Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2010
Peter A. Diamond, Dale T. Mortensen, Christopher A. Pissarides

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2010 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, more than 500 greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2010 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 472
"Congradulations from Tokyo."
/Jun Waseda University

"Congrats Peter, Dale, Chris on winning Nobel prize for your research on search!"
/Srinivas Konuri

"Many congrats - much deserved honour for great achievements! LSE rocks!!"

/way yip f cheng

"Congratulations to all of you.Great achievement. Greetings from Bangladesh. Department Of Economics, Jahangir Nagar University, Savar,Dhaka, BANGLADESH"
/ADNAN IMAM, 37th Batch, Dept. Of Economics, Jahangirnagar University

"Congratulations!! Hope we can learn from your model... a lot .. Wishes from budding economists of IIT Madras"
/Althaf & Others

"Hearty congratulations big brother!!"

"Hearty congratulations big brother!!"

"congratulations to you from Nepal.."

/Mario Tu

"nice one, delighted!"
/pat toche

"Congrats!!! Brilliant work....and Thank You..."
/George Elavatta

"Congratulations to professors, Thanh, Vietnam"

"It's about time search theory receives its due recognition. Congratulations, professors!"

"Congrats to Peter Diamond, Dale Mortensen and Christopher Pissarides"
/Chandan Sapkota

"Congratulations to all three great minds!"
/Vladimir Yankov, Boston University

"Congrats!!! from Jahangirnagar University, Bangladesh"
/Tapas Kumar Paul

"Congratulations Prof. Pissarides, it was an honor to be taught by you last year at LSE!"
/P. M.

"Congratulations! for your excellence in Economics/"


"Congratulations to well-deserved recipients"
/Charlie Kolstad

"Congradulations Professors Pissarides! - Best Wishes from a former student of yours at UC Berkeley"

"Good Job Peter!"
/Florin M.

"Mon plus grand bravo et respect !"
/Sylvain, France LSE alumni

"congratulations professors!!! Your work is very timely"


/Sam Akhtar

"A one from Econometrics, very proud to be a student of Econometrics"
/Anand Bharadwaj, University of Madras, India

"congratulations professors!!! Your work is very timely"

"Congratulations Professors. Greetings from Naples, Italy"
/Nicola Iossa - Italy

"Congratulations! I respect you, prof!"
/Junhyuk Choi

""Congratulations from Brazi"l"
/Elano Arruda

"Congratulation from Department of Ergonomics,University of Dhaka,Bangladesh"
/Sakhuat Hossain

"Prof Pissarides has put Cyprus back on the map. Well done to all three of you."

"Many many hearty Congratulation Peter Sir, Dale Sir and Christopher Sir. The theory has indeed a lot of practical im plication."
/Pradeep Kumar Panda


"Congratulations Dale! Amazing work combined with the most distinguished personality. I feel honored I had the chance to take your class!"

"Congratulations. Your works continue to shape and inspire younger economists such as myself."
/a young economist

"Messieurs les professeurs, je vous félicite pour cette récompense de vos nuits sans sommeil."
/Edou, Cameroun

"congrats! Real diamond and the other learned! Hope govt. Will take note"
/raju india!!!

"Congratulations from Greenville, NC."

"Congratulations to all of you especially my uncle Professor Pissarides who made all of Cyprus people very very proud!!!"

"Congratulations professors, you deserve it"
/Edou, Cameroun

"Well done Chris!"
/Danny q

/Chile :)

"Congratulations from Poland."
/Karolsha, UKSW

"Muchisismas felicidades!!!!"
/Erika, ITESM, México, Monterrey

"congrates but what a shame no photograph of Dale Mortensen"
/kiran moghe

/mr. sasaki

"Congratulations, big brother Dale... Mom and Dad (Tom and Verna) would be so proud! Your brother, Irv"
/Irving A. Mortensen

"Congrat!!! Great Job ......"
/Rajasekhar Raja

"Congratulations to Chistopher Pissarides, who was my professor of Macroeconomics at LSE. And congratulations to the school as well!"

