Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2011
Thomas J. Sargent, Christopher A. Sims

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2011 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, more than 700 greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2011 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 760
"cogratulations professors. your contributions will live for a long time."
/Mohamed Hassan, Cairo Univ., Egypt

"Great PROFESSORS....."
/Dr.Thresi Varghese,Sohar University Oman

"congrates !! the price is the outcome of contribution of you to economic."

"grats yo"
/no name

"Many Many Congratulations Sir, "
/Saikat Dhar

"Gentlemen, congratulations!"
/Laban Kihara, Nairobi

"Congratulation! We benefit from your work in eveyday work."
/Anant Saxena, Credit Suisse, London

"Congratulation Prof Sargent and Prof Sims. You deserve it and it is a great contribution."
/Muawya Ahmed Hussein - Dhofar university -Salalah, Oman

"It is time for every teacher like me to salute your conribution and achievement beyond imagination. I wish and pray for many more."
/Dr.D.Ilangovan, Professor of Commerce, Annamalai University, India

"Pour moi, étudiant en Economie et Statistique, vous êtes des icônes. Congratulations for all your works!"
/Borel AHONON, Ingénieur Statisticien Économiste, Côte d'Ivoire

"Many Many Congrats you both! Well Deserved."
/Deepak Tiwari, New Delhi

"good job"
/Munshi Soukat, Burdwan

"Hi Congratulation and Best wishes for both of you. Recursive approach is really a great imperialism."
/Iman bastanifar, PHd candidate of economics


"Congrats Prof Sargent and Prof Sims. The prize has been the outcome of your efforts over the years."
/Anshuman Mohanty

"Hats Off to the legends."

"congratulations Pl. prove that economists not only understand the current economic problems but also extend logistic & practical solutions."
/Professor Amar S. Guleria, Director,AIMS,Nerchowk, Mandi,H.P. India.

"Greetings from "
/Professor A.S.Guleria

"Admired ,you are great Economists of the age, with best wishes for future."
/Ch Zahid Mahmood Vains ACMA,MBA,MA(ECO) Lahore Pakistan

"Congratulations a lot"

"Many greetings to both the professors. We should now try to make world economy intrest free."
/Muhammad Saleem

/Shyamal Roy, MIS&IT, Dhaka, Bangladesh

"Great Job. Many Thanks. Congrats."
/V. Subramani Aiyar

"Congratulation Sirs. Your work will significantly help shaping up minds of several researchers & policymakers in days to come. God Bless U."
/Arnab Mallick, India

"congratulations dr. sargent and dr. sims for the best achievement , you are role model for me."
/dr. alka zimare,,pune, maharashtra, india

"Congratulation and Salute to both of you."
/Janak Paudel - Nepal

"Congratulation for your great work, really you have been doing application of economics through economertics. Congratulatin once again."
/Prasad, Research scholar, University of Mysore

"Your greetings. Whole-hearted Congratulation to both of them. "
/Pongsak Hoontrakul-Bangkok

"your all amazing"

"Congartulations for having opened up new frontiers of knowldge, research, understanding and applications pertaing to microeconomics!"

"Congratulations, it would appear that Keynesian economics lost this battle in the neverending war with Austrian economics. Well done!"

"Congratualations! i hope to be a great economist like you!!!!!! i hope that."
/Hachimi Abderrahmane

"Greetings from Algeria! you doing a great job!"

"Congratulation to both of you"

"Congratulations guys! Your research results make pleoples lives much more better"

"Congratulations from the University of Minnesota"

"Congratulation professores Sargent and Sims. Your work was a great inspiration for every economist interested in modern macroeconomics !"
/prof. giacomo balbinotto - ppge/ufrgs - Brazil

""congratulation to both of you""
/Chetnath Dahal, Nepal

"congratulations, we are very proud of both of your achievements."

"Congratulations to you for your valuable contributions which will help the students of Economics to understand macro economic modeling."

"Many many congratulations both of you Sir"
/Habibullah Magsi

"thanks to you for all these efforts, you deserve this prize"
/toure ibrahima

/Kaori Kita

"Maseltov!! You are both my role models(I'm 13)!!!!!!!"
/Sam Naujokas

""rationality" still holds... congratulation Masters."
/Fabio Lania. School of Banking and Finance, Milan. Catholic University

"Congratulations to both of the economic investigators. I wish we could also aply this scinece in the clinical studies for health promomtion!"
/Bhanu P Gupta

"Congratulations form Poland user GRETL"
/Tadeusz Kufel

"Congratulations. The prize is not wasted. It went to one of those visionary scholars of our time."
/Dr. Bernard Ben Sita, Beirut, Lebanon

"Greetings from "

"Congratulatios, From Argentina."
/Santiago BB

"Congratulations !! Mr. Thomas J. Sargent and Mr. Chistofer A. Sims From Mexico Please help the Mexican Economy"
/ernesto tamez

