great Service to Humanity-I hope your work and achievements inspire others to invest their energies in Science so as to explore and discover new avenues for the betterment of mankind."
/Baber Ali Khan Khattak (Nowshera-Pakistan)

"Congratulations sirs, For a mile stone in Microscopy."
/Dr. Naresh Butani

"Congratulation, Scientists like you are the true inspiration for future generations"
/Swathi Raj

"Congratulation Eric, Stefan and William. Your research certainly helps human being to fight with disease"
/Dr.Pravin Bochiya, India

"Many many Congratulations."
/Jalaj Gupta

"Congratulations, W.E.! Your high school classmates are proud."
/Melissa Pittard


/Dieter Pohl

/Ibrahim Abdel-Rahman

"Professors, congratlation and thank you for making biology accessible to the visually inclined."

"this invention can greatly & really advance the imaging technology of bio samples. Hearty congratulations to the inventors."
/Vadde Ramu

"My heartiest congratulations for achieving such a great height in research...."

"Thunder is good, thunder is impressive, but it is a lightening that do all works through white light of LED. "Congratulations to all of you" Really useful work for society."
/- Satish Lanke, India

"Congratulation Stefan Hell, I am so proud of you !"
/Ion Popa, Quebec/Canada

"Congratulations for your win and thanks for your discovery. You have made life better for humanity."

"Congratulations! I want to be like you oneday!"

"Thanks alot for your immense work on this field. Alhamdulillah. Science is glorious and wish you all."
/Ashik Sarkar, Mathematics student.

"Congratulations to the Laureates. A special one to Eric Betzig.Janelia Farm Stand Up!!!"
/Anthony Ekene Onyeahialam

"Congratulations to all three great scientists! However, there is big discrimination! Xiaowei Zhuang should be one of them!!!! Nobel game!"
/Miller Chang

"Hats off to you laureates, I've got inspiration from you :) Congratulations..."
/Shrikant Kanawade, Pune

"As an instructor of anatomy and physiology I think it is important to occasionally pause and tell students what is not known. Many of the questions that have been unanswerable now have the possibility of being answered. Congratulations on the recognition of your work."
/Daniel Brouse

"Congratulations for the new greatest scientist in Chemistry. You are so inspiring and I hope to follow your record on Nobel"
/Wahyu DIta Saputri

"You made microscopy so powerful that we can track lives out of minutes, seconds, ...Wonderful job done. Nobel committee has recognized the latest findings so early, in awarding this phenomenal feat!"
/Subbaiah Edupalli

"Your contribution to society is magnificent. Heartiest Greetings !"
/Sanjiv K Jain

"Congratulations for all the three scientists and from my point of view, especially for Stefan Hell, a native of my hometown, Arad !"
/Dr. Róbert Hallai , Hungary

"Profeso Moerner Born in Pleasanton Work @ Stanford!! How wonderful it is!! Congratulations!!!"

"Inspires us to never cease to innovate, humanity depends on it. Congratulations!"
/M. Lannom

"It's the great zeal for us. Our scientist making the pioneer for next generation.."

"Congratulations to this amazing achievement, Prof. Eric Betzig, Prof. Stefan W. Hell, Prof. William E. Moerner"
/Mostafa Fathi / Moroccan scientific community

"first congratulations and sir how i can become a physicst i like physics, but i got less marks in it ,if marks can compare my knowldge."

"good job our scientiste"
/azzeddine fertah

"congrats wishing the best in your career"
/dr bamiro

"Inspiration for researchers worldwide - Thank you and Congratulations."
/Tom Fleming

"Keep it up, Good Going Congrats"
/Zubair Anwar

"Congratulations! Nobel fellows for giving the world a sharper vision."
/Sanjeev Kumar

"congrtulation ! to all Respected 2014 Nobel Laureates"
/Kavita jain Department of chemistry Dr. Harisingh Gaur Central University ,sagar

"Congratulations to three of you in inventing this specially powerful microscopy which has led to even more astonishing discoveries in the vast field of biomedical research for worldwide benefits of humankind .... Cheers!"
/(Prof) Dr Harry KK Yeo / Kuala Lumpur

"Congratulation sir"

"Heartly Congratulations to Mr. Eric Betzig, Mr. Stefan W. Hell and Mr. William E. Moerner"
/Ejjirothu Srihari

"Year of recognizing the contribution of optical applications in our life. Blue LED in Physics and STED in Chemistry."