"A very appropriate topic of study for what's going on in the U.S. today. Thank you and congratulations."

"Congratulations for your great and well deserved achievement. Economic Science needs a revival, and this is a great start."
/David Mussington

"Congratulations to DR Pissarides Cyprus"

"Congratulations to the three economists"
/Zhigang Wang from Renmin University of china in Beijng

"Congratulations from Costa Rica!!"
/Daniel F.

"Congratulations professors"
/Anastasia Wilson

"Congrats on LSE!!!"

"Congratulations from Cali-Colombia"
/Avelino Martinez Sandoval, Universidad Autonoma de Occidente Cali

"Congratulations from Belgium!!"

"congratulations to peter"
/david from shanghai

"Enhorabuena a los nobeles de Economía, espero poder aprender su trabajo."
/Fernando N - Mexico

"Congratulations from Bolivia!!!!!"
/saul quispe

"Congratulations from Poland!"
/Anna R.

"Congratulations to all of you, and especially to the European, Cypriot, professor Pissarides!!"

"Congratulations on the award. Hugs from Colombia"
/Avelino Martinez Cali-Colombia

"Congratulations to Prof Diamond. Very well deserved and long overdue."
/Student, Cape Town University

"I´m economist and is very important know each nobel prize model, Is important make in each economic school a class for the nobel economic pr"
/Israel Cante (Mexico)

"Congratulations from Durham Business School"
/Michael Guo, Daneial Hua, Ji Sun, Tuo Lin, and Emma Black

""恭喜挤兑模型的戴蒙德"" /bashar _______________ 赫赫 纠正一下 此戴蒙德非彼戴蒙德 挤兑模型的戴蒙德是芝加哥金融系的教授"
/george zou

"Another one for MIT! Whoohoo!!"
/Raj, K.

"they deserve it. it is a beautiful theory and applied theory"
/steven kim

"congratulations !!!!"
/victor quispe

"Congratulations on the achievement of the life time."
/Akbar, Pakistan

"DALE !!!!!!!!"

"Congratulations from Egypt"
/Nada El Etreby

"Congratulations, Gentlemen! Kudos for your dedication in Economic Sciences!"
/Gourvy Caixler, Philippines

"Congratulations, what of the winners should I read first as a student of business administration?"
/Lukas Gärtner

"Congratulations from Vietnam !!!"
/Nguyen Hung, Hanoi,Vietnam

"Congratulations to the laureates in economics for their job with a wide application around the world"
/Oscar Manuel Mendoza - Universidad Privada del Norte

"Congratulation for this great labor."

"Muchas felicitaciones!!!!!"

"Congratulations, We studied the Diamond model quite in detail in our Macroeconomic course at Magdeburg University - Germany."

"very good theory, I have learned it two years before. very nice. it is the honour that owns to you!"

/Adam Wong

"Примите поздравления из России!!! =)"

"Congratulations! Cyprus is so proud!!"
/Kyriakos Leonidou

"Congratulations from Vietnam!"
/Truong Bui

"Peter A. DiamondDale T. MortensenChristopher A. Pissarides, All of u has given a ray to us to pass the road of big problem of unemployment."
/Surender, Resaerh Scholor of Economics, Central University of Haryana (India) E-mail-

"It is the greatest of honors to have known Chris for 30 years. All three deserve it!"
/Yannis Ioannides

"Congratulations !!!!"
/Gastón C. (Argentina)

"Congratulations to all three of you, and thanks, in particular, to Professor Mortenson for representing Chicago so well!"
/Rob H. - Chicago

"Congratulations !"
/Holger Heller Brazi.l-----------------------

/Fernando Tonone, Washington, D.C.

"Great! Congratuations!"
/Weiwei Yin

/m.m. banasaz

"Chris, congratulations!"

"축하드립니다. 경제학도로서 부분적으로 배웠던 내용인 것 같은데, 확실히 기억이 안나는군요."

"Congratulation ,they worth geting the prize for their great work and maybe many stundents will be interested in the field."
/School of Finance,Shanghai Normal University,Shanghai,China

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