"all my congrats for having won it.This means that economics is the base for any action human being has taken and will take on future."
/Barbara Miotti, Italy


"Congratulations Dear Professors From MN"
/Lahcen Oubaha

"It's really good work. Congratulations to both of them."
/Irfan Rafiq

"Congratulations to both of you. I am proud of you and also the economics science"
/Seyoum Chane, Ethiopia

"congratulations.......and we thank u for using your work to enrich our understanding of macroeconomics"
/kweku atta-asiedu

"Great Job. Admirable and fully deserved. Keep it up."
/Marian, Slovakia

"congratulations :D"
/jessica A M

"Congratulations to Prof. Sargent and Prof. Sims! A very well deserved recognition..."
/Dr. Abniel Marat (Puerto Rico)

"Congrats On your Nobel Prize"

"congratulation! Your great works will change the world better."

"Congratulations to the lauretes.Thank you for new economical idea. .As a student studing Economics, it encourages me to work on ideas in the face of a dynamic world economy."
/Esan Abimbola Julius(NIGERIA)

"Congratulations Professors Sims& Sargent. You have made a great contribution to the success of macroeconomic managenent in Bolivia & LAmeric"
/Enrique Garcia Ayaviri President Bolivia National Economic Science Academy

"I believe nowadays the world need like these people, people who understand the mechanism behind the daily activities ,so they deserve to win"

"Pleased but not surprised. Congratulations to both of you, The "young" assistant profs (early 70s) at UofM have really made good. Great!"
/John Scarbrough (Ph.D. UofM 1974)

"its a noble idea to honor them. it is they who innovate and come up with such a different angle to see things. man is born once."
/kushal gupta

"Congratulations !"

"This is wonderful news! I am very glad to hear this great news."
/Inami Noriaki @Japan.

"My congratulations to both of you for adding and advancing our knowledge of the economy and how it affects are lives."
/Steven C. Hill

"Congratulations on your prize and your great contributions to economics!!!"
/Gustavo Mellior

"Congratulations to both of you!"
/Equity Portfolio Management students and teacher (Bocconi)

"Congratulations to both outright brilliant economists. Your theories have become the pillars of modern economic principles taught."
/Manhar Singh

"Congratulations. lets prepare global consolidated income and expense report(actual and projected) and develop global govt. policy with that."
/Sameer Kumar,Pune,India

"congratulations to all nobel laurates of 2011"

"congratulations to all nobel laurates of 2011"

"Congratulations for the value of their work. I hope it contributes to the improvement in the relationship between governments and citizens."
/Marcelo Cruz dos Santos , Environmental Analyst - Rio de Janeiro/Brasil

"Congratulations to both the great economist in world of macroeconomy my all the best wishes of both of you"
/Dr. Sudhir Kumar Nigam Of Lucknow Uttar Pradesh India

"All the best for both of you. Congratulations. Keep with your outstanding work, our world needs people like both of you. Improving the world"
/Gonzalo Costa

"Congratulations from Nigeria...Empirical economists sealing their mark!"
/Abimbola Oyinlola

"congratulations.......we really need economists like Thomas.J.Sargent and Christopher.A.Sims :))"
/meriya poudel,nepal

"Thanks to people like you, Macroeconomics is alive Congratulations!!!!"
/Sergio Edwin Torrico Salamanca, La Paz - Bolivia

"I do appreciate u for your best research in macroeconomics. We need your advice"
/Mirambo s. Nshishi

"Hi Chris, Congratulations from Minnesota!!"
/Lori Hanson, R.N., Child Life Specialist, University of Minnesota Amplatz Children's Hospital

"Congratulation! Thanks 4 giving such deep n contemporary analysis which is most relevant for developing world"
/Dr. Birendra K Mishra/Nepal

"A behavioral economist would like to extend her rational congratulations to Profs. Sargent and Sims."
/Wendy C. Bicovny, Esq.

"Go Sargent! Another textbook of mine is now written by a Nobel Laureate!"

"congratulation! you're very important for humanity!"

"valla benim aklıma gelmişti.. erken davrandınız keratalar.."
/Kamil Seven

"valla benim aklıma gelmişti.. erken davrandınız keratalar.."
/Kamil Seven


"at first congratulation, my dream is to be econometrcian and get Nobel prize like you."
/mohamed ali

/Antonio Caldeira

"Sirs, greatest respect to you!"
/Weijie Chen

"Sirs, greatest respect to you!"
/Weijie Chen

"Economists, kindly accept my heartiest congratulations."
/K.S.Muthupandian, Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India

"Congratulations to both of Prof.Sims and Sargent. I am PHD student in Turkey and your contubitions enhance our economic outlook."
/Utku ALTUNÖZ // Istanbul Universty-TURKEY

"Great contributions, great minds: hope their contributions show light for present crisis to overcome the dark spot."
/Prof. Gouranga Das

/Kiko, Angola

"Karl Marx is still alive"

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