Nobel Prizes and Laureates

Nobel Prizes and Laureates

The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel 2012
Alvin E. Roth, Lloyd S. Shapley

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Immediately after the announcement of the 2012 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, greetings to the new Laureates in Economic Sciences poured in from's visitors and were posted at the website.

Greetings to the 2012 Laureates in Economic Sciences

Number of greetings: 505
"Congratulations to the winners, your work has and will save many lives. It is inventions like these that make me love economics."

"My hearty congratulations to both the winners."
/Arangi Venu, Andhra University, Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

"good job, doc ... may the force be with you"
/Gilang RP


"Congratulation Sirs, you both are role model of economic scholar like me."
/B.Geetha research scholar,economics, STC College,Pollachi,T.N.India

"Congratulation from Ukraine, gays"

"congratulation! greeting from China!"

"Congratulations Sirs,on your sincere work."
/B.Geetha, Asst.Prof,STC College,Pollachi,T.N,India

"Nobility, novelty of your work is the driving force for all thinkers and scientist of the world"
/Anil Mathur

"Congratulations to great economists !"
/Chheang Meng Hiek, Cambodia

"Congratulation for the contributions made to human understanding of reality."
/Mapopa Oscar Mphande

"Congratulations Professors Shapley and Roth. Never thought that The Nobel Prize Committee could match the two of you, the best game pair"
/Gopal K Kadekodi

"Cong both of you"
/Dr Dinesh Prajapat

"Congrats to you both Lloyd Shapley and Alvin Roth!"
/Raymond Alvarez - UCLA undergraduate in the Department of Economics

"Congratulation sir Mr Alvin Roth & Mr Shapley"
/Shelke S M Aurangabad ms India

"Congrats to Noble prize winners"
/Asha Gondi

/Ying shunhao

"many many congratulation that u have done in d field of economics."
/Bhargab Kalita,India

"congratulation this adorable success"

/kuppusamy L

"Alvin Y Lloyd: Matched !!!"

"It could be better"

"Congratulations to both of you on the achievemnt"

"Your works are for human. Thanks very much."
/Pham Nguyen The Thanh - Vietnam

"Congratulations from Nigeria"
/Obijiaku Ifeanyi Peter

"Congratulations... Greetings from Nigeria"

/Shaila Hafiz

"congrats 4 ur achievment"
/Bhargab Kalita

/ZQ from South China Normal University

"Congrates ! the Economists Duo for giving such a nice theory on allocations and market design. your contributions are immortal for us."
/Mohit Kumar, India

"So cooooooooool;)"

"Congratulations sir... it's a great achievement"
/Dr. vijay kumar varadi

"Congratulations Professor Shapley! from a UCLA student"
/Keebum Hong

"congrats 4 ur achievment"
/Bhargab Kalita


"cangragulation lloyd and alvin "

"Vaalthukal !"
/Anantha from India


"Congratulations! Great work!!"

/parviz nasirkhani,economist

"Wonderful !!! you made the "supply" happen what the world "Demanded". hope ,ore algorothmic options could be implemented . my wishes to both"
/Bhaskar Sinha

"سپاس بیکران خود را به جهت گشایش در مفاهیم بازارپذیری تقدیم وجود ارزشمندتان میکنم."
/Sohrab Delangizan, Economic Dipartment, Razi University. Kermanshah. IRAN.

"Omedetou! Jamanaka-san!!"
/A. Taniguchi

"Congrtulatn...both of u"
/Rajesh kumar

"Congratulations to both of them! Proud of UCLA!"
/Shenglin Tian

"Mazel tov, QED!"

