Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2010
Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen, Christopher A. Pissarides

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, more than 500 greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 472
"Congratulations to all economists particularly those in the Nobel Proze trio,"
/Francisco J. Melendez/Mexico

"You will be remembered for years to come. From Decades to decades. What a great achievement. Congratulations to all three of you."

"Congratulations from Ukraine!"

"Congrats from Monterrey, Mexico."

"Congratulations! From Allentown PA..From the mom of the director of the u-tube video " Fear the boom and the bust""

"Congratulations from Romania!"

"Felicitaciones desde Paraguay!"

"Congratulations from La Paz, BOLIVIA"
/Andres Peñaranda

"MIT affiliates capturing the Nobel Prize in Economics 3 years in a row!! Proud to be an MITer! Congras!"
/-an MIT Junior

"Congratulations Prof. Diamond! From an MIT undergrad!"
/Javier E. Ramos

"Congratualtions, and i hope to study under the auspices of one of the best economists in the future"

"Congratulations. Greetings from Mexico City, Mexico"
/Juan José

"congratulations from pamukkale University, TURKEY"

"Congratulations from a Mexican LSE alumnae !!!"
/Luisa Montes LSE 92-93

"Congratulations! I am a labor student and am reading your papers! Amazing!"
/Madison Student

"Parabéns. Congratulations from Brazil. I appreciate your work. Well deserved!"
/MB Souza, Rio de Janeiro

"Dear Professor Diamond, Welcome to Nobel Cohort of MA! Please join Prof Solow + 12 others in Nobel Laureates School Visits! Best regards Ed"
/Ed Shapiro

"Congratulations, from Cairo, Egypt. You inspire young economists all over the world."
/Omar Hassib

"Congratulations from the whole StepChange Team. Well Done! Very important work for us. Jo Klein, Vienna"

"Pissarides was my masters teacher last year! On top of being an exceptional research he is also a very good teacher!! Bravo Chris!"
/Filippo Fabbris

"Congrats from our team at StepChange. Great work!"

"Congratulations, your work inspires me!"

"Congrats for the Cypriot laureate in Economics!"

"Congratulations from Vladimír Bačišin from Economic University in Bratislava (Slovakia).in English."
/Vladimír Bačišin

"Congrats! Diamond for your work on search frictions"
/Sudhakar Kuchibotla

"Congratulations Prof. Diamond, a truly deserving scholar."

"Congratulations for your great work, how timely appropriate, Athens, Greece"

"Congratulations, Dale! Hugely deserved."
/Lanny A.

"Congratulation from Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia We learn a lot from you"
/Rudi Kurniawan

"Iskrene cestitke iz Sarajeva, Bosna i Hercegovina! Congratulations from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina"

""Congratulations from Imperial College London""
/Dr. Bhusana Premanode

"Congratulations from Greece!!!Really happy that there is a Cypriot lareute"

"felicitaciones desde peru!!"

"congradulations~ you are an inspiration"
/jackson, hong kong

"Congratulations from Mexico!! I want to be their student..."
/Carlitos Villafranca


"Congratulations!! Especially to Professor Pissarides, your macro lectures this year were amazing!!"
/Andreas and Marco and Asim

"Congratilations Dr. Diamond, Dr Mortensen and Dr Pissarides for the contributions."
/Andrés Sánchez

"Congratulations from Azerbaijan, Baku"
/Babayev B.

"congratulations i think you write the future, some day i will be the first peruvian economist winnig the nobel price too, wait for me."
/Econ. Marco Antonio Rodriguez Sampen, Cusco, Peru

"Salute from Latvia! Wishing you all - further great challanges :)"
/Davis Malacis (Latvia)

"Congratulations from a PHD student in Economics from the University of Warwick. You give patterns to the new generation.Thank you!"
/Rigissa Megalokonomou (UK)

"Merit has been given when due..."Congratulations Gentlement""
/Luis A. Nunez

"Congratulations from Rome, Italy"
/Bismarck J. Arevilca

"Congratulations from the University of Economics-Varna,Bulgaria!Proud to follow your steps!"
/Violeta and Diyan Dimitrov

"Congratulations to Prof Pissarides!"
/Amy (HK), LSE alumni

"Congratulations to all three."


