Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2010
Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen, Christopher A. Pissarides

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, more than 500 greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 472
"Congratulations philosophers!"
/naveen adhikari, tribhuvan university, nepal

"Congratulations to all the Nobel Laureates for their remarkable and epch making achievements from N. Santhosh, India "
/N. Santhosh

"Congratulations Mr.Christopher A. Pissarides"
/Muhammad Akram,Pakistan

"Congratulations to all the prized great professor!"

"Congratulation from the University of Zurich, Switzerland, for your great researches and for your Nobel Prize!"
/Alain from Vuisternens-Romont


"Congratulations from Luanda, Angola."

"God bless you! Congratulations! From the UNIST in Korea"


/Warwick Economist

"congratulation for taking economic science higher; giving solutions to new problems (from Nairobi ,Kenya -Africa"
/Ngubia Koffia

"Really very good search for those three economists without frictions"
/Yasu Sakai, Kyoto

"Professor(s)!! Congratulations"
/Surender, IFMR

"Congratulations to all three great men, Prof. Diamond, Mortensen, and Pissarides!!!"
/Jing Zhao from LSE

"Congratulations! I have been inspired by the work you have contributed to public economics."
/Vathana Roth-Cambodia

"Congratulations from Greece, especially prof. Pissaridis!"

"congratulations from Ankara, Turkey"
/isil- Bilkent University

"Is brilliant minds like yours we need! Congratulations to all three of you! from Limassol, Cyprus"
/Iphigenia Smith

"Congratulations! At last people and their common exitential issues got a place ...Thank you ..."
/Bishwajit Chowdhury, INDIA

"Dale - Congratulations from the California Mortensens!"

"Very useful and intresting theme ,Congratulations to you!"
/Rich Qian (From China)

"Dale T !!!!!!"

"Congratulations for u, I'm sure u worked hard to achieve this prize. I'm really very proud of u"

"Congrats from Thailand"
/DMP Model enthusiast

"Special congrats to Chris Pissarides, from a proud former student at LSE."
/Filippos Petroulakis

/Jack Seow

"congratulation from Cyprus, Ministry of Finance"
/Your name Themis Theodosiou (econ UW Canada)

"Congratulations to Dale Mortenson from your fellow Beta from Willamette University"
/Carl Geist

"Congratulations Profs! Your contributions have been my inspiration first as a PhD student and later as an assistant professor. Thank you."
/Hussien Hamda komicha (SLU Alumni, Sweden, a country of Nobel)

"Well done Professor Pissarides!"
/Fabian Munzinger - LSE alumni

"Congratulations!!! from Buenos Aires"

"Congrats to all the three scholars for their colossus achievement."
/Your name Profesor R.B.Jain, LSE Alumunus 1966-67.

"Congratulations! Maybe there's an interesting integration of search frictions with collective impact of human biases and irrationalities."
/Manish Godha

"Congratulations from Cochin University of Science and Technology, India"


"Congratulations Sirs from Pakistan"
/Dr. Nadim Hanif

/Mayur Pushpak Shah

"Best Wishes Gentlemen—Great Contribution!!! City University of New York"
/Soloman Kone

"Congratulations from Los Angeles, CA!"
/Ankur Kohli

"Congratulation from Indonesia"
/Hikam Masrun

"congratulation for getting recognized for the contributions you made to the field of economics"
/kathelein, McMaster University, Canada

"Congratulations! The the (Labor) Markets with Search Theory" can be used to used to create the Management Robot Information Modeling (MRIM)."
/Mr. Li Dongqiang

"Congratulations from China."
/South China Normal University


"congratulations from INDIA"
/Abhishek Bhardwaj

"Congratulations from University of Bucharest, Romania"
/Cristian Medelean

"Congratulations from University of Bucharest, Romania"
/Cristian Medelean

"Congratulations from University of Bucharest, Romania"
/Cristian Medelean

"Congratulations from China and LSE Alumni!!"
/Gang Jin

"Congratulations!!! Thank you for your outstanding contribution!!!"
/Jin-Li Hu, National Chiao Tung University, TAIWAN

"Congratulation From Canada Ontario."
/Siavash Amon

"Congratulations to all of you to win this prestigious award.for you people the world is still a better place. from the people of Bangladesh"
/Redwana Huq

"We got one more chapter to sutdy in Econ books~!!WOAW"

"Congratulations to you three for a tremendous success. From the people of Bangladesh"
/Redwana Huq

"Congratulations from Nigeria!"
/OMIGIE,Osabuohien Osas'

/Jack Li from HK

"Prof. Mortensen's photo was so cute. Why changed it?"
/Fan of Dale

"Congratulations to the eminent economists for their achievement and contribution to the field of economic science"
/s.ramasamy, dept. pf economics,, mayiladuthurai, tamilnadu, south india - 609 305;

"Congratulations~!! 노벨경제학상을 축하합니다! Analysis of Markets with search fricitions, hope this can be a clue to figure out the recent problems."