"Congratulations Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley! Indeed, a well-deserved Prize for your world-class contribution towardsbetterdesignforhumanity"
/Dr Raman Kumar Agrawalla India

"congrats to all. Hope your contribution will benefit the world community,"

"Congratulations, guys! I' m so inspired by all the economists who win the Nobel Prize! I'm sure you deserve it!"
/Dima Leont'ev

"congratulations Now you are the part of history."
/Mansoor Akhtar

"My heartiest congratulations to Dr. Lifkowitz & Dr. Kobilka."
/Md. Rezaul Karim

"congratulation for your winning. you guys really inspire us young students."
/Muizz Aziz

"warm congratulation from GOLAGHAT ASSAM INDIA"
/hidoy. r. bora

"nice research for matching theory"
/Khoa dang tran ( vietnam)

"Congratulations Sirs. Your model will inspire the youth. "
/Bedre Manjunath

"You make complexity simplified, making theory practical, and making dream reality!"
/Jerry XIE

"Congrats, for enlighten us that economist can fix real problems. cheer"
/Joseph Marshan

"The Gale-Shapley and successors solved a problem I faced in transportation models with capacity-constrained parking. Awesome!"
/J Gibb

"good job buddy. keep it up and make me proud"
/ur friend whose not a nerd but supports u

"Long deserved Professor Shapley and kudos to you too professor Roth Im not accounted with your previous work but I'm sure you both deserved"
/Iván Tamayo

"mr_sim from Singapore, congratulation to Llyod, may not understand your theory, but appreciate your effort! congratulation to Alvin too!"

"Congratulations, Alvin & Lloyd. Thank you for your contributions to our world!"
/Van Quang

"Chúc mừng Giáo sư Alvin E.Roth và Giáo sư Lloyd S. Shapley!"
/Giapcv - from Vietnam


"I love you guys marry me"

"Xin chúc mừng 2 nhà khoa học. Hy vọng các ông sẽ tiếp tục cống hiến cho mọ người. "

/Not Talking

"Than you for your focus on solutions to issues so important to everyone, known to them or not! You are truly a beacon in this day and age."
/Mark Tills, United States of America

"Congratulation sir"

"Congratulation to both renowned scholars on their success in grabbing the prize."
/Madhav Prasad Dahal,Hattiban ,Nepal

"Sincere and cordial congratulation from Northeastern University at Qinhuangdao, China on behalf of all Chinese scholars of economic science."
/Zhiyu Zhang

"Congratulations! from HK"

"Congratulations! Ill grab that Nobel Prize in Economics, soon! See you!"
/Glacer Nino A. vasquez

"American again, hope good 4 human"

"Congratulation! From Malang Indonesia"
/Zainul Muchlas

"Congrats on your socially impacting piece of work but there stll lots to be challenged in many aspects of economic theory"
/Not Yet Approved

"Congratulations, I hope you inspire others to search for a better understanding of the complex issue of human decision making."
/Graham Anderson (teacher)

"Congratulations professors. I think that is the main feel in the Fundação Getúlio Vargas, Brazil."
/Vinicius de Faria

"Congratulation and keep up the hard work and keep on making good books"

"Congratulations! I claimed that Prof. Roth would win the Nobel Prize sooner or later. The day comes now."
/Dr. Charlie Linhai Zhao

"Congratulations both of you. So much inspirations for some of us who like this field."
/Lawrence Kondowe

"Congatulations !"
/Gerson Leonardo Nhapulo

"Such a great achievement! Definatley deserving!"
/John Bradley

"Congratulations! (And go UCLA!)"
/Vijay J.

"Congrats to you both, but especially to Shapley for making UCLA proud!"
/Jason, a UCLA Econ graduate

"Congratulations! I am glad to know you and your great work."
/Bernhard von Stengel

"Congratulations. Work for Peace is work for the whole humanity."

"Congrats Shapley and Roth on your work!"
/Raymond Alvarez - current UCLA undergraduate in the Economics Department

"Operations research rules!"


"Congratulations to both of you for the ingenious ideas coming out from no way in reaching the pinnacle of Nobel academic podium!"
/Yeo Kar Kiat, Kuala Lumpur

/rolf räcker

"Congratulations Alvin and Lloyd!"

//Issa Bloom

"Congratulations. It includes Game Theory with Repeated Games! All my best! Genius."
/Edson Estrada - Mexico

"Congratulations for both of you from Canada!"
/Yuri Galindo

"Congrats on the great discoveries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
/Billy Bob Joe

"Congrats uncle Lloyd!"


"We. teach our undergrads the Gale-Shapley algorithm on the first day of th Algorithms course - couldn't be better timed to motivate them!"
/Devdatt Dubhashi

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