/Murtaza Sayed

"Congratulations to all. From students and teachers of Chemistry, University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan."
/Kh. Ansar Yasin

"we congratulate the great invention of an optical microscope into a new dimension using fluorescent molecules."
/Dr.Benarji Patrudu Tammina , GITAM University, Hyderabad campus, INDIA

"Hearty Congratulations ! Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. We wish you many years of great achievements."

"Congratulations to all three! Indeed your invention of nano-resolution microscopy has taken imaging to an all together different level."
/Abbas S. Kabir

"congratulation best wishes for you"

"Herzlichen Glückwunsch für die tolle Idee und Umsetzung. Deutschland darf mal wieder stolz sein..."
/Dr. Viktor Keimes / Köln

"Congratulations. You are our inspiration to look a step ahead in life and make wonders."
/Deepjoy Das

"Congratulations! Prof Eric, Stefan and Moerner for outstanding contribution towards energy!"
/Balaram Takale@Mumbai

"Congratulation for your discovery which gave the world to study nano-science."
/Amit Gupta

"It's a great achievement. You keep going. Really an inspiration"
/Hammad Ali Hassan, MS Bioinformatics

"Tot Banatu-i fruncea!... Felicitari pentru Hell, Betzig & Moerner!"
/Rusu Daniel

/ng ngashangva

"Hearty Congratulations for your work and the spirit you have on research. Keep it up Sir and expect some more achievements in near future..."
/Sudalai Kumar PhD University of Hyderabad

"congrats for there great work for studying very very small things"
/Surendra manabolu

"Glückwünsche aus Deutschland! Wir sind stolz auf Sie."
/Alida D. Schwarz

"Congratulations to the winners"


"Congratulations. You make the world look forward to better tomorrow ."
/sukhdev mehta

"Dear Eric, Stefan, and WE, Warm greetings with the great and well deserved success. == Mark"
/Mark Stockman



"Congratulations to the laureates for their outstanding research accomplishments thereby making life easy for the future generations !!!"
/Kapil Sayala

"congratulation prof"

"This is greatest achievement in the nanotechnology basically in medical field. So that congrats these scientist by heart and love."
/Shamkumar Pandurang Deshmukh Solapur Maharasthra India.

/Kate Agnelli

/Amber Chu

"Congratulations! Your work has given insight to an on-scale world of chemical behavior. An amazing triumph for furthering our understanding."
/Jacob Cox

"Congratulations from Puerto Rico."
/Milton E. Rosario Sanchez

"hi , congrats for your develpment and I wish take noble in toxicology"
/Ibrahim Usama

"I'm a chemistry student, and you're an inspiration for me and for all students that want to be a scientist. Congratulations from Brazil."

/khalil bouzazi

"well done..."
/sneha sudheer

"Congratulations Prof. Betzig, Prof. Hell, and Prof. Moerner on a well-deserved honour! Thanks for revolutionizing microscopy and imaging."
/Mohammad Shaban

"Optical microscopy is my favorite research topic. I wanted to congratulate all the three researches, who put effort for important chemical improvement. You will always be a true inspiration for all the young researchers worldwide."
/Ramya Billur, University of Louisville

"Congratulation, Stefan! That's a great appreciation of you breakthroug contribution to microscopy. Thank you for letting me participate in early days STED research. Was a great time!! Your PhD student, Marcus"
/Marcus Dyba

"Congratulations Eric Betzic, Stefan W. Hell & William E. Moerner of Chemistry Nobel Laureates in 2014."
/Sumer Alam, Syed Alam & Zaid Alam

"My congratulations to all the Laureates. You are the candle that light up the future of science."
/Jaouad Anissi

"it is a dream becoming real...congratulations eric, willy and stefan ...alby"
/Alberto Diaspro, IIT

"Congratulations, sirs! Job well done!"
/Zachary Hardy

"Congratulations geniuses!"

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