Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2015
Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich, Aziz Sancar

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2015 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, greetings to the new Chemistry Laureates poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2015 Nobel Laureates in Chemistry

Number of greetings: 401
"As someone that is pursuing her studies in this field, all of you have re-encouraged my discouraged heart and have given me something to work towards to. Thank you!"
/S.N. Flecha


"Hearty congratulation to Nobel laureates for your noble work. You did great job, a wonderful contribution to serve humanity"
/Niaz Ali Adil

"Good Job"
/Mayank Mihir

"Congratulations! I am doing a presentation of this in our class and it is such an honor to present this amazing discovery! Thank you so much"
/Rabigh F. Kangleon

"well done. Great inspiration I have now and hoping to do the same."
/Shadreck Sinkala

"Respected Sir, Congratlations and hope to get new hopes for the recovery of paralytic patient."
/Professor Sartaj Tabassum

"Many congratulations to both of you for getting this prestigious award of this universe.God bless you."

"Congratulations to all"

"You & Your works remembered endless...!"

"Congradulation....Great job (Y)"

"Aziz sancar may not have a lifetime left long enough to see a cure for cancer but, he is one of the greatest scientists of all time with his colleagues."
/Alper akbay

"congratulation to all of u"
/madhu mamta


"Truly magnificent to have people like Paul Modrich, Aziz Sancar, Tomas Lindalh who are working for the welfare of the world. They are an inspiration to the world. a lot of greetings to them for winning the Alfred Nobel Prize"
/Shreya Srivastava


"Congratulations uncle Sancar!! Me and hussein are so happy for you."

"Congratulations to these three excellent academics. I was pleased to have learned a lot about DNA repair in a biochemistry class earlier this year. Please know that your research is studied even by those doing their first degree!"
/Yusuf Nasihi

"being a biotech techno, i am quite impressed from this discovery. a big big congratulation."
/Vinod joshi

"Congratulations to the trio - I'm so happy as a DNA repair researcher to see this prize given out - congratulations!! why is Phil Hanawalt not included!?"

"Congratulations all nobel prize winners"

"Lots of wishes n blessings"

"Wow ...this kind of research was a miracle hreat job done"
/Sarthak Kalamkar

"Thank you for your ground breaking findings. I have the MSH2 gene disorder and was diagnosed with the Lynch Syndrome. It provides hope."
/Janet Pace

"Congratulations Thanks for all your great efforts."
/Sameh Esmail

"Tebrikler & congrats"
/Cihan Batman

"Great, if dna can be repaired then we can conquer the cancer"
/Priyabrata Panda,NSCB College,Odishs,India

"Congrats...Thanks for discovering the amazing mechanism of DNA repair..May God bless"

"greeting to all chemists winning the great prize."
/Rashid Ahmad

"May your contributions lead towards a cancer free society in future"

"Looking forward to see Dr.Sancar's private oscar for Circadian Clock-cancer relation!"
/Ahmet Atik

"Congratulations to all Nobel Laureates for 2015. As a young scientist this is great advancement in DNA"

"Thank u all and may u all flourish with more evidence s in treating cancer"

"Congrats sirs for noble discovery"

"Discovery of DNA repair within the cell has now come to us clearly. Thanks to tyhe Researchers."
/Dr Prabhat Kumar Ray

"Very very congratulations sir"
/rishabh mishra

"Thanks for all u have done in chemistry which has helped me out in biology"
/nuraiz pu milagres

"Thank you sir for solving on of the mysteries of mother nature"

"Congratulations for the good work.."
/Liz Apriati

"Congratulations for their achievements.It will inspire young researchers"

"Great :)"

"Congratulations sir.."
/Swati Katoch

"Great achievement. Congratulations"
/Esperance Munganyinka

"congrats nobel laureates"

"DNA repair is a very complicated subject. My complement to all scientists. Congrats"
/Murlidhar wadhwani

"Great honour for human life"
/Bindu R Krishnan

"Congratulations Dr. Modrich. You are an absolute inspiration."
/Duke University

"Your dedication, enthusiasm and insight are really inspiring. I wish you many years of great achievements!"
/Vinita Jagtap

"Give ambition others"

"Congratulations...Tomas Lindahl, Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar for having mapped, at a molecular level, how cells repair damaged DNA and safeguard the genetic information. Your pioneer work has provided fundamental knowledge of how a living cell functions and most important that is used for the development of new cancer treatments..."
/Dr Dipankar Das

"keep doing your honest work......damn inspired by ur work..."