"Congratulations to the 2010 Laureates in Economic Sciences. It was the opportunity to value the research on employment."
/Jorge A. Urrutia / CHI


"Congrats, Prof.Pissarides,"
/Ming.LSE Alumni

"Congrats to all three brilliant economists! You all look so smiley & nice in your pictures- I hope I can one day meet any one of you!"

"I wish in Argentina CFK takes note and asks for advice,else..."
/Miguel Corsi

"Congratulations to three brilliant minds. Well deserved recognition indeed!"
/Mark Roden

"Congrats from Canada - you have made many aspiring economists proud!!"
/Fadi Dawood

"Hearty congratulations. India's problem is 'large population' and the associated economic scarcity of labour. This is puzzling."
/mysore g chandrakanth, university of agricultural sciences, bangalore, India

"Grattis Nobel Committee - utmärkt val. Tack"

"Congratulations from YangZhou JiangSU China"

"Synharitiria to all 3 from Rhode Island. Your work is so needed!!"
/Lefteris Pavlides

"Congratulations from Indonesia, Good Job Gentlement !"
/Belawan, Medan

"Hey. congratulations. We need good policies to make the world economy start growing again"
/Wilton Mwema Mbinda

"Congrats from Lhasa, Tibet."
/Free Tibet

"Congratulations on behalf of M Phil students @ Lahore School of Economics"
/Abdullah Khan

"Great model for measuring economic health, oustanding research!"
/The Artist Carbon, Shante' Gustafson 2010


"Congratulations, you all deserve it!"
/Mahpud, Jakarta, Indonesia

"Congrats!, my professor from University of Melbourne predict all of you will get the prize, I am so exciting to know you get this year prize"
/Chamadanai, Uni Melb & Macquarie Uni Australia

"Congratulations from a Brazilian PhD Candidate which is very interested to get to know the details of your theory. Best Regards!"
/Roberta Dalla Porta Grundling

"Congrats to all three... !! and thank you for your contribution to the world!"

"Congratulations to Dale Mortensen and Chris Pissarides for their work on Search theory!"
/Raja Junankar, Sydney, Australia

"Dudes, you rock!!!"
/Johnny Vee

"Congratulations fror yourNobel pirze form México City"
/Jorge Muñoz

"Thank you for your contributions to the world. Congratulations for achieving the world's recognition."
/João Ruivo

"its the unemployment ... congratulations from Melbourne"

"Congratulations to alla! Συγχαρητήρια κ. Πισσαρίδη από την Ελλάδα!"
/George- Doctor from Greece

"Peter, remember those Nairobi days? We "knew" it would happen. Congratulations with your co-winners."
/Leo Mureithi

"Peter Diamond is a very conventional, mainstream neoclassical economist. It is time to relax the mainstream constraints. Congratulations!"
/Chandrashekar (Chandra) Tamirisa

"Congratulations to all of you, and especially to the European, Cypriot, professor Pissarides!!"
/Evelin, Perth Australia

"well done. congrats from Uzbekistan!"

"it was so great to see that i won the science award thanks again for this"

"Congrats from Indonesia ..."
/Jose Rizal Joe

"Congratulations from Perú UNMSM"
/Roberto E. Pretell

"Congratulations from Bandung, Indonesia."
//yayan satyakti

"Congrat from Macquarie Uni, Australia; actually my professor predict all of you will get the prize, I am so excting!"

/Kristijan, Serbia

"Congratulations from Tokyo"

"Congratz dawg"
/Ja rule

"Συγχαρητήρια κύριε Πισσαρίδη. Κάνατε όλους τους Έλληνες περήφανους !"

"merit for these productive efforts, comes on due time, congratulation"
/ahmed zejly

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