Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2012
Alvin E. Roth, Lloyd S. Shapley

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 504
"my congrats , someday i'll catch you up"

"hello sir congracts for wining noble its a great honour to receive u this medal"
/kedarnath bilakanti

"Congratulations! This is very significant invention for whole society of Economic Sciences and very important for students."

"congrats!!!!!!! this is a great acheivment for you..... keep it up:)"
/Aastha Tholia

"congratulations sir"
/ravi yadav

"Congratulations!!, good job!"
/Rodolfo Cano, Universidad Externado de Colombia

"Congratulations on winning Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel! He would definitely appreciate your work."
/Jan Stawowy Poznań University of Economics, Poland

"Glad some one in the family has brains!!"
/muriel shapley

"yo awsome"

"Congratulations on your truly life-changing contributions to game theory!"

"Congratulation!!! this is great invention on economic model matching principal"
/krishna subedi


"Congratulations on receiving this honorable prize. Thank You for the contribution to advancement of science."
/Agnieszka Hala Poznan University of Economics

/Lucy Tang

/Omeir Ahmed Khan

"Congratulations, game theory is on its way to explain everything!"

"happy that game theory came in to nobel play again after the great john nash"

/md.suman alam


"The nobel prize give each contribute person in this year .i am welcome that respect for human beings."

"Congratulations Sirs for your Nobel prize in Economic Sciences"
/G and J Haeringer

"Congratulation Sirs, online standing ovation from Nepal."
/Prabal Thapa

"Deserve to get the Noble for your work apt for today's world..."
/Cherian Joseph

"congratulations to China"

"Congratulations Prof. Roth and Prof. Shapley!!!"
/MJA Chowdhury, Bangladesh

""Congratulation Sirs, you both are role model of economic scholar like me.""

/Rajeswari Polu

"Congratulation sir , for your effort,thought,service to mankind."
/Dibya ranjan nayak

"Congratulations, Sirs. All the best. Greetings from Jakarta."
/Andang Kustamsi

"congrats sir"

"Dear Sirs, Congratulations, on your achievement. Both of you have given a better insight about the way markets operate"

"Be proud, Bruins~"

"congratulations to all delegates of who's won Nobel Prize."
/nareshrajuu india

"Congrat for worthy NOBLE prizes."
/Raji A.S

"congratulations sir"

"Congratulations :)"
/Noura Dosoky

"Congratulations Gentlemen, a great contribution for those of us who muddle though marketing."
/Conrad Welsing

"hope you make greater achievements"


"congratulations from Slovakia"

"Free Market Economy do need some short of scientific paradigm to bring in a "balance" in the affairs of resource endurance."
/Shivendra Kumar

"Congratulations, beautiful combination of stable allocations and market design"
/Carlos Diaz

"keep it up!!! keep doing well....... and u have really dn a gr8 job!!!!!!"

"مبرووك للفائزين"

"congragulations to all the nobel prize winners , did a great job."
/Kavitha,Hyderabad, India

"Hearty congrats,hope your contribution will prove as boon for the whole mankind."

"Hearty congrats,hope your contribution will prove as boon for the whole mankind."

"Congrats to you both! Thank you for your efforts to expand the frontiers of knowledge."


"My heart felt thanks and congratulation to both of you for bringing the idea of new theory for the prosper of the worlds economy."
/Basudeva Reddy

"Congratulations Gentlemen for finally being rewarded for your great works."
/Tawanda Emmanuel Shenje

"congratz to winners"

"congrats to both of you who are inspire for us on the path new ideas and theories"
/economics family Nirmala College Muvattupuzha

/Basudeva Reddy

"congratulation sir, wish you a happy and healthy life"
/ganesh kumar pondicherry (india)

"congratulations from Tunisia and thank you for your contributions"
/Zeineb SMIDA

"you make me aware of my shortcomings. congratulations"

"Congratulations to Mr. Alvin E. Roth and Mr. Lloyd S. Shapley....."
/Pankaj Negi..



"Congrates !!"
/Prof. Vimal Shah

"CONGRATULATIONS Prof. Alvin E. Roth and Prof. Lloyd S. Shapley! From Chiang Mai, Thailand."
/Chaiwuth Tangsomchai

"A great achievement."
/Brian Tipping

"Congo to All Laureates! Sarif, IMA Bhuaneswar, India"
/Sk Sarif Hassan

"special congratulations"
/pradeepa sudheer india



"congratulations from China"

"economics make a better world. :-)"
/tao qin

"Revered Sirs, Congratulation from my students and self on the commendable 'behavioural pattern of the study of Economics'.."

/Madaniou DIEME

"Congratulations to professors Roth and Shapley for big achievement"
/Nikolay Zenkevich, Russia

"Congratulations for Alvin Roth for the Economic Sciences prize. Mazal tov ve Hatlazaja"
/Daniel N.Sluvis

"Congratulations! I will soon read your article, i think your writings help for humankind all over the world!"

"When I started my Ph.D. program, I studied their is a great pleasure to see that their contributions have been now awarded."
/Paolo - University of Palermo

"Nous vous félicitons pour votre prix Nobel qui honnore vos travaux sur les théories des jeux."
/Monsieur et madame Jean Haeringer , parents de Guillaume Haeringer

"Congratulations from Pakistan and thank you for your contributions"

"congrats, Roth and Shapley"
/eghove eloho,from edo state. nigeria.

"Many congratulations. Mathematical Economics is back in vogue."


"Congratulations Roth and Shapley. Your research may prove to be useful to all."
/Ram Babu Nepal

"congratulation sir. this is a time to know our valuable folk literature in a new approch."
/dr g p sahu central university of orissa, india

"Congrats :):):):)"
/M.Swathi (India)

/Edwin Liem Tao

""Congratulations!" Prof. Alvin E. Roth and Prof. Lloyd S. Shapley"
/Dr. Riko Hendrawan

"Congratulations to both of you, Sirs"
/Kader, Israt Parvin, Afrin Parvin & Farhan Tanveer, Amritsar India

"Well done Congratulations."
/Peter Cheng from Sydney,Australia

"That's the Economics that Tries to help the People making their lifes easier"
/Lukas Pollmann

"Thank you for your work and congratulation"
/Shriant Munjal

/Md. Ikbal Mahmud Khocon

"congratulations lotttzzz"

"congratulation to both of you for big big achievement"
/amit patel

"Congarutlations for the Nobel prize from Aalto University Library, Finland"
/Samuli Kerola



"congratulation from Iran"


"Great job. Congratulations"
/Sebnem Alp

"congragulation sir"
/pramod from kurnool

"Congratulations to the winners, your work has and will save many lives. It is inventions like these that make me love economics."

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