"congrats from Istanbul !!!"
/Istanbul University economics student(senior)

"congratulations dr.diamond,dr.mortensen & dr.pissarides for your valuable contribution economic science."
/dr.bijay kumar parida,bhubaneswar,orissa,india

"Our congratulations on the award. Thank you for promoting "out of the box" thinking for students in Economics!"
/Bondaletov Vsevolod Moscow Russia

"Congrats from Cyprus! A step forward to market research!"

"congratulations sir"
/Anuj ARIES-Nainital(india)

"Congratulations from Kenyatta university in Nairobi, Kenya."
/Isaac Kinuthia

"Congradulations from Cyprus Ministry of Finance"
/Phaedon Kalozois

"Congrats! Peter, Dale and Christopher....."
/vk shrotryia

"wow, congratulations, it woul be so perfect to have this study as a book, i always wonder about this issue, I am from Nicaragua,and live USA"

"Congratulations and respect once more to those brilliant minds"

"Congratulations to all three Professors,especially to Cypriot Professor Christopher Pissarides.Cyprus is proud of him."
/Yiannos Zornis from Cyprus

"Congratulations! God bless professor Diamond, Mortensen, and Pissarides."
/Yaish Pimentel (Perú)

"Congratulations to all of you :)"
/Pretoria, South Africa

"Congratulations to all of you.but frankly saying you all are unknown to me before the prize is declare !"

"Congratulations!!! great work!! thanks for the contribution!!"
/Diego O. Zaragoza

"Congratulations from Cyprus!"
/Student, University of Cyprus

"congratulations, first cypriot nobel prize winner. we are proud of you. congratulations from girne/cyprus."
/mehmet ozturk

/Ken From China Agricultural University

"Congrats from Canada. I'm looking forward to learning more about your work later in my economics career."
/Matt D

"Congrats to you all Nobel Laureates,we apprecciate your efforts in making our world to be a better place."
/Adeolu Paul, from Nigeria

"Congrats on the recognition!"
/Daniel T. and Jim T., California USA

"Congratulations sirs. Greetings from Nigerian admirers"
/Oluseun Paseda

"Brazil needs to know, up close, your work"
/Anderson Lima, Salvador-Bahia-Brasil

"Yo, Diamond, Mortensen, Pissarides, I'm really happy for you"
/Kanye West

"Congratulations from Estonia!"

"Dale--congratulations from Hood River!"
/Jeanie & Tom

"Congratulations from Brazil"
/Andre Sampaio

"Congratulations Professors!!! Thank you all for the hard work! Help the National Leaders to understand the Good Economic Policies!"
/Dr. K. Varadaraj, USA

"A great achievement not seen in decades that shows the pitfalls of raw global capitalism"

"Congratulations from"
/Pramod Dayal IMTCDL Ghaziabad

"Congratulatings gentelmen I am an inspirering economist"
/L hemphill

"Congratulations from Turkey!!!"


"Congratulations! We are one step closer to a better world!"
/Nika Dulevich

"Well done gentlemen! You shall be prominently featured in my Macro class next week."
/Peter Hammerschmidt

"Congratulations to all the Three"

"Good job!"

"Congratulations -- and thanks for a lifetime of pursuing deeper understanding of markets' behavior, even given the search costs of doing so."
/D.C. Croson

"Great Work Trio Sirs. Congratulation from Center of Heart."
/Chirag, India

"Congratulations to the Cypriot Professor Pissarides!!!"

"Great that Search Models obtain such a acknowledgement !!! Congratulations, specially to Christopher!"
/Juan MC Larrosa


"Congratulations to GREAT ECONOMISTS who discovered that more generous unemployment benefits give rise to higher unemployment & long search."
/Prabhat Misra, Assistant Director [National Savings], Etawah, U.P., India

"It is still a pleasure for me to know the extraordinaries people. Your work will help the world to go forward."
/L Ogisma

"My heartfelt congratulations to Profs. Diamond, Mortensen and Pissarides for their groundbreaking research on search frictions."
/Sriram Kannan (Bangalore, India)

/Kidaya ntoko

"congratulations masters, At the time of booming from recession it's essential and their thoughts should be implemented in terms of unemploy"
/David Disouza

/davoud pirooz. mashhad

"Congrats Pete, Dale, Chris on winning Nobel prize for your research on search!"
/Srinivas Konuri


"Congratulations from LSE!!!"
/Orkun Saka

"Congratulations!! That's a great time in your life enjoy it!"

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