"Congratulations on grt Achievement! I too work on DNA repair genes in Prostate and bladder cancer"
/Rama Devi Mittal

"Congrats, chemists! "
/Raji Heyrovska

"Congrats to all the three for the die hard work in the new concept of DNA repair"
/Er. Naveen Chezhian

"Congratulations. Done well for human race"
/Nidhi Thakur (india)

""Congratulation! Thank you for putting across to us the mechanism of DNA repair. ""
/Dina Saroj

"Congratulations! your work help to understand better the mechanism for cancer development and prevention."

"Congrats Aziz Sancar! You honored all Turks"
/Fulden Gural/ Gazi University

"Congratulations!! I love chemistry! I´m a biochemist :)"

"congratulations on you"

"After long time a more step we proceeding in genetics thanks to these."
/malay singh

/Dr. Toshinobu Obata

"Hello, on behalf of my fellow UTD students, we would like to thank you for your contributions, dedication, and hard work into this study!"
/Benjamin Hong

"Congratulations and thank you!"

"You all are great.. u have done great job.. heartly congratz"
/Sidra noureen

"What a moment to start teaching DNA repair to our students at Bombay College of Pharmacy!!!! Congratulations and respects to all the winners"
/K Iyer, BCP, Mumbai

"Many Congratulations !!!"
/Bhumika Patel

"Heartly congragulations to you all trio genius for winning the Nobel prize in chemistry . Best reagrds."
/Mohammed Ashfaque

"Congratulations, as Turkish Nation we're so proud of you,"

"Really a remarkable work in the frontier area"

"Many congratulations on your consistent work--from Chemistry, Uni of AJ&K, Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, a growing university of a remote part."
/Dr. Kh. Ansar Yasin

"thank you all for giving path ahead for millions of people"

"The physics nobel is fantastic: now we can work in demonstrate if neutrinos are itself their anti-neutrinos then we can explain anti-matter!"
/Maria Paz Casals

"Congratulations Sir for your revolutionary research for Science! BANGLADESH.."

"Congrats to three of u Sir, I believe ur work 'll guide, 'll throw light on Cancer Research and 'll strengthen the basics of concept of cell"
/Nilesh Narayan Petkaf

"Hearty congratulations, Dr.Modrich for the marvelous contribution to the science of DNA Repair! It is indeed a well deserved award for your prodigious devotion to science."
/Thulasi G Pillai

"Fight against cancer not over yet !!thanks to lindahl,modrich, needs people like U..."
/Awhan sarangi

"Just one word..... congratulayions sir"
/Kashif Iqbsl

"Congratulations to all the Chemistry Nobel Laureates"
/Dr.Sa.K.Narayandass, India

"Congratulations to all the 2015 Nobel Laureates. You are working very hard for a new wonderful world."
/Ana M. Rojas, chemist

"Thanks to Turkish born professor good luck"
/?smail cem

"Congratulations! Your insightful discoveries in DNA damage and repair have made enormous impact on various disease treatments! Very inspirational.."
/Malathy Sridhar

"The scientific data resulting from your research will make the world a better place for everyone. Congratulations."
/José Carlos Oliveira

"dear dr.aziz sancar Nobel laureates, hearty congrts from india. we need ur guidelines for the future cancer research work. God bless u."
/ research-lung.

/PROF. T.C.Arul.m.pharm,phd-cancer research,

""Congratulations for your prize and thank you for your brilliant contribution to scientific communit...""
/Reza Hosseinpour / Iran

"Congratulations...for mechanistic studies of DNA repair". amazing and great..."
/mert ulas

"Yery very congratulation to tomas lindhl,paul modrich and aziz sancer"
/umenra nishad

"excellent work....clarified deep insight into the mechanism opens up a new avenue...Thank you"

"The world is looking up to you. Congratulations!"

/Harish . N

"Path breaking work! Congratulations!!"
/NT, Troy, MI

"Congratulations to the laureates! I wish I could create a break through achievement like you all some day!"

"Congratulaion, to all who spent his life for "DNA repair". now we can repair human life."

"congratulation, to all dear scientist and co worker who make it possible.Now we will able to repair the human life."

"Congratulations. icbm INDIA"
/Biswajit Mondal

"Sincere congratulations to all laureates. Your discoveries of DNA repair are very important to the world. Thank you for your amazing works."
/Dian Anggraini

"congratulation to all scientist to got Nobel prize . such a great respect to science"

"CONGRATULATIONS for this achievement"

"Understanding DNA repair had helped us go much further in molecular biology. Thank you guys :